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Creepy Wii Menu Music Hypnosis | Creepy Things In Gaming

So the opposite day I used to be just browsing YouTube listening to a few nostalgic tunes, and i encounter a video containing the Wii Menu song. Now for some thing rationale I decided to scroll down into the feedback to see what humans needed to say in regards to the music, but i finished noticing some particularly weird and form of worrying feedback so I proposal i would share them with you on this video. So this individual says, "Am I the only one who finds this soothing? Like hypnotic?" and that i was once consider, sure, it’s soothing, however hypnotic? I am no longer relatively so definite about that. However to my surprise I appeared at the replies to the comment and there have been quite a number of men and women who agreed with him and mentioned, "identical." Then there is anyone else that claims often I simply randomly hear this. And once more, there were particularly a few folks who skilled the equal thing. Considered one of which mentioned, "IT simply MELTS INTO YOUR mind, consuming IT. WII MENU IS LOVE. WII MENU IS existence." So I observed it kind of unusual that men and women had been agreeing with these bizarre comments and then I see this."I hear it if it is pitch quiet at night time, except for the dishwasher. For some intent, my brain interprets the dishwasher sounds as this music." So I suggestion surely that nobody else would consider that one, but I used to be improper on account that this man or woman chimes in: "equal." and that i just find it unusual that whatever that specific could be shared by using multiple individuals. "That tune ends up playing whilst you randomly get up at 2AM and this is the track that you hallucinate hearing." "My Wii activates by means of itself. Can anybody inform me why? (2 hours later) Wait a 2nd… Is not my Wii dead? OMG it can be THE WII SPIRIT IS POSSESSING it can be body!" good enough can an individual– what’s going on?? What’s the handle this? "routinely after I’m no longer close the Wii I simply randomly hear this music." "Oh yeah, me too bro." "i am crying. I will hear the little clicks correct now. You all understand what i am talking about." "that you could make a religion out of this." Yeah of course the man or woman with a Pokemon profile photograph could be speakme about making a faith out of the frickin’ Wii track."I’ve had this caught in my head for the last 24 hours. Support." The weird thing about that is even as this song is soothing or anything, it’s not like the catchiest or poppiest of tune. It can be not some thing i would rather find getting caught in my head. I mean, i will be able to believe of worse matters to have stuck in your head for 24 hours, but that is an insanely lengthy period of time. "Scientists think that this sound is that final thing a human being hears at the point of death. Would this be God himself?" possibly this guy must become a member of the Pokemon guy’s faith… Good enough, this one’s just ridiculous, this one’s off the charts. "The tune could be very miserable for me. Some awful recollections and incidents occurred when this track performed again in 2007." well, initially, them me stop you there. I have no idea what occurred to this character but if there are terrible things happening round you and these scarring incidents are taking situation… Why do you continue to have the Wii on? And in addition, if any one’s utilising the Wii, why would they leave it on the menu thing.In my experience, you boot it up, you hear this tune for less than a minute while you prefer which sport you need to play. "I have the dates of these matters marked in my Wii Calendar, and it nonetheless makes me unhappy for a bit. For some cause, I nonetheless adore it." Like… WHAT? First of all, who makes use of the Wii Calendar? I can best think. ‘Yeah. Uhm. Dad got here home inebriated once more and killed mother… I’m gonna go mark this in my Wii Calendar…." once more I haven’t any notion what happened to this character, expectantly it’s nothing too bad. This freaking music drives me insane. I have no idea why." Yeah.. Neither do I. No! No, no, that is unimaginable! No, I left you in the back of! We have been finished! I moved on! I bought the Nintendo swap for $299.Ninety nine! .

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