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Take Care of Yourself Every Day (One of the Most Motivational Videos You’ll Ever See)

simply some keys to self motivation and all of us have motivation of some sort i define motivation as the desire to achieve that which you’d believed to be worthwhile and many people go through life never getting in touch with their greatness because of the lack of motivation to push themselves or because they have not found something that they believe to be worthwhile to challenge them I heard a poem once that said many a flower has bloomed unceasingly and waste its sweetness upon the cold desert air as translated that means simply that many are talented persons have gone unnoticed and the world never had a chance to be exposed to their talents because that person did not take the time to begin to express or to demonstrate or to motivate themselves in the direction to bring that which they came into the universe to bring how can you measure your motivation how can you evaluate where you are on a scale of one to ten let’s do this for ourselves mentally how do you rate yourself from one to ten your mental attitude about yourself how you feel about you how you feel about life how do you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten in terms of your physical appearance in terms of your health do you take care of yourself are you allowing yourself to get overweight and out of shape are you conscious of your health are you watching the food that you take into your body do you make a deliberate effort to exercise you know it was George Burns he said we cannot help getting older but we don’t have to get old and many of us get old before our time because we don’t take time to take care of ourselves your environment is a very good indicator on a scale of one to ten is it what you want it to be do you find it desirable are you satisfied the job a career that you are involved in someone said that 85% of the American public unhappy their jobs are you spending eight hours a day just doing time doing something that you don’t find challenging that does not make you stretch mentally that does not stimulate you that does not inspire you something that you don’t find a sense of fulfillment in it if you’re doing that day in and day out it has to affect how you feel about yourself your level of motivation your relationships what kind of impact is that having on your life is that nourishing or is it a toxic relationship does it drain you or does it build you up ask yourself that how motivated are you to do something about it your contribution your actions what are you giving many people will leave the universe without a trace no one will know they were here and in fact under their name we could put under their not used up will anybody know that you came this way what contribution are you giving what will you leave what will be different because you came this way someone once said that life is our gift to us that God has given us and how we live our lives is our gift to God what kind of gift are you formulating is this a gift that you like to take back and do something else before you turn it in think about that what can we do what are some of the keys that we can begin to use to motivate ourselves when our batteries were unload because I don’t care who you are I don’t care what you do at some time you are going to get tired at the same time you’re going to get in a rut seem like nothing you do works out right and sometimes it just seems like you just don’t have the wherewithal all the will to do anything that sometimes you act like you’re punch-drunk you’re just wading through like just doing time day in and day out looking at nondiscriminatory television anything that’s all just looking and depress feeling powerless feeling useless and bored what do you do how did you get yourself out of a rut how do you when you know you can do more than what you’ve been doing and you’re not doing it and you’re discontented where you are you get angry at yourself how do you get out of that rut how do you motivate yourself one of the things that we must do is that we must be involved in working on achieving self mastery you must work on yourself continuously never be satisfied with yourself always know that as you invest the effort and time on you that’s the greatest ability that human beings have above animals see a dog can’t be anything but a dog tree can’t be anything but a tree human being you’ve got unlimited potential you can put effort on you and by concentrating on you and developing you you can transform your life wherever you are right now so you want to work on yourself you want to read books that inspire you and motivate you you want to listen to tapes over and over and over again and I suggest that you listen to tapes when you first get up in the morning you want to control the spirit of your day when you first wake up in the morning your mind is operating at 10.5 wave cycles per second that’s when the subconscious mind is most impressionable whatever you hear in the first 20 minutes when you wake up that will affect the spirit of your day when you listen to tapes listen with relaxed belief believing that this can happen for you and by listening to them listen to them over and over and over again and you will get a breakthrough you can listen to the same tape for months and all of a sudden you hear something you never heard before it have a special meaning for you or read the same book over again and you find some special insight you said I can’t believe I didn’t see that the first time so you want to be involved in developing yourself most people won’t do that most people won’t take that kind of effort and invest that kind of energy in themselves because they will fall prey to that conversation within oh don’t do that you don’t have time you’re too busy you’re too caught up in the rat race most people won’t do that well they won’t take time to go to lectures they won’t take time to go to seminars they won’t take time to go to classes to improve themselves and as you continue to work on yourself you will begin to expand your vision of yourself you begin to work towards self mastery and you will begin to see it reflect itself in all the dimensions of your life your mental life your physical life your social life in your relationships your monetary life so concentrate on developing yourself because if you don’t I guarantee you that you will make a settlement and most people have and most of us already have what kind of settlement have you made with your life you know when we make settlements out-of-court settlements you’ve heard them that means that you decided to take something less than what you originally wanted to get had you gone into court and the reason that you settle outside of court is because you didn’t believe that you can get it so you made an out-of-court settlement many of us are making in life settlement we’re settling for less than what we actually deserve we don’t feel good about it but we make it work at our minds we’ll come up with some kind of excuse to make it all right what kind of settle that have you made with your life many of us settled for less than what we want out of relationships because we don’t have the courage to change them I had a seminar used to do call are you living together or dying together many people are just dying together Gladys Knight used to have a song that says neither one of us want to be the first to say goodbye the next thing is in order to begin to find some keys to self motivation to drive yourself in addition to working on yourself and as you work on yourself you feel good about yourself and as you feel better about yourself you treat yourself differently develop a health plan so you can’t feel well and do well if you don’t have good health you can’t perform if you don’t have your health your health is valuable develop a health plan a plan that you will follow because this is the only vehicle that you have to carry you through this experience called life and you want to take good care of it because you love you enough you care enough about you and that’s not easy it is not easy having a health plan and sticking to it but you’re worth it doing it again and again and again I have lost 22 pounds several times seven it’s I always do it I love potato chips people who know me know I love M&M peanuts I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I love my mother’s sweet potato pie I love this it’s not always on my health plan but I put it on there sometimes I said life is too short to go without sweet potato pie if I go tonight I want you to slip a surprise the sweet potato pie of my casket yeah and watch the smile of my face next thing is as you take care of yourself the next key is keys to motivation to self motivation you want to live life with energy and passion you want to make a conscious effort to be Lively see in life you either say hello or goodbye you either on the way or in the way leave that people alone some folks just walking around looking saying how are you doing honey stay away from these people just go away from them it affects you you want to smile you want to be happy you got a lot to be thankful for but you watch some of the faces around you every day and I tell you some of these faces they will put you in a depressed state of mind so you want to avoid these kind of faces when you see them coming turn your head next thing is that you want to monitor your inner conversations the things that you say to yourself you want to watch them and in watching them you want to take charge friend of mine told me this evening as she did it excellently she said I didn’t want to come tonight I was feeling so depressed and I said I’m going anyhow see that was the conversation so you really don’t feel like it you really don’t need to do it you don’t really need to read anything forget all that that’s that in a conversation oh you don’t need to worry about trying to go into your own business forget that you can’t do that what did you lose everything you’ve got that in a conversation that stopped you from doing the things you want to do less don’t do that how can you possibly think about being a motivational speaker you don’t have the contact you don’t have the money you don’t know the right people you’re gonna get up in your minds gonna go blink forget all that you remember that time you got up before some people and you panicked you stood up in your mind set down don’t you remember I said yes and then I said shut up so you’ve got to learn to stand up to yourself inside yourself and short-circuit override that conversation that’s always going on 85% of what that conversation will tell you is negative its negative it will tell you you’re tired when you really are not tired it will tell you you can’t do it it will fill you with fear so you’ve got to watch that conversation and when you find it going on you’ve got to stand up to it and say I’m gonna do this anyhow I’m afraid but I’m afraid not to do it and I’m not going to let you stop me the biggest challenge that you will have in life is you as an old African proverb that says is there’s no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm the next thing that is a key to self motivation is that you’ve got to ask yourself what do I want out of life what do you want out of life what do you want out of a job what do you want out of career what do you want out of a relationship what do you want what gives you your life what how will you know when you got it what will make you happy you need to know you need to start asking yourself some questions what do I really really truly want you need to be exact about that don’t be vague oh I just want to be happy that’s too vague what will make you happy how will you know when you got it zero in on it be exact be specific and as you do that that will stimulate that super conscious mind or the reticular activating system of your mind that will begin to find those things to identify with it and once you begin to determine that which you want take the time to write it down don’t just think about it write it down that is a subjective process that engages the subconscious mind write it down once you write it down read it three times a day morning noon and night why is that important because what it will do it will cause you to focus it will cost you to concentrate when that other conversation is going on telling you what you cannot do telling you all of the impossibilities and all of the obstacles you’re concentrating will begin to create a larger vision within yourself and you start looking for and seeing some new opportunities you start creating some openings for yourself as you begin to read that every day every day day in and day out that will make you focus that will discipline your thinking and you’ll get all kind of creative ideas as I talk to you right now being involved in this immersion process you’re going to create some openings for yourself you’re gonna get some ideas you’re gonna feel your adrenalin flowing and you’re gonna think about something some idea you had you said I want to go back and I’m gonna look at that again from a different vantage point not from the level of the problem of the obstacles that I encountered but from a higher vantage point because what you will begin to see them to know as I talk to the higher consciousness within you that you are powerful that you are a miracle worker and that inner conversation has conditioned you to believe that you’re not and as you begin to discover the truth of who you are whatever challenge that you’re facing in life and if you’re living you’re facing some challenge you’ll begin to know that you are powerful and that you’re America maker so as you begin to write down exactly what it is that you want read it every day the next thing is see yourself there how will you feel once you get there what will the experience be like for you what will be different what kind of person do you have to become in order to get there visualize yourself there living the experience I remember when I ran for state representative in Columbus Ohio and I had a lot of people telling me and you got to watch not only the conversation within but the conversation without telling me less you can’t possibly win you can’t do that and I went down to the legislature and I saw myself I knew what I wanted I saw myself in the chair I pointed out the chair that I wanted I used to go and set up in the galleries and watch the legislative process I used to go to the committee meetings and listen to legislation being introduced I learned how to write legislation how to amend legislation I stopped thinking like a legislator got up every day dressing thinking like that selling myself on it seeing myself in the legislature mr.

Speaker I’m the gentleman from the 29th House District I’d like to introduce the bill I went in the legislature walk around I have the experience of it and when I ran and won against overwhelming odds they were shocked I won the election even before it was held because I was living it in my mind you want to see yourself beyond your circumstances you got a challenge see yourself beyond your challenge see yourself with the challenge already resolved and knowing that all as well seeing yourself in control and in charge of your destiny being healthy and happy the next thing is it is important in the area of motivating yourself it’s important to know why you’re doing it because that mind will say why bother why go through all this this is too hard no throw in the towel it’s not worth it it hasn’t ever said that to you before here’s how you can handle that here’s how you override that write down five reasons why you deserve it why do you deserve what you want why you why do you deserve it what meaning and value will it bring to your life what’s so different about you that you deserve your goal of this goal and when you write down those five reasons when you have some down moments and you’re going to have them when that conversation start talking to you and it’s going to talk to you what you will do is you can pull that out and read it we’ll build you up it will be your rod and your staff to comfort you through some challenging moments because you’re gonna have some life will knock you between the eyes it will catch you on the blindside come out of nowhere stuff you can’t anticipate that will knock the wind out of you you want to give up that’s why it’s important for you to work on yourself listening to tapes building yourself up talking to yourself with power feeling and conviction building yourself up day in and day out because it’s coming I guarantee you life is just waiting oh he’s doing good now huh very good I’ve never had an experience I was pursuing my dream and that’s why you have to work on yourself you don’t know what’s gonna happen and I was telling people I had this big rally I had to do was 5,000 people there and I said you must work on yourself if you want a larger vision you’ve got to empower yourself continuously because life will catch you on the blindside and after I finished my speech I got a rousing standing ovation and I wouldn’t call the young lady that I was dating at the time I said hey guess what I said they’d love me I got a standing ovation and they were chanting we want the motivator we want the motivator I said listen we want to motivate we want do you hear she said yes unless I need to talk to you I put wait a minute you’re talking about to tell I was ghetto and I’ll be also less I heard a voice in background hurry up and tell him who’s that last time you’ve been gone a lot in there’s somebody else what they came in less come on mr.

Motivator they want you back out there wait a minute all of the holder why’d you say I’m sorry that someone hasn’t heard a voice say hang the phone up come on I say what are they gonna say hey hey motivator come on they want you catch your hair chair okay I said I said when you working on a larger vision I say you you got a really work good yourself good light will catch you the Blind Side I say you better be ready you better make sure you want it cuz it’ll make you cry and somebody said the spirit is on him thank you thank you thank you thank you I was talking to tell it’s not blinking the light they had to come toward me ah but I say you gotta have a larger vision you make sure you make sure you work on yourself I said come over surround – oh yeah I went back to my hotel room and loneliness and heartbreak was sitting on the bed said are you coming in now do you have your larger vision now how’s your positive attitude say get on in here are you still breathing shut up you want your go no we’ll just go Donald light will wear you out you’ll be saying no I can’t into our you try to read it can’t see that through the tears I went running through the drawers in this hotel trying to find a Gideon Bible anything you know I said somebody anybody help me Yahweh Yahoo anybody boy I tell you that’s why you got to work on yourself good life will send you some curves you cannot anticipate the next thing is that whatever you do you want to develop technical mastery you want to be the best at what you do you want to master it see part of self motivation is you’ve got to find something that gives you a strong sense of competence will you become known for that you develop a reputation of being good at doing that you set some high personal standards for yourself you’re not competing with anybody else you’re just unfolding yourself to be the best person that you could be that you want to give the best quality service that you can give because that is a statement about who you are the other thing that’s the key to self motivation is recognize the fact that you’re going to get into some slumps recognize the fact that you’re going to encounter a great deal of failure in life it goes with the territory but in the face of that you want to be relentless when you want something you can don’t expect everybody to say oh come on it we’ve been oh you want this oh great we want to give this to you you’re such a nice person you’re doing it for your family aren’t you great now don’t like this and like that no many doors will be closed in your face many loans that you will want they say no you don’t have enough collateral you don’t have enough credit and most people will give up but you’ve got to decide that I’m going to be fearless I refuse to be tonight and I’m gonna go all out I’m going to be relentless I don’t care how many nose I encounter I like something I see as Thomas said when it’s getting ready for a basketball game he said I’m gonna either shoot us in or shoot us out but I’m not going to not do anything and that’s the way to go you can’t make a basket unless you shoot the ball you can’t hit a homerun unless you take a swing at it most people won’t even take a swing well I probably won’t make it anyhow that’s the conversation within they probably won’t give it to me anyhow if you want something you’ve got to be relentless you’ve got to decide I deserve this and I’m going to have it and you go all out to get it that drives you the next thing is that when you want something out of life you’ve got to be willing to go into action don’t wait around for things to be just right don’t wait for things to be perfect don’t wait for the ideal situation it will never be ideal there will always be a reason well as soon as the children grow up as soon as I pay my bills well soon as I get my divorce ok as soon as I get enough money together do what you can where you are with what you have and never be satisfied a lot of people never take a chance in life they don’t want to take any chances they want the situation to be ideal see that’s not walking by faith that’s walking by sight if I can see it I’ll do it no no no glass a lot of people say if I could see it I believe it no no if you believe it you can see it and don’t be despaired because no one else can see it that’s not unusual that is ordinary but because you want some different kind of results in your life you’ve got to be willing to be unreasonable if you weren’t unreasonable results in your life you’ve got to be willing to be unreasonable part of being unreasonable you don’t judge according to appearances part of being unreasonable you can see it because you believe it that’s part of being unreasonable part of being unreasonable you like Paulo said you must have the faith to call forth those things that be not as though they were that’s part of being unreasonable most people won’t do that most people say call me when you get it together then I’ll support you the other thing is that what are the keys to self motivation that empowers you is that you want to find a cause larger than yourself find something that you can contribute to find something that you can make a difference because you can part of what feeds your larger vision part of what gives you a reason for being part of what gives you your life is being able to give something back so I can’t afford to give anything you can’t afford not to give give your time give your talent is nothing just to go and lick envelopes I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do but I’m going over there it’s part of my tithing in the universe once you develop that that special sense of mission and that’s what you develop when you’re part of a larger cause than yourself it drives you you don’t need an alarm clock to get up in the morning you have special power you’ll go places and folk will like to be around you they will know there’s something different about you when you go in they say hey that’s somebody important I want to know who you are I just want to be near you that energy that you have that consciousness that you will embody will affect everybody on you the next thing is is that you want to create a home court advantage for yourself you’ve got to be aware of who you have around you so you want to be selective have friends that will enable you to grow I have friends that help me to grow spiritually these are my spiritual friends I talk spiritual stuff with them I have some other friends who are just intellectual friends they make me grow intellectually they make me stretch I have some professional friends I’m a member of the National Speakers Association I get together with other speakers and we learn from each other and we grow from each other I have other friends suggest social friends all we do is just socialize together we look at a basketball game together or go out dancing but that’s all we can do we don’t talk anything serious nothing spiritual nothing intellectual that’s not that kind of relationship nothing heavy up in here have other friends we walk together that’s all we can do walk together talk about if we’re gonna lose weight one day bye and bye for good all right that’s all we do nothing else so according to the relationships that you develop we grow from people and projects and the relationships that you develop can enhance and can enrich your life or they can drain you I know many talented people who had a great deal of potential but because they didn’t surround themselves with other people that will inspire them to transcend themselves they never realize their greatness and they will end up going to their grave with all their good stuff still in them so you want to look at your relationships the people that you’re involved with the people that you communicate with almost often and you want to ask yourself the question what am i becoming because of this relationship desert inspire mean am i motivated am i encouraged emma driven to develop myself am i seeking my own greatness what kind of person am i becoming because of this relationship am i becoming more cynical and negative about life ask yourself that the next thing is you’ve got to say yes to your life you’ve got to say yes yes to my dreams yes to me yes I can make it yes I can doesn’t matter how many failures I’ve made doesn’t matter how many mistakes I’ve endured doesn’t matter about my defeats doesn’t matter about what I’ve done yes yes I don’t care about the fact I’m in a hole now doesn’t matter about where I am yes the last chapter to my life has not been written yet if you judge me now you judge me prematurely I haven’t exposed all my stuff yet I’m still in the process of transforming my life I’m still in the process of becoming yes I have somebody in my life at one time told me you’ll never make and I said I’ll show and I don’t know what energized me what motivated me was something that Frank Sinatra said he said the best revenge is massive success I’ll show you you just watched my smoke as old folks used to say so say yes stand up for your dreams stand up for what you want in your life decide that your life is so meaningful to you that you love you and you love life so much that you’re going to stand up for something you want I used to have a saying when I was on the radio stand up for what you believe in because you can fall for anything so what I say to you this evening that you are powerful you have miracle-working power in your life right now but you got to work on yourself you’ve got to develop yourself you’ve got to talk to yourself day in and day out selling yourself on you and on your potentials and you’ve got to know that that you are worth all of your effort and that the key to your motivation as you get a larger vision of yourself is to know that you have something to give is to know that you have a reason for being in the universe at this point in time I want you to stand up for your life right now anybody want to stand up for your life stand up your dream you


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