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lady therapist hypnotized girl with hypnosis

So Nicole correct good enough Nicole Wyatt why are you coming to look me in these days for some hypnotherapy good I just i’ve terrible stage fright dance it is really complicated for me to be up in entrance of humans in my job requires lots so I relatively ought to fix it good enough that is the freezing up getting worried tough to breathe things like that exactly adequate so that you consider some hypnotherapy is quite going to be her good stuff about adequate well i have a variety of experience i’m very educated in the hypnosis and serving to people with weight loss and getting or smoking relationship recommendation and well being and overcoming quite a few self wellness problems and fits correct is undoubtedly whatever I suppose i can aid you with so i will with hypnosis yeah this off of my pendulum so go ahead and sit down and sit right within the core and get best and secure k so take large breaths in by way of your nostril out via your mouth and simply get first-rate and relaxed the sound of my voice makes you believe more and more comfy with each breath which you can believe every part of your physique relaxing more maintain respiratory deeply follow my pendulum from side to side good enough and because the pendulum swings you’ll believe your self getting more and more sleepy and your eyes will get heavier heavier that is right deep breaths deep breaths heavier and heavier you feel gentle and also you consider so pleased it’s now not a care on this planet you are in the happiest areas ever been first-class and comfortable you consider like you are floating on clouds okay Nicole once I say i am the rely of three you’ll be able to get up and you can follow my each command not precisely definite why you are smelling this terrible odor however what matters is that you are going to be probably the most optimistic lady in the entire administrative center and you are going to move in have your speeches it will get you a advertising considering that you are the greatest worker there may be and also you deserve it so in the city of three you’ll get up and you’ll be able to now not recall what occurred that you can have the scent is my meals in your face capable 1 2 three get up Wow consider really refreshed refresh well you probably did a very good job and i will see you in one week on your checkout nice watching all correct we’ll talk to some technical thank you

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