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What Bodybuilders Eat for Lunch | Fouad Abiad’s Easy Meal

I acquired a lot of shit for this last time too – wager what i don’t give a fuck i love my Pam use it on my frying pans keep the whole thing from sticking i do not believe it is gonna kill me k guys i am Fouad Abiad and i am gonna train you guys consume enormous and ensure it tastes excellent you guys have to be trained to find approaches to make the meals taste higher so that it keeps you going so what we’re gonna do is make lunch and we’re gonna have bird and potatoes so this is an air fryer it is clearly a deep fryer however handiest takes like a tablespoon of oil to fry all these potatoes so it can be fairly healthful but it surely makes potatoes taste excellent so i will be able to smash five of those things get like a hundred and fifty grams of carbs with out even blinking an eye fixed very simple we’re just gonna reduce up our potatoes it’s not relevant the way you reduce them up it’s not relevant if you’re making them into fries or cubes or some thing it doesn’t quite topic the desktop doesn’t recognize the difference simply get them in there I consider it is major to know your body I think it’s major to grasp what your body likes to make use of for vigor and what it digests well and i think you will have to be able to find anything that your physique appears to find it irresistible appears to use good you devour it half of an hour an hour later you’re digested you think like you would consume again if you happen to have got to these are good foods for those who consume whatever and it takes you three hours to digest it you both ate way an excessive amount of meals or you ate the wrong form of food potatoes are cut up all we’re gonna perform a little bit of salt and we’re gonna do some olive oil k so you imagined to measure like a tablespoon i don’t quite care so i’m just gonna pour somewhat bit of oil and a little little bit of salt it’s done close it turn it on and then we go about 25 minutes i am simply gonna do the entire work itself so while that is cooking we are going to start making the chicken bird can taste like shit so I like to cube it and make it in a frying pan seems to be loads less difficult given that it takes much better that way too so i’ve some recent bird breasts that I washed and cleaned this morning I received quite a lot of shit for this last time to guess what i don’t supply a fuck i like my pam I apply it to my frying pans keep the whole lot from sticking i don’t believe it can be gonna kill me somewhat bit of pam cooking spray and then easy and now appear scissors the slicing board I reduce potato on it I just wash it with water and it can be smooth i do not like cleaning up after like chook juice and all that shit so it is easy I simply cut it with a scissors correct over the frying pan there is a little trick I learned from observing Jay Cutler videos I watched Jay Cutler video he’s sitting at dwelling cooking breaks out the fork within the scissors I did not even realise like that’s this kind of good notion i am like i am sitting here messing with knives and slicing boards and i’m gonna cleaning soap everything down after hopefully some child will watch this and recognize that is learn how to do it and then i will be able to pay it ahead ok so that is the entire bird we’re gonna cook dinner somewhat bit of salt a little bit bit of pepper and cover that shit you got to quilt it in the event you don’t cover it the juices will evaporate reason you are not cooking with any oil so the juices were the chicken will evaporate and it can be achieved on the external it will not be achieved on the inside you can burn the shit out of your fowl so make certain you duvet it so that the steam helps it prepare dinner and that way you do not want the oil so you can find like with the cover on it i’ve a little bit bit of liquid right here it is gonna keep my fowl from sticking additionally once I put the lid on you can see find it irresistible’s already half cooked so it should cook dinner loads faster with the lid on it i was this man that like oh i do not care what it’s i will eat it for the reason that it’s physique constructing used to position like fucking tuna with oatmeal I failed to care and that i thought I was once being hardcore and just being stupid take a minute and learn the way to prepare dinner and study learn how to do things the proper way and learn methods to make meals taste just right and that i mentioned to look you guys within the last breakfast video you are no longer gonna make it for those who simply attempt to eat bland fowl and rice everyday every meal of the day for two decades you’re no longer gonna make it you are gonna eventually you are gonna get ill of bodybuilding it just sucks i do not do this anymore I cannot preserve this weight loss plan and you’re not gonna need to do it so like I harassed in the last video it’s important you guys have got to be trained to search out approaches to make your meals taste better in order that it maintains you going ultimately when that is midway done cooking or somewhat bit more than midway completed cooking you want to take the highest off and simply go away it off due to the fact that as you’ll discover now there is a excellent amount of liquid from steam growing the you know this little pool of water you want to leave the top off and let it prepare dinner the relaxation of the way in which and this will additionally get the water to evaporate and type of brown the chicken a bit of bit you already know you don’t want to boil your hen so I simply flip up the warmness a bit of bit and now which you could cook the bird and get rid of this water all even as you do not need to go to cooking institution you don’t to make shit look pretty it can be simply experience some humans are too intimidated to cook dinner oh I don’t know the way to prepare dinner I have no idea how to make that I don’t know how to try this pay attention go on YouTube sort in whatever type in how you need to make it or just trial and mistake man simply play with your meals try to work out approaches to make it style better k so pay attention very fundamental ok it’s a scale get yourself a scale in view that i know in the offseason I say eat as much as that you would be able to and yeah you do ought to eat as so much as you can but the reverse can occur to in the off season generally you get so full and so uncomfortable eating that you simply eyeballing your food nevertheless it without a doubt turns into smaller and smaller and smaller considering that you are so full and don’t believe like consuming use a scale it continues you consuming the equal amount whether you are hungry or or not we’re just going to do 6 oz. Of bird 6 oz and 1/8 and it can be like home fries ok so that’s one pound precisely so i am gonna smash a pound of potatoes and six oz of hen and i’m gonna use these two sauces to do it condiments are a must k and i know you are pronouncing Oh condiments have sugar condiments have this discontinue crying k it is the offseason we’re consuming to develop a little bit of sugar isn’t gonna hurt but it’s gonna aid me get this down in a rush so ketchup for the potatoes I are aware of it’s plenty of ketchup don’t fucking run your mouth after which that is tunnel barbecue which is a restaurant windsor certainly Tunnel barbecue barbecue sauce put that on the hen excellent old barbecue sauce I acquired that from Ronnie that is why i take advantage of all that barbecue sauce cuz Ronnie bought gigantic and he did it so i am doing it too quite simple ok now we have a good meal right here this is a really excellent submit-exercise meal no longer that i am having that for a put up-exercise meal now but if you are gonna have a publish-exercise meal this can be a rather just right put up-exercise meal why because we now have some speedy digesting protein like this is after you may have had your shake okay you may have your shake first an hour later hour and a half of later you’re gonna have an actual meal that is it gonna have some rapid digesting protein with the hen and we’re gonna have a pound of potatoes and carbs a little bit of sugar from the ketchup in the barbecue sauce not a number of fat so that is all gonna get shuttled again into the muscle and get us ready for the next day to come so there you go

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