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Camila Coelho’s Nighttime Skin Care Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Okay, let’s get un-ready. Alright so let’s remove all of this. I am the type of person that wears makeup pretty much every day but it’s very important to really clean your skin deeply every single day. So I know a lot of people don’t like using makeup wipes but I’m obsessed. I’ve been using them forever. So I always start with my eyes. That’s why I love this, because it does remove my eye makeup as well, like eye liner, mascara, everything. And now you get to see the true Camila. The natural Camila. This doesn’t remove everything. We have to clean the pores. And that’s why I use cleanser afterward. So this cleanser for example, it’s super big, the packaging, so I usually buy little containers to bring it on with me while I’m traveling, because you don’t want to put too much big stuff in your kit.

So cold water for your pores, because it closes it and it reduces puffiness, swelling, which I have a lot. Voila. I use a essence that has a toner in it. It’s 100% natural non toxic. Kind of dab this on. So today I’m going to use a clay mask, a purifying mask. This is from Fresh. I like using the brush, because first of all, it looks fancy. And it’s just more convenient. You don’t get your hands dirty and I feel like I’m painting something. One other thing I do, I like to put on music when I’m doing my skincare. Shine bright like a diamond. While it dries, I’m on my phone, doing something that I need to do, working. And then I remove it and move on to the next steps that we’re going to do in five minutes. Yes, when you see your face wrinkled, it’s ready. I look like an old woman. But I’m going to look really nice after. So now we’re going to use hot water. We’re going to wet a towel and wipe everything off. So after this, you don’t need to apply a toner anymore or anything else. Just your serum.

One of the serums that I love the most is the detox serum. You guys notice, I love skincare. So then you just work it in all over your face. Under your eyes as well. So when you feel that your skin absorbed the product, then you’re going to move on to moisturizer, if you want. I want. So I’m going to use Capture Totale Dreamskin from Dior. Dab it on. And doo doo doo. I learned that if you like, slap your face, when you apply product, it absorbs better. So give that face some slaps. And I am done. So I just like to use a lip balm. So just a little lip glow. Keeping your lips hydrated while you sleep is very good. Very important too. Alright so my skin is hydrated. It’s happy. And now it’s time to go to bed. .


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