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i AM REBECCA ZAMOLO and i Work for the GAME MASTER NOW! Mystery Clues Solved and ESCAPE ROOM Riddles

Hello Sam Sam it can be Rebecca and i am back right here in l. A. And just like the gamemaster had said when I got home this was once ready for me on my bed you guys noticed in my last video even as in Hawaii the gamemaster despatched me on a treasure hunt to seek out secret hidden clues and finally a mystery field with a key inside of that key ended up opening what gave the impression of a dictionary but was genuinely a hidden state and when I opened it that is when I bought this letter you made it your invitation is waiting for you back in LA now i am back with what I consider is an invite from the game master but I’ve waited to open it due to the fact that I obtained a DM from him and it says simplest open it when you’re by myself so now’s in the end the superb time to open this due to the fact Matt is long past strolling errands and i am so apprehensive mad I simply wanted to make sure k so Sam can earlier than I open this letter i would like you to comment what you suppose it says on the inside also you guys the sport grasp challenged us to get 100 thousand likes and feedback on my final video and say fam we did it and the video was once no longer deleted so thanks guys so much in case you are one of the crucial ones that enjoyed and commented in the last video comment beneath virtual hug thanks guys so much o.K. Now it is time to open it i am hoping you guys commented what you consider it says see if you’re right it says this is your authentic invitation to become a member of the gamemaster and support save a youtube investigate the field on your espresso desk wait a sec so the game master needs me to become a member of him and aid store YouTube does this imply that recreation Meister is just right hates us investigate the field on your coffee table is that you simply mister right here right now o.K. So this most often isn’t a excellent thought however I feel i am gonna go to my espresso table and simply see what’s there check the field and your coffee table this is that is weird because that is mainly when my little it’s all good enough damn fam i’m opening it it says insert me it appears like whatever that like a USB drive but also whatever which you could put to your mobilephone good enough so insert me manner put it someplace if it can be in this room it have to be for a motive proper Zam Fam maybe the television I have no idea you guys let me recognize within the comment section if you think this can go right into a television certainly not use anything like this in a television but might be you guys do you feel that that’s where it is supposed to head i’m really bad at electronics so I haven’t any concept I acquired it in all right let’s have a look at if this works oh my gosh it labored i have been gazing it for a very very long time and also you handed the test you’re the first youtuber I’ve recruited to aid keep YouTube and bring justice again why do not you say anything due to the fact that what makes you believe I must believe you you might have put me via so much given that we received our cabin and you might have even deleted a few of my YouTube videos to do this I have to scan you and coach you to believe like a recreation master so when it was definitely telling first let me take you by way of yeah you left a bunch of creepy clues to whole tasks that’s why you probably did that if you are part of the Sam fam and you could have helped me earlier than and you are inclined to preserve helping me i would like you to comment within the remark section below i am a Zam Fam fan you know you’ve got put hidden surveillance in locations that i didn’t approve to guard you however what about all these occasions you had me running around and that i had to break out like in the deserted city and when we saw you at the abandoned 2nd cities you wanted to think the urgency time is constantly of innocence okay good each person’s pronouncing you hypnotized me why would you try this if you’re good and combating for justice such as you say you’re protecting what was once going to happen at the mansion you mean with initiatives or go and CVX i really like this state as a clue for you what about the other youtubers like Chad wild clay Steven Sharer not every body can also be depended on well what if i don’t trust you Rebecca have you seen humans are so strange recently well i guess Chad and V were sort of performing strange after I FaceTime them and it can be just a little bizarre that Stephen was all the approach in la when he is almost always in Virginia but if I come to a decision to do that I have to do it on my possess you are not able to force me to make your own choice can i’ve a moment to think about it yes the place okay Sam Pham i want your aid I don’t know if this is a entice however the game grasp clearly appears just right let me recognize in the remark section beneath if you happen to think I must join and when you suppose I must trust the sport master he is making some solid facets which honestly made me variety of believe him right now I do not know what to do additionally he said he used to be going to demonize me however what if he is simply just hypnotizing me extra and i will need to do extra things underneath his manipulate I don’t know let me recognize what you believe I must do I do not know I believe i’m gonna must trust my intestine with this one k i’m going to do it i’ll help you do minute eyes me below two stipulations number one no one in my Zam fan will get her activities number two you change again all the thumbnails on my channel that you simply messed with I coulda put a pleasant trade okay let’s do it Maximus now sit down again watch and listen how do you believe I think okay let’s scan and see if the D hypnosis works i’m gonna say it phrase to you and you’re going to tell me the way it makes you believe okay come to come to Cochin why do you hold saying that I consider excellent it worked now about your baby you have got to verify underneath your seats you only have two minutes later Sandman can support you now two minutes I concept it used to be achieved two minutes underneath the seat okay there’s nothing underneath it right here thank him for those who knew it was once this warmth cushion let me know k it appears like a few of its lacking however read the clues is that insight and slack slack what else would that be again stat stack okay let me know for those who consider its stat and then there may be a vehicle emoji a lipstick emoji an ice-cream emoji you guys let me know in the feedback part what you feel this clue means miss stack read the clues in sight so must be anything that we can see what if it can be all these books on the bookshelf k Sam household let me comprehend in the event you see anything around here that has to do with a automobile lipstick or ice cream nothing looks like a vehicle possibly there is one of the most titles of the books might have some thing to do with it some thing the Sam fam gave me four could be a vehicle you consider that is it you guys let me understand for those who feel this is the clue for the first one which is auto so now lipstick you guys do you see something here that would be concerning lipstick pleasant guys there is our i do not are aware of it’s exposure oh my gosh i do not even understand all these books you guys understand what I had any person come and adorn look or again right here make-up makeup you guys lipstick make-up do not you consider that this often is the correct appear ok we’d like one more device ok have you guys obvious anything involving ice cream hurry you guys we do not have a lot time anything related to ice cream cream cream do you guys suppose that could be it I have no idea we have got to transfer quick oh this can be k so possibly it is purported to be the border if we do that on the backside seeing that that is just like the ice cream one and then lipstick would go on prime of that after which for the automobile one on high of that chase you love oh oh my gosh Do you guys see? This spread out Oh says to your eyes simplest and it’s a flash power i will take this to my computer howdy guys okay you guys so by using placing this in it method that i’m officially joining the gamemaster and it says on your eyes handiest do you consider that signifies that I can’t inform Matt I mean it have got to mean that this must be a secret you guys believe that I should join the sport master i want you to remark under if you think this is a just right thought I feel like i’ve gone to this point with the sport master and that i ought to work out what is next i know I can’t inform Matt alright Zam Fam i’m gonna do it so no this you

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