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6’9″ ft Tall Bodybuilder Ike Catcher: Arm Workout

(electronic tune) – howdy women and gents. We’re proper right here on the iconic Muscle seashore. I’m Ike Catcher, the biggest man on the bars, athlete from Muscle seashore vitamin, and that i welcome you to our arms workout. I like the significant hands since they call ’em "suppose twice", ya comprehend, not getting any problems with colossal hands. And all of the ladies acquired whatever to seize on, man. – thanks.- Ya be aware of, high-quality and chiseled, fine and chiseled. It can be a couple of forty minute workout. It can be about building some further muscle, you understand, we’re constructing the muscle, we’re no longer trying to do too many reps in these days, we’re looking to go heavy. Invariably you need to be a better variation of your self. Perpetually attempt to improve your self. Do not get cozy. Yeah let’s get it began. (crowd murmuring) You see that? No free entry. At least this much muscle tissue to enter. We start with EZ-Bar curl. I like to keep the percent of three units, and 8-10 reps. You understand, we’re coaching palms, we’re now not training one of the most tremendous muscle elements the place i’m going to keep the quantity lower, but 8-10 reps is just right to build the muscle and get a best pump going. (hip hop music) I just like the EZ-Bar considering the fact that the way in which you grip it it quite takes the anxiety off your wrist. Keep a full range of motion, and then maintain that tension in your arm. Do not just let free, do not just relax, get right into a nice groove, a fine rhythm.After which, you recognize, take a little bit ruin and hit another set. (weight clanging) (hip hop music) (weight clanging) hiya howdy, kiss the bicep, kiss the bicep. – Them biceps are smokin’. – Ah, that’s the way you do it. Subsequent endeavor we’re gonna do is the attention curl, eight-10 reps. (digital track) So when do the attention curls, shall we embrace we’re doing the right hand, we’re inserting the left hand on the left leg, and then with the correct hand, we try to turn the arm in, get a nice little twist in it, so as to really feel the biceps, after which liberate. Probably the most usual mistake I’ve noticeable with the attention curls is that persons lean their elbow on their leg, ya know? You wanna have it suspended within the air. You don’t wanna have it leaning nowhere. (digital song) I care to do one arm workout routines, in view that you could particularly focus on the awareness of your biceps a lot more than when you do ’em with each fingers, ya know? (weight clanging) You gotta combine it up, you should not do an excessive amount of two-passed, one-handed stuff, both is pleasant.Lovely Muscle beach, man, you understand? How could you no longer experience your time right here? (hip hop track) next activity we’re gonna do is the triceps pull down, eight-10 reps. It is the one triceps endeavor in the arms workout due to the fact we fairly seeking to center of attention on the biceps and that massive biceps pump. (hip hop music) In a triceps pull down, you wanna seeking to hold your elbows tight to your body, and then you definately simply pull out of your triceps. Continuously advice twist the wrist out, simply when you consider that higher activation your triceps. (hip hop track) – About forty five years ago i was appear like that.- Come on homie. (laughing loudly) Come on bro. – Yeah 45 years ago. – you still got a shake like a grizzly undergo. – Oh yeah. – You bought a handshake like a grizzly endure. (both laughing) next factor on our record is the Scott curl, another stunning one-arm endeavor. (electronic song) What we gonna do is we get a bench and set it up, like a bit bit lower than ninety degrees, after which set the arm on the bench and extend the burden and are available back up. (hip hop music) it is any such high-quality activity on account that you cannot get a better biceps isolation than with this endeavor.I’m 6.9" so for all you tall folks available in the market, that is the endeavor should you wanna have excellent biceps on an extended arm. (hip hop music) (weight clanging) For years once I first started coaching i would been struggling to get like a quantity on my biceps, this endeavor did it for me. So that’s the go to activity in the event you acquired lengthy hands. Time for an extra one. – thank you so much. – you are welcome. Back to yet another set, come on man. Pumping iron, again. Once once more we’re pumpin’ iron. (electronic music) (weight clanging) (groans) (grunting) (each laughing) – sixty seven years ago. – sixty seven? – Yeah. – 27. – 27. – nearly, nearly, almost, almost, close to as powerful. – fine to satisfy you friend. (laughing) We’re all the way down to the final activity, seated incline dumbbell curls, three sets, and eight-10 reps. I love to place that one the last, because it’s particularly a activity that comprises more than just your arms, and what it does is stretches your whole body out. You gotta have a disturbing core, aggravating chest, a irritating arm, and the whole thing gotta be packed up. (hip hop tune) So i love doing that to convey the whole thing collectively in the end, ya recognize? (hip hop song) With a seated incline dumbbell curls we bought one other elbow function in, so we put another twist on our biceps and we get more of the like, inside section, correct right here.Simply puts a further little perspective on the arm, gives us extra of a shape of the biceps. (hip hop track) (weights clanging) (man yelling) (ambient track) (crowd clapping) today we attacked our biceps from all one of a kind angles, considering we wanna rather work on the shape like a sculpture, you understand? You are not able to just hammer a stone from one path after which hope it’s gonna appear exceptional. No you gotta come from exceptional aspects and one of a kind angles so which you can entirely do this more than one times every week. It’s nothing too loopy. It’s a nice workout. It will get you excellent and chiseled and ripped, swole. (hip hop song) Full breakdown for this workout is below on bodybuilding.Com. When you’ve got any questions on my exercise or coaching style, you’ll discover me on musclebeach.Com or go to my Instagram which is IkeCatcher. For more free videos and free articles like this, come again to bodybuilding.Com.(crowd clapping) Say what? – Featured on bodybuilding.Com. – Yeah. – log on YouTube. – Yeah. – you understand what’s up. (both laughing) .

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