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12 Days of Wellness 2018: Day 2

Hi, i am Mary McFadden, and i am the director of contamination Prevention right here at MedStar Georgetown university health facility. In these days, i am right here to talk to you about maintaining healthy by way of the vacations. And one of the most satisfactory ways that we will hold healthy within the medical institution atmosphere and at residence is to do proper hand hygiene, either with cleaning soap and water or with an alcohol-headquartered product. To get folks to do appropriate hand hygiene in the clinic atmosphere, we use a product called Glo Germ to educate the suitable procedure.It goes to your arms identical to a hand lotion would be. We rub it on all surfaces, after which we’ve got the partner wash their arms as they probably would. To not do some thing distinctive. They wash their arms, and then we put their hands beneath a blacklight. The lotion actually glows at nighttime. And if we see any product left on the palms, and we often see that round nail beds or in between the fingers, we show them that they failed to adequately get to those spots the place bacteria and viruses can are living.And people can with no trouble be transmitted to a patient or to one in every of their colleagues in the medical institution and that’s how we move germs and colds and viruses, and so forth. To each other. I want you to fully grasp that the lotion that we use is most effective a fluorescent lotion that mimics germs on the hand. You aren’t seeing real micro organism or viruses on the outside of the skin. The product will also be used on things like keyboards, phone cradles, equipment to illustrate that these areas need to be disinfected and cleaned. We all want to be healthy throughout the vacations. It is a busy season, we now have corporation, we go locations, and the fine way to prevent the transmission of infection or germs is to do suitable hand hygiene. By doing correct hand hygiene invariably, every time, we hinder transmission of micro organism and viruses, we maintain our health and wellness, and all of us can revel in an extraordinarily comfortable holiday season. .

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