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Fitness Tips To Get You Motivated

Today, I am going to give you some of my favorite fit tips. Hopefully, this will help you out and motivate you and keep you motivated on your way to a fit lifestyle. These are things that I use- I say this every video, but do use them. It’s not like I read them somewhere and throw them out to you. I truly do use them! I have them on my phone, so I’ll read them off to you guys. I’m not trying to make this a long video, so let’s jump right in yo’! The first tip, it to keep a short workout. I know for my 5-10 minute workouts, If I only get 10 minutes, they are the most powerful. I’m not sure why, I feel like “okay, I only have 10 minutes so I have to do everything and give my all within 10 minutes, because i’m not going longer.” This will actually keep you motivated in going further with workouts.

Daily, I like to do HIIT which is High Intensity Interval Training. So you do a lot of high intensity things. And it melts fat and burns fat a lot faster than just doing the standard cardio. I’m not bashing on Cardio, I do love it, but HIIT workouts seem to be the best in the short span and amount of time. So, keep it short and move on. Try Cardio and Strength Training at the same time. There are workouts that you can look up. Beachbody, I use them all the time, you can go on youtube: Toneitup Girls, Blogilates, all of these people. They have a lot of good routines you can do in a short amount of time, and If you want to see change, you want to get toned and you want to burn fat, try to add some resistance. Try to add some weights. They will help you tone up much faster. I’m not saying the next day you’ll be Swoll, but I will say you cut the time in half and not do cardio and then go into the weights.

Just knock it out all in one. It’s easier, faster and simpler, and I think you guys would love that. So, do cardio and weights together. It will help you out in the long run and you’ll be happy because you are done with the whole workout routine. I’ve said in the past to put your clothes on before you workout and it will get you in the mood. But, If you aren’t into wearing your clothes around the house before doing everything, you can always lay everything out the night before. This will be helpful so that way you aren’t rummaging through everything, trying to find what you need. You will already have it laid out for you on the bed or chair or wherever you have it. And you can just put it right on. That’s a big motivator for me, sometimes I just don’t feel like working out; and if I have it laid out there and I’m looking at it, I’m like “ Kalei, You can’t not workout! I mean, come on! It’s right there! It’s easy!” So, lay out your weights, clothes, shoes – whatever you gotta do, whatever your workout routine calls for, lay it out the night before, so that way when you wake up, you put it on and do what you gotta do and knock it out! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done workouts without proper form.

I don’t get the results that I want. I’m never injured or anything, but I just don’t get the results that everyone says that you have until I really corrected my form. It takes a while, especially If you don’t have a trainer, so get a mirror, look at yourself in the mirror as you are doing the reps and that will help! Rather it’s squats, lunges or bench pressing or doing a little bit of weights. Try to do proper form. That’s better than trying to do 12 reps. I’d rather you do 8 reps of something than do 12 and you aren’t doing proper form. Take it from someone who actually had to learn about that.

Form over reps hands down. I like to follow my favorite fitness pages. It can do more harm than help you and if you find that it makes you more depressed than to motivate you, unfollow those pages. You don’t need those type of pages. I’m sure there are some that can be for everyone. I like to follow bodybuilding pages. I just love how focused and motivated they are. That might not be your route, I’m not into bodybuilding, that’s a whole new topic. Bodybuilding and Fitness are two different things. Don’t let anyone tell you different. But I love how dedicated they are, so that’s why I follow a lot of those pages.

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