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Chantel Jeffries’ Nighttime Skin Care Routine | Go to Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Hey Guys! Ready to go to bed with me? So I just got back from a crazy day of New York Fashion Week. I got my makeup done earlier. This beautiful Glam You guys know I love my Glam So I have these little hair toggle things that I love and I’m going to put my hair up. Cause I like to save my hairstyles as long as possible My makeup looks so good that I’mma kinda take it off I wish I can like just sleep like this. I’m going to use “Take Off The Day” Clinique cleansing wipes I like to kinda do this just to get the majority of it off before I start cleansing my face so next I’m taking the Clinique’s “Take Off The Day” cleansing balm and this you put on your dry skin to dissolve the rest of your make up.

And I like to use it on my eye makeup too, because it works really well. So this one it starts off as like a solid and then you kinda massage it in. I can feel like all my eye lash glue just dissolving and all the lashes coming off. There’s literally lashes everywhere. Woo Hoo! There’s like no eye make up left It got off all my mascara all my false lashes all the glue I want to make sure I purify my skin and to do that I’m going to use Pure Clay mask this is a charcoal mask by L’Oreal and I’m just going to use my finger apply it especially anywhere I think I’ll get black heads so I do this about 10 – 15 minutes usually I always like to do Snapchat with the mask on cause it could never recognize your face and it always does something funny.

Like this! I’m going to use this St. Ives Scrub I really like to exfoliate after using a mask because I feel like there’s a lot of impurities You can kinda scrub out all the dead skin away I got a quarter size. Is that a quarter? No Kinda like to give myself a face massage Right, now to rinse it off. Make a mess Oh my goodness, here we go! Then I’m going to go in and rinse one more time with like pretty cold water just to close up all of my pores I’m going to brush my eyes brows Now to moisturize I’m using this Aerin Rose Night Table Cream It literally spells like roses I love it.

Right So now for eyes I’m taking NARS Skin Total Replenishment Eye Cream I’m just going to put a dab on my ring finger If you’re like me and had braces which now I have retainers, my lips get really dry because of that I use this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter This is one of my secrets of how to get plump lips. Really keeps them moisturized. I’m about to go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow. Good Night! .


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