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Magnesium Part 2 – Nutrition – Health & Wellness for ALL

Good okay folks let’s continue the conversation and speak about magnesium in these days we’re going to center of attention to your everyday value the odds that you just get into your diet let’s speak about that proper now it’s neutral teach X saving the day with diet wellness and health for all okay guys neutral educate X right here and yesterday we were talking about magnesium I instructed you about a lot of sources now we will continue the conversation and speak and i’m speakme to you in these days about your daily values so the day past we had been citing almonds should you had one ounce of dry roasted almonds that may offer you yield about eighty milligrams per serving and that equates to twenty% of your daily value moving on to a half cup boiled spinach as a way to offer you about seventy eight milligrams and that is an extra 20% of your day-to-day value cashews one ounce of dry roasted cashews yields about seventy four milligrams and that is about 19% of your everyday price moving on to peanuts roasted quarter cup roasted peanuts 63 milligrams and that’s about 16 percent of your daily worth the shredded wheat that we pointed out two colossal biscuits sixty one milligrams that is going to give you about 15 percent of your daily value all right relocating on the soy milk simple vanilla 1 cup 6161 milligrams per serving 15 percent of your daily value like being half of cup cooked 60 milligrams another 15 percent day-to-day value and a mommy shelled half of cup cooked 50 milligrams per serving 15 percentage so we mentioned edamame peanut butter the gentle two tablespoons of peanut butter forty nine milligrams per serving it’s going to give you about 12 percentage of your everyday value whole wheat two slices of whole wheat bread 46 milligrams about 12% avocados cubed 1 cup 44 milligrams per serving that’s about eleven percentage of your daily worth and let’s move on to baked potato with epidermis three.5 oz. We’ll provide you with forty three milligrams per serving 11 percent of your daily value all proper brown rice cooked half of cup 42 milligrams 11% again the yogurt plain eight oz low-fats forty two milligrams eleven% and then moving on to the last is breakfast cereal fortified with 10% of your day-to-day worth undoubtedly you are going to get 10% it’ll yield about forty milligrams per serving so there you’ve gotten it men and women talk to you in these days about your every day price the percent that you get should you had those meals into your diet so if you would like me support possibly you should agenda a wellness history with me and we could talk about these things what’s to your plate what’s not on your plate in the best way of relationships profession your spirituality we are able to duvet all these matters in view that I think the whole man or woman wants to be sorted not just one talked about the wheel if you already know what I mean i’m Xavier Smith aka neutral coach X and that i think in nutrition well being and well being for all so let me be aware of if you want any help with that i will see you next time

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