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We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)

Is that this the satisfactory a person can get? Is it? We are not able to disguise from it. It’s been happening a ways too long. We cannot chuckle it off. What I genuinely think she’s looking to say- Making the equal historical excuses. Boys can be boys. Boys will probably be boys. But whatever subsequently converted. Allegations involving sexual assault and sexual harassment- And there will be no going again. On the grounds that we, we suppose within the excellent in men. Men have got to maintain different guys dependable. Smile, sweetie! Come on! To claim the right factor. To act the correct method. Bro, now not cool. No longer cool. Some already are. In methods huge. And small. Say, “I am powerful.” I’m robust! But some will not be ample. That is no longer how we deal with each and every different, okay? You okay? Since the boys observing at present would be the men of the next day to come. .

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