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9 guerrilla marketing examples

Hello everybody today we’re gonna talk to you about guerilla marketing not that kind of guerilla silly I’m gonna take you through inexpensive guerilla marketing ideas that you can do yourself in your small business number one clever signs and posters check out this teeth poster that a dentist put up on a pole you’re walking by the street and you see this big mouth but it’s really posters with a phone number and an address very cheap very easy to do and it grabs people’s attention number two yarn bombing people in the Knitting community have known about this for a long time you cover an object in yarn and you put your name or your logo on it so that people know that it’s yours if you’re walking down the street again or in a park and you see something covering yarn you’re gonna want to look at it number three sidewalk chalk chalk isn’t just for kids who want to play around you can make a very professional-looking ad if you grab a stencil and some chalk and it’s probably one of the simplest cheapest and safest guerrilla marketing tactics out there number four pressure hose cleaning it’s a little more expensive but also more permanent than sidewalk chalk grab a stencil and a pressure hose and use the hose to clean the wall through the stencil your message will be left behind for everyone to see number five video projection it’s a little tricky to find a place and can only be done at night but it’s a lot cheaper than a billboard use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to create a fun video that you can project on that wall just make sure that it’s something really catchy that’ll grab people’s attention as they drive or walk by number six get creative with stickers stickers are a great korilla marketing strategy for small businesses you can give them to your customers you can put them on subways you can put them on poles check out this really cool example from Batman Begins where they put stickers on lights to make the bat-signal the next three are about crowd tactics number seven flash mobs everyone loves a good ol flash mob picture this you’re standing in the middle of Times Square and people start dancing all around you you come to find out it’s because of a specific business of course you’re gonna think about it you’re going to talk about it and you’re going to tweet about it number eight audience participation create spaces that will encourage your audience to participate and possibly take photos for social media lobello lip-balm created a kissing point for travellers to kiss and take pictures to share in their social media number nine gamify your guerilla marketing strategy if you’re in a mall or plaza you can create a scavenger hunt people will play a game and end up in your store perhaps you can offer them a coupon a discount or something free for example when adidas opened up a new store they spread blue ducks all around the plaza and each duck had a message to return home for a prize we hope you enjoyed this guerilla marketing ideas and examples if you want to learn more click on the link below for the blog also we have another guerilla marketing video and don’t forget to subscribe


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