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Japanese Skin Care Haul and Review

Hi guys welcome to my channel so today’s video is Japanese Skincare haul & review actually it wasn’t me who was travelling to Japan, but my husband so when he was about to leave, I did some research on good Japanese Skincare and Cosmetics and I asked him to buy those for me so I want to say thanks to my husband for going in and out of Japanese drugstore to get these things for me Arigato Gozaimasu so in this video we’ll start with the skincare the first product is Rosette Gomma Jyu it’s a peeling gel products and in the packaging it has the Cosme #1 2015 sticker I don’t understand the other Japanese text, but there’s an “AHA” written here as I usually use The Body Shop Drops of Light peeling gel, I can only compare with it compared with the TBS product, usage and peeling function is the same they both leaves small white residue on the face which is dead skin cell mixed with the product but after cleaned with water, it’s a bit different the TBS leaves skin feels a bit sticky so we have to cleanse our face again the rosette one leave face feeling clean so we can skip other face cleansing second product is the Namerakahonpo Cleansing Wash actually I asked him to buy the “moist cleansing wash” so it looks like he grabbed the wrong one, but that’s okay cos this one also has the #1 sticker and looks like this is one of their best seller products use it on wet face and it will turn into foam this product is soft and it leaves my skin feeling clean, but not dry at all so I really like this one all Namerakahonpo products have soymilk fermented liquid I’ll put the link to their website if you want to read more detail next is another Namerakahonpo product this is the Namerakahonpo Haritsuya Skin Lotion this is also different from my list the one I wanted was the Extra Moisture Skin Lotion the Haritsuya have an added ingredient, which is the coenzyme Q10 “Q10” is written on the packaging and this one is more expensive by 200 yen and it should be more moisturizing so it’s okay skin lotion in Japan has similar texture to toner but different from the usual toner that we know the Japanese one is usually for hydrating or moisturizing the toners that I usually use, Kojie san cleanser & toner or Mineral Botanica Brightening Toner these are not for moisturizing for skin lotion products, I use Chizu Saeki Method first, dip cotton squares into clean water then squeeze to remove excess water then pour the lotion stretch the cotton square careful not to tear the cotton square separate into thin sheets paste it to our face make a hole for the nose leave it on for 3-5 minutes theoritically, don’t let the cotton squares dry out on our face as it will dry out our face so detach it while it’s still wet next, Naturie Skin Conditioner this is also a skin lotion and I use Chizu Saeki Method for this as well but I did try pouring the product directly into dry cotton squares it uses more product the result feels the same, so just use the CSM with water next is Lululun face mask extra moisture this blue packaging is the extra moisture one this is a usual face mask, but this has a lot of sheets in one package and it has plastic container inside with thin plastic lid use it like the usual face mask but I feel the eye hole is too small luckily, it doesn’t sting my eyes after the thin lid was torn, there’s a another plastic lid provided but I feel it’s not air-tight enough so I moved the content to a tupperware I don’t know whether the original container and lid will dry out the face masks but it’s provided anyway leave it for 5-10 minutes but I left it for 15 minutes after it, my skin feels sticky so I washed my face with clean water after using all these products, my skin feel soft and moisturized and so far there isn’t any negative reactions on my face so looks like I will use all these products regularly I read that some of these products are available in Indonesia or through online in case you guys want to try these out so that’s it for my video today I will also upload Japanese Cosmetics and Japanese Snacks haul & review I will put the links here if I’ve done with those vids so thanks for watching and I’ll see you later


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