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Homekeepers – David Nico, PhD, (Part 2) Health and Wellness Expert “Diet Diagnosis”

Hi there friend welcome to homekeepers so glad to have you with us so completely satisfied to be right here hope your day goes good and that you are having fun with the presence of the Lord for your existence we make this software in Florida and i inform you our climate has been divine around right here and i have been external as much as I might be to enjoy it you in Florida will get quite humid however this week it’s been really dry just distinguished and pleasant i hope that is the identical together with your life when you saw the last software you requested you saw me on the very end of the software ask David Niko to stay and let me speak to him just a little bit longer he wrote diet prognosis and he gave such fascinating answers and insight into our dialog yesterday and so right at the finish of the show I mentioned are you able to stay and let me talk to you a bit bit longer and he said sure so i will exhibit you that conversation in just a minute and i am so happy that he stayed over due to the fact that I feel he’s written an awfully very academic booklet with regards to eating and that you simply discover a plan that’s correct for you considering the fact that we’re no longer all made the equal of direction so I feel you can experience that conversation very much and i will become a member of Stephanie and i have obtained to admit when we have been making this recipe this morning we each just about obtained in a fight over who got to lick the dish you realize the batter in it get this peanut butter and chocolate chip it is a quick bread I i have never tasted it on account that we baked it but i have various confidence and i will be tasting it in just a couple minutes before I join her though let me remind you we’re viewer supported and we so respect whilst you comply with what I suppose is that simply urging that nudge of the Holy Spirit to help and support a software that without doubt deals in the dwelling because that is where the challenge is my pal we’d have a long way fewer tuition shootings we would have far fewer the whole lot that’s bad on this land if the residence is correct and that is what we’re making an attempt to do so you should use your credit card or your debt debit card through calling 1-800 two two nine zero zero five nine or the tackle is for your screen field 6922 clearwater florida 33758 and let me thanks in advance and i am a giver i’ll tell you that and when I believe that the holy spirit would have me get by way of I finally realized just do it and then disregard about it seeing that one thing for certain God doesn’t disregard about it and he repays you isn’t that authentic Stephanie her story oh man I I are not able to fully grasp this like i’m simply competent like the batter is so just right that I needed to just swiftly put it into the loaf pans this morning and stroll away since I simply desired so i am mixing this you may have three cups of flour that is rather a lot yeah a teaspoon and a 1/2 a baking powder a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of salt you’re gonna get that you just could sift it together or that you would be able to just mix it collectively like mister if he’s gonna do yep i have a cup of butter softened i have let me simply go down the record a cup of peanut butter half of a cup of granulated sugar which you lessen a little bit bit we normally put in much less sugar 1/2 a cup of brown sugar a half a cup of butter softened two eggs one and a half of cups of buttermilk YUM two teaspoons of vanilla and a cup of semi-candy but did you get dark chocolate no no i do not suppose the meadow video games in the dead of night okay so i am simply gonna begin whipping this all up i’m gonna whip the peanut butter and the butter up we’re gonna make them real fluffy you already know what this final weekend my daughter’s authentic harpist she is yes for years many years she’s play she’s performed for a lot of the suggests that come to city and Frankie Valli used to be right here mm-hmm does he bought a song caught in my head this yeah and she or he she played for him sold out two concerts and he’s the person who made that music general my eyes loved you that’s the track she obtained caught in my line certainly not laid a hand on you my anyway sugars I said i would terrible spend the cash for a ticket just to hear that song and i didn’t wanna go on my own after which Lord no Stephanie does not exit at night time so do not ask her oh but listen to this thank God for the internet oh sure I pulled it up on the web and i bought to listen to the music I performed thrice truely exceptional it’s a first-class track yeah that’s all right this weekend good I went out to hunt camp and enjoyed the outside and loved the fresh air and the sunshine however did not you come across a colossal snake oh my gosh largest rattlesnake I’ve ever noticeable in my whole complete lifestyles i am not even kidding you it was 4 toes four and a half ft lengthy and it was the thickest thing I’ve ever noticeable a head eight rattles on it real story drove by using it grew to become round went back head see it I wasn’t on the ground it scared me due to the fact it was virtually hunt camp so we needed to maintain it two teaspoons of vanilla yeah I realized some thing she mentioned they invariably eliminate rattles deliver an animal lover yet a cup and a half of of buttermilk you place all in at once oh yeah let’s simply go whilst we cause we gotta go yeah oh appear i am making a beautiful mess well okay if this snake had a big bulging its belly could that be an animal yeah definite yeah it was once it yes but let’s simply say that I will not say what the opposite factor is k so let’s get this fluffed up here after which i am gonna start adding the dry to it uh-huh that is one of these fluffy yummy batter it’s ridiculous we have to loaf pans considering this makes two lobes if men and women have watched this show very lengthy they understand i like a speedy bread who would not get a cup of coffee and come right here a cup of tea and i need to take some upstairs men and women upstairs are opening to get upset that nothing makes it up there anymore Oh we are going to take them some yeah i’m gonna take the tip off and take considering that I posted on fb routinely like what we’re making home and so they’re like good we never bought to look all of it proper we received to remember that yeah k we’re now not a respecter of up or down right we like all of our co-workers our officers are upstairs and our crews downstairs and of direction the crew is closer to the recipe they get the meals yes good this was so good flawed yeah k and then i have a cup of chocolate chips that i’m just gonna mix in i’m gonna my i’m covered in stuff i am gonna put them in sprayed it loaf pans and bake them about forty five minutes at 350 is it is no longer sizzling like i’ve certainly not had anything like that so excellent might be you wish to have this it is a peanut butter chocolate chip low yes and seriously just a spoon i don’t care I don’t forget we we at all times prefer to put much less sugar and often a couple of half yeah recipe and trust me it doesn’t make that a lot change so I mentioned on the high of the show that David Nikko stayed over to speak to me and you’re gonna sing that conversation correct now so stick with us and take into account recipes are free that know-how is developing for your monitor as good if you want a duplicate of ultra-modern recipe you may also acquire it by way of contacting us by way of social media as listed on the screen when asking for a duplicate through the mail be definite to comprise a self-addressed stamped envelope thank you and please comprehend we always recognize hearing from our viewers as I recounted prior I asked David Nico to stick with me considering that we didn’t relatively cover all that I wanted to cover on this e-book he’s known as dr.Well being-nut and the author of food plan diagnosis and we will decide upon up where we left off on the on the final application on account that we have been just entering what I felt used to be really relatively most important for your publication and let me you might have here it’s more than a few forms of diets and this might make your eyes glaze over but you need to are aware of it a carb eating regimen protein fats vegetarian fasting weight loss plan a metabolic a high plant a gluten-free and an athletic i’m definite we can’t quilt all of them however one in all them that stood out to me the metabolic what’s that so the metabolic is fairly a metabolism boosting weight loss plan so how do we raise our metabolism sure right that’s what i would like and that i normally say you realize while you rise up in the morning individuals all people talks about these fasting i’m gonna fast now but surely that can depress her metabolism i’m now not saying don’t go by means of fasting seasons which we have got to to present our physique a break and in addition spiritually and spiritually as well and so the the metabolic is rather boosting metabolism our metabolisms fired up so it’s working it is energized and so via hanging in the proper metabolic food regimen which one illustration might be like a Mediterranean food plan which is balanced portions so you obtained your balanced fat you bought your balanced carbohydrates you bought your balanced protein you know that’s an example that can help fire up the metabolism I feel a balanced approach regularly may also be very very healthy but as soon as once more all people is exclusive in order that and that i consider you asked the question about how do we quite know that it’s by way of checking out our body listening to our physique will we feel tired if we devour whatever and we say well I believe like i am gonna go to sleep yeah I mean is that the meals or is it anything else would it’s emotion so that’s the place we must we rather have got to be in tune taking note of our our bodies that is what it comes down does anybody want a carb weight-reduction plan do they need one there are there are some cultures that consume carbs I imply for example they are healthy good the Asian culture I mean they consume various for example fish or seaweed and they even have greens and that these are carbohydrates so every person talks about carbohydrates are dangerous carbs or there may be cookies well a lot of folks suppose good there may be calm good seafood is not necessarily a carbohydrate however that is a part of their diet but there are carbohydrates which can be problematic those are the ones we would like in our weight loss program might be like starches could be like rice rice might be but it surely desires it wishes to be a more fit type of rice no longer white rice that is been stripped and refined but I mentioned this on an extra application we need to watch out with rice too considering a few of it might be contaminated with inorganic heavy metals so clearly in actual fact we wish to get natural and organic and non-gmo and really California got here out with one of the vital lowest levels of heavy metals and pesticide that illness but but once more we wish to focus extra on the greens I like the problematic carbohydrates like vegetables like cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower like broccoli like kale due to the fact that these genuinely aid us via steaming we can steam them in we cut down what’s known as goitrogens which can inhibit thyroid functions so this is it’s nearly an anti nutrient so with the aid of steaming the vegetable it certainly helps our body additionally I get real discouraged about healthy I honestly do not buy it it is a whole lot more highly-priced and i ponder if it quite is good you believe that yeah well initially I want to I wish to bring up an extraordinarily very good point here k healthy non-gmo is best than non-organic typically ok there is now some contamination some pest pesticide runoff and illness that is been coming into it but nonetheless ordinarily talking it is gonna be a lot better than conventional very very main above all for the skinny skins like in grapes and matters like that that without problems absorb the pesticides versus thicker fruits like an orange that is the protecting masking and skins but by and large speakme these are the place we’re seeing a variety of problems is these chemicals on a micro degree which can be into the telephone and affecting these the the molecules the place we’re now we’ve got sickness traits we have the melanoma now we have the cardiovascular ailment it can be in reality depressing our physique so so I do believe that organic is best however once more if you are on a price range that you could investigate that are gonna be essentially the most vital to get that or greater pesticide versus the lower pesticide counts I’ve heard from someone who works in this kind of tremendous dole okay so that they’re kind of planted close together and those pesticides can transfer over to the natural or might be rain or whatever would take it over and you know this is a further point after we pray over our meals and we ask the Lord to bless it that is not only a few kind of an pastime we do I mean with the way matters are grown now and the way they may be manipulated that may be a very foremost prayer that we pray definitely now I additionally wish to say that you know we cannot take anything that God didn’t create for food and bless it as it can be excellent because he didn’t create that due to the fact that love it talks about in function that’s now not meals yeah it can be now not well it says what God created for meals and Romans is is good what God created so that is the important thing when it’s man created when it can be man and triggered or scientifically produced that’s now not going to be healthful for us so if we bless whatever created right that is healthful but however i’m no longer announcing for in a main issue we have to go on a commute or some thing and pray over the food take communion you recognize do the whole thing you what about the way our food is planted what’s a GMO genetically modified organism and there’s all sounds awful just with the aid of itself well it can be it’s horrible and there is additionally genetically engineered foods which can be quite really detrimental so each are mainly the identical however one could also be genetically modified we could also be genetically engineered however they are all unhealthy and in reports they to find that rats who consume this there was once a be trained out of France and the journal retracted the learn considering that there used to be some politics involved clearly they found these rats had reply they shriveled cancer from consuming these GMOs drinking the foods that had this and then what occurs we must spray it with the glyphosate which is the pesticide to maintain all the bugs off in the whole lot and that will get in so it can be simply it is it is not what God intended and that’s how we need to go back to more biodynamic sustainable natural real organic the way God intended and we want more farmers we’d like extra individuals to face up leaders to take cost and get the food again to the best way God intended good do they do that given that it creates extra quantity most likely it’s more volume and it can be less difficult and they feel they may be feeding the arena they’re suppose they’re offering the sector with all of this but surely it’s creating wellbeing problems it is developing wellbeing problems so what what is it for those who reside five years longer but you’ve gotten diabetes you have got melanoma you may have arthritis you may have all these degenerative stipulations that in in lots of cases may also be avoided through tradition and excellent vitamin in the event you simply joined me i’m speakme to David Nico often referred to as dr.Health-nut and we’ll put the website up on the screen and which you can get the ebook from there a number of knowledge but additionally they are able to get anything free off of that they can get wellness tips every single week each Monday send out health tips just encouraging them and they can sign up for that on the website all proper and the first first chapter will seize you so I suggest you try this and it doesn’t really price something is there this type of thing as a healthful processed meals there’s a healthful procedure fairly yeah there’s for the reason that everyone says well processed food is dangerous and sure if it’s you recognize genetically modified or processed and stripped and subtle however for example if I want to combo up a healthful smoothie I need to throw in some blueberries some raspberries into the blender some strawberries a bit bit of banana and some kale have a shake that is fairly healthy that is gonna be good for my cells excellent for my epidermis due to the fact that everything in our body comes from what it comes from vitamin what in that shake is bad there may be nothing in that shake that is bad it is all gonna be useful for us it has the antioxidant is the polyphenols it has the anthocyanidins which can be sincerely molecules that inform our cells to maintain the unhealthy genes off and keep the good ones on i have a healthcare professional on right here one small medical professional John young who was once created what goes the entire manner back to the Johanna Budwig shake that has protein and oil in it all i am hooked on it i have it every morning with a variety of the matters that you simply simply just and that is a fairly a just right speedy healthful and tasty means mm-hmm surely get going in the morning and it has the fiber in it too considering while you include all that in there with the protein you still have the fiber right that is serving to maintain everything normal which is principal however it is usually giving you the nourishment in these cells that’s so relevant for us for our vigour and also you as a rule suppose energized proper oh yeah i am going around happy serotonin yeah my my sister says she’s addicted to it so and that you may throw some spinach in there you throw spinach in there yeah the only factor about spinach it changes the colour and it is not very beautiful you do not fairly taste this yeah the green if that you can recover from the fairway somewhat bit just close your eyes or put it in a container they didn’t show it to you yeah simply drink it down k you mentioned an inflammatory eating regimen and an uninflated i’d i’ve a feeling that the first one’s now not good the good they are no longer yeah the inflammatory weight loss plan could be very bad that’s the unhappy diet the usual American weight-reduction plan is the processed and sophisticated foods that is what most of the united states I imply just going to the theme park we went to a theme park the place you sing at my loved ones and and simply seeing the whole lot that do you what do you to find it I carry healthful food I p.C. Healthful with you after which routinely they do have some choices like for instance that they had lamb they had some lamb there that used to be that was grass-fed lamb so they’re eating the correct stuff which is most important and it has carnitine in it which is energizing so I felt somewhat energy from that so repeatedly one can find matters otherwise you simply plan ahead and also you p.C. Some thing healthy so you’re not gravitating towards the unsuitable stuff with you oh it is an excessive amount of enjoyable i am telling you recognize folks folks literally are like is that this healthy is that this no longer as excellent for me proper there let’s talk about you talk about fake meat and just false meals and hydra hydra john hydrogenate good I suppose all of us threw margarine out a very long time in the past failed to we good some people still put that into these processed products Oh Isis meals so they may be nonetheless utilizing them and sometimes they are going below all these extraordinary names chemical names you can’t even pronounce yeah so you received to watch out what’s in the food you already know we will also be thankful that there may be a number of knowledge on our foods and also that just lately they’ve enlarged it so that you could learn it higher you know the calories and the carbs and all this that is worthwhile due to the fact that in my lifetime there was never anything like that good they may be in reality in method of transitioning to that and and more often than not speakme what’s just right about it’s they may be they may be including added sugars to it which before it was once just sugar so you failed to know the difference between what was brought sugar versus what used to be now not most effective toast good fructose is a sugar in order that could still be typical fructose from like an apple if I had an apple that fructose that sugar metabolizes fitter in my body versus brought fructose or high fructose corn syrup that’s hazardous to wellbeing they call corn syrup fructose high fructose corn syrup is deadly don’t need to and it is at it’s sugar we’re gonna we’re gonna run out of time once more anything unsuitable with caffeine caffeine can also be addictive so oh yeah effing can also be very addictive so here is the item any stimulant that it has a drug like influence what’s that doing to our physique and likewise what different disruption disruptions is it developing for instance i do know folks that drink you already know coffee and all these specific matters all the time and they have sleep issues and i say good might be for those who cut that out yeah that will support you turn to decaffeinated tea go to inexperienced tea go to anything specific use that as your as your bedtime drink I do not know I’ve constantly felt like God in heaven knew that we would have liked a punch within the morning so he created Katherine good it is the it’s it’s it is the quantity and it can be the best way it is processed so if it can be in uncooked kind the best way God meant from the beans from the real coffee beans the main issue is it is the way in which it’s processed and the way it is metabolized within the physique that it is inflicting damaging effects my factor is tea however my mother was born in England so I believe that’s the reason there you go the British what’s your view on cholesterol we now have all types of views on that and we’ve got had distinctive views sitting in that chair what’s yours good there-there’s distinctive forms of ldl cholesterol there may be blood cholesterol proper which is what after we take our cholesterol that’s what is after which there may be ldl cholesterol that we see within the meals those are two one-of-a-kind matters so just when you consider that I consume some that has cluster on it that isn’t necessarily mean it translates to blood ldl cholesterol regularly it is infection of the arteries that’s inflicting the predicament irritation which may be contributing to the greater phases of poor ldl cholesterol so we need to add the nice ldl cholesterol that what’s known as the HDL the excessive-density lipoprotein ldl cholesterol versus the low-density lipoprotein ldl cholesterol although we get that from food that is the nega we get it from food so the high-density are for instance in these proanthocyanidins i need to ask you to spell it thanks which is located which is found in grape skins which is discovered in berries skins which definitely and in even green tea even green tea that definitely helps to hold the great ldl cholesterol in our body but i do not always suppose we will have just all you recognize excessive cholesterol and that is the first-class factor in the world however i don’t always believe that simply low cholesterol is the best factor in the world I believe we want a stability there and that is the object with a variety of these matters which can be being prescribed to folks oh yeah it can be it’s it’s reducing cholesterol nevertheless it’s causing hormone disruption so we want a steadiness right here a balanced point of view and so that is why I say it is man or woman and i know i do know men and women with very excessive ldl cholesterol i am talking off the charts and a ninety nine percentile and there once they scan their carotid artery they find they should not have any plaque how do you give an explanation for that so there’s a genetic aspect there as good yeah my medical professional tried to give it to me and that i mentioned no considering the fact that your mind wants Clips your brain desires ldl cholesterol your body needs Cluster your hormones bizarre it employees hormones come from they arrive from the ldl cholesterol so it is the inflammatory cholesterol from the flawed processed meals the subtle products the refined sugars the boxed bundle shares that we have now all pointed out that honestly induced that irritation the arterial vessels okay go over the nice meals for ldl cholesterol so I imply for instance like monounsaturated fats are quite particularly healthy which can be observed like in avocados avocados absolutely a fruit so that’s a good fats and humans think oh fats leads to extra cholesterol that’s a excellent fats we have got to eat that yeah but additionally the proanthocyanidins which is like the grapes the grape skins the berries seeds the nuts that’s all gonna build excellent healthful cells and tissues and organs in our physique that we’d like and contribute to that yeah I feel we’re in a situation in america that if God gives us you know a cheap period of time down the road we’re gonna see quite a lot of things or large errors within the scientific world giving younger folks due to the fact they would have an difficulty here they may be giving them a psychotropic drug or whatever you are not able to give a boost to on what God made within the backyard that is correct that is right equipped to do that we need to get back to that we have to get get again to the God design approach of a tradition and and i know it’s hard on this age it can be very tough but we will do it and and that i feel that the church will have to be the leaders of this we will have to be those pioneering this why let New Age why let all these others do that why no longer God’s folks be the leaders within the on this area I wish to thank you for joining us it can be been very very educational and a uncommon publication and are available again and see us to the line and you stick with me i’ve a couple matters to say earlier than we have got to say goodbye arthelene would favor you to maintain the following knowledge useful you may also contact homekeepers through writing to homekeepers PO field 6922 clearwater florida 33758 or go to WWE we continually experience hearing from our viewers and we thanks in your help good i am completely happy that he agreed to stay around and talk to me slightly at the same time longer I suppose that was a very very educational trade and so thankful for the good gifts that God sends our way and i hope that various the things we do on right here we talk about almost everything I continuously say we talk about whatever and the whole lot that affects the house and guess what that’s some thing and the whole thing but i am hoping that quite a lot of the things we carry to you you take to coronary heart due to the fact that I truly feel God sends us these persons to make your existence higher and when you look around and also you see the total well being of the united states and that we’re the number one drug consuming nation on the earth I think that may be a shame and so these matters that we convey to you from time to time in case you take them to coronary heart it’s going to make a change i have a beautiful lake close to my condominium and i walked around it twice the previous day one of the matters you are able to do to make your wellbeing higher are so minimal they’re so effortless they’re now not rocket science and recall youngsters of Israel walked forty years Jesus walked far and wide besides we see him on a donkey once we see him in a boat a pair instances walked in all places possibly you can just start with that get out of the chair you understand turn the tv off and get in the market and get moving get some oxygen in your cells and you’re going to feel much better however i am no longer a health care professional but we’re out of time so join me subsequent time remembering there is no better calling than that of a home keeper god bless you for those who must miss a homekeepers application that you could catch up by going to WWE TLC TN applications after which on homekeepers you

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