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health and wellness ver 2 final copy 1

I’m Ms. Mejia and i’m the wellness and well being Prevention coach. Health and wellbeing is a 3 yr provide right here that the school acquired out of thirty-one faculties. And, it is to aid with substance abuse prevention. I put out fliers within the English constructing. I go in to the PE classes and train a curriculum called the Too good for Drug Curriculum. I’m also right here to speak with the children about whatever they need to talk about. We speak in regards to the results of like alcohol can do, what any of the substance abuses can do, and we talk like about the fees. Expenses of the substance abuse. How so much it costs for and something like that, how it is dangerous for you. What it does. Medically what it can do someday. I had some children come into my place of job and honestly speak to me about just life generally or about substance abuse or whatever like that. Whenever I stroll around campus i have the pupils speak to me and say, ‘good day how’s it going Ms.Mejia?’ or some thing like that.They are excited that there’s a application here on the school and so are the parents. Now we have an organization called NotMYKid and they are going to be coming for the subsequent two years. It is an organization for the mum and dad, for the students and for the faculty. But then I"m additionally here for the mum and dad and the scholars. I am placed within the library, at the back of the place of job. So i will be there at all times. .

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