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The Center for Music Therapy and Wellness – 1/25/19

Healing AND health IS PARTNERING WITH PARKINSON’S crew OF THE OZARKS FOR some thing distinctive. JULIE AND DEBRA ARE right here to inform US ABOUT IT. WELCOME. Good TO have you. Tom: excellent to look YOU. Thanks. Tom: the place DID THE inspiration COME FROM? Joy: YEAH. Guest: tune cure HAS BEEN observed TO BE VERY invaluable FOR men and women WITH PARKINSON’S disease. AND in many one of a kind methods. SO SINGING HELPS WITH respiration AND HELPS THE FACIAL muscle groups AND just THE whole VOCAL M MUSCULATURE to stay powerful.Tom: WE’RE SEEING VIDEO. Visitor: WE’RE SEEING EXERCISING WITH music instruments. SO A colossal part of keeping YOUR signs AT BAY WITH PARKINSON’S IS endeavor AND maintaining YOUR muscle groups powerful AND flexible. SO this is AN example OF a person RHYTHM, THEN, they’ve extra control OVER THEIR MOTOR motion. .

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