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Relaxation Video 2 – Self Hypnosis Course

Hi everyone this is Katerina Gustavo’s from agony free drug-free calm and in these days we’ll be doing a rest video so I would like you to get into a fine at ease function someplace the place you will not be disturbed which you could both do this mendacity down or sitting in a quality comfy chair but make sure you’re in a place where you will not be interrupted since we will get into an awfully comfortable state and i need you to be able to revel in it thoroughly okay so go forward and get your self into that special state either sitting or laying down and we’ll start and we’re gonna now by means of having you shut your eyes that’s right simply close your eyes and relax and just center of attention on the sound of my voice and as you said you focal point on the sound of my voice you’re gonna have an understanding of that your eyes are becoming very very secure and really very heavy very cozy and very heavy your eyes are so comfy correct now getting very secure and very heavy so secure correctly that you’re just going to be inclined to have them shut for the period of this whole session you could open them if you wish to have however you simply are getting so secure that you do not need you now take a deep breath in and let it out via your mouth and breathe in by way of your nose and out by way of your mouth and an additional time in via your nose and out via your mouth feeling very very at ease right now and now that you’re on this fine at ease state i would like you to focal point on the highest of your head focus on the tissue and the hair on the highest of your head and assume that that’s getting very very at ease correct now very relaxed stress-free the top of your head relaxing your forehead permitting that relaxation unfold all the way down to your forehead very good feeling very very comfortable and now that rest is spreading right down to your cheek bones feeling ver at ease very very comfortable and the rest is spreading all the way down to your jawline and you are enjoyable your jaw to the point the place your lips are simply opening quite feeling very very relaxed right now very comfortable right now while you suppose that rest coming down your neck enjoyable all the muscular tissues and tendons and tissue in your neck proper now feeling very very comfortable and that leisure is flowing now flowing right down to your shoulders stress-free all of the muscle tissues and tissue and tendons for your shoulders enjoyable it feeling very very secure correct now superb you are feeling that relaxation is strolling down to your chest enjoyable your chest entirely and relaxation is now spreading right down to your stomach it is the muscle tissues of your belly it is a tissue and tendons until your stomach may be very very comfortable you’re also spilling that leisure spraying down your back all of the method down to your buttocks enjoyable your buttocks stress-free your hips relaxing your groin and spreading down your legs leisure spreading down your legs the front and back of your legs your calf muscular tissues cozy and utterly now stress-free your calf muscle tissues and relaxation is spreading right down to your toes now and down to your toes relaxing each considered one of your toes except you’re feeling very very cozy that’s proper you are now secure from the highest of your head the entire way all the way down to your toes and now that you’re in this high-quality at ease state imagine in entrance of you is an elevator a lovely elevator and subsequent the elevator is a button and once I tell you to and handiest once I inform you to you are going to raise your hand up and press that button reach up and press the button now superb and now that you have reached up and pressed the button the doorways are opening and you’re stepping within that elevator and as you step within the elevator you see that there are 10 buttons from 10:00 to 1:00 and you realize that you’re on the tenth ground and once I let you know to and only once I let you know to you can attain out and press the one button press the one button now excellent and as you press the one button you see that the doors are closing on this elevator they start to suppose the elevator sinking deeper and deeper 10 to 9 9 to eight eight to 7 even deeper 7 to 6 6 to 5 5 to 4 even deeper four to three three to 2 and a pair of to 1 you’re now on the primary floor and the elevator doors are opening and as the elevator doorways are opening you begin to step external now you realize that you are in the most stunning forest that you’ve got ever visible the colors are intense they are brighter and extra bright than you might have ever noticeable for your lifestyles and the sounds that you just hear are soothing the sounds of birds little insects and whatever else that you just in finding individually soothing are the sounds that you’ll hear within the scent in the air is probably the most attractive scent it was once heavenly scents you will have ever smelled on your life and you are having fun with it now possibly in step further and further deeper and deeper into the forest stepping deeper into the woodland and as you stroll start to consider your physique relaxing even more and more you believe so comfortable very cozy proper now and as you go deeper and deeper you observe that there is a picnic blanket within the core of the woodland and you go and you take a seat down within the blank now relaxing now enjoyable now within the blanket and you recognize the clean is truely a magical blanket it can be a flying blanket and as you sit down there you look up and also you see the clouds simply floating above you and it’s so peaceful and you fully grasp that you just’d like to be up there you are taking the blanket you might have it bring you gently up floating gently up up into the clouds and from this height up within the clouds you will see that the whole lot under you and it can be very peaceful it can be very lovely and you’re noticing the entire small print all of the extraordinary important points now as you are floating the clouds feeling very relaxed feeling very very comfy and i might permit you to go exploring now via the clouds very gently very simply feeling utterly reliable you are thoroughly dependable and you entirely at ease you are totally secure and you are fully comfy as you are floating by way of clouds correct now enjoying the rest you’re very relaxed proper now feeling very very cozy and as you go with the flow you’re gazing everything around you and you appreciate this is the most relaxing location you have ever been and you are enjoying this you’re having fun with the floating you are having fun with the leisure now excellent and when you’re ready and best when you are capable you are going to float proper go into reverse to the center of the forest landing gently touchdown so gently as if you’re touchdown correct on a pillow land gently now very good and now that you’ve loved this time and in this location feeling very very at ease it is time to stand up now and relocating toward that elevator stand up now gently and very leisurely in an extraordinarily relaxed approach you are running towards the elevator feeling very very secure very excellent and whilst you get to the elevator you see the button again and once I tell you – you’ll be pressing the button and only once I let you know to press the button now very good and you are stepping inside the elevator and once more you’re noticing the buttons from 1 to 10 and once I inform you to and simplest when I inform you to press the ten button press the 10 button now and as you press the 10 button you see the elevator doors closing they may be closing proper now very gently very easily and also you begin to feel off the elevator upward thrust 1 to 2 2 to three as you’re feeling very refreshed three to 4 four to 5 even more refreshed 5 to 6 6 to 7 feeling excellent 7 to 8 8 to 9 9 to 10 and now that we’re at 10 the elevator doorways are opening you might be stepping outside momentarily i’m going to count from 1 2 three and as I count from 1 2 to 1 2 3 you’re gonna consider increasingly refreshed you’re gonna think very excellent you’re gonna think better than you’ve gotten to your entire life your body feels just right your intellect feels excellent you feel very very refreshed and when I get to 3 i’ll snap my fingers and you’ll wake up feeling excellent very refreshed correct now 1 2 feeling very superb feeling very refreshed and three welcome again i hope you loved this rest video and please join us at anguish-free drug-free calm

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