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πŸ’ͺ Eat NO Protein To Gain MORE Muscle – by Dr Sam Robbins

Everyone its dr. Sam Robbins now in these days I need to speak about now not eating protein so that you may actually construct extra muscle or preserve muscle at the same time additionally dropping body fats and this very primary topic certainly affects any individual who is trying to construct muscle whether or not you are a individual but it surely additionally impacts older individuals 50 and over who wish to retain muscle size as they age or maybe even obtain muscle which ironically is a principal cause of aging and death muscle loss in fact this is why they offer AIDS sufferers tons of steroids and testosterone to aid them bulk up and muscle so when or in the event that they do get ailing because of an illness or ailment and speedily lose a ton of muscle there is that security net on the grounds that without that additional steroid muscle growth and weight they’d lose an excessive amount of muscle after which they would die and there are additionally plenty of anti-getting older advantages to this while i will reveal those in a pair minutes anyway with that stated let’s get down a trade developing up in the 80s and 90s I desired to build extra muscle and all I heard was consume extra protein now the primary motive for this is since all these muscle magazines had been truly promoting you protein powders nonetheless that assigned the purpose for the increase in protein consumption is considering the fact that whilst you expand protein intake there’s an increase in protein synthesis main to higher nitrogen retention in an effort to finally lead to more muscle and less physique fat of direction i’m simplifying the entire approach however you get the factor so that’s what I did right I simply ate increasingly protein and at one factor at a physique weight of 200 pounds I was once consuming 600 grams of protein that is 3 times my physique weight and a lot of that was once simply protein supplements and powders and shakes due to the fact that I just could not bite that much actual meals and it used to be really an extraordinarily disgusting variety of weight loss program I felt bloated and gradual and i could tell that my body was below extreme stress as a result of the consistent fatigue I had I additionally had plenty of you recognize more extra joint soreness and my sleep was simply horrible and the outcome was once no further muscle after three months of torture nevertheless a blood scan showed that my liver and kidneys had been each underneath plenty of stress and that i had other no issues so my first factor here is that you do not need that so much protein just hold in mind whatever very essential the time that you’re growing essentially the most to your existence is when you’re a child right and mom’s Milk is handiest five percentage protein that is very main most effective five percentage protein it can be made in most cases of carbohydrates results peculiarly sugars and fats actually i might say that probably the most protein you’ll ever need is set one gram per pound of body weight so in my case shall we embrace i’m weighing 200 pounds I would wish 200 grams all proper usually in reality so much less nowadays and you can see in my graphics i’ve no longer lost any muscle or long gone quick fatter over time by means of consuming less protein I still weigh round 200 kilos and that i absolutely have more muscle now than I did once I used to be eating extra protein and i’m going to inform you why and the way in a minute however some individuals don’t seem to be you that you just need more protein however believe me you do not listen if you are figuring out relatively hard two to 3 hours day-to-day correct taking plenty of steroids and are in your 20s when that you may certainly absorb extra protein accurately then you can do highest of 1.5 grams all proper that is the highest and for that reason if 200 kilos you could devour about 300 grams of protein nonetheless 99% of us aren’t in this small minority now there’s plenty of problems with consuming so much protein but the one important topic I wish to discuss at present the foremost reason for this video is that the more protein you devour the faster your physique oxidizes and thus breaks it down faster so the professionals will say pay more protein increases protein synthesis and yes it does however for simplest about 48 to seventy two hours all correct before your physique adapts after which it raises protein oxidation because of this it breaks it down turbo and for this reason protein synthesis decreases and it is the opposite occurs you really to lose muscle your body’s too intelligent all right it is going to adapt each single time so then folks what do they do subsequent they Chris protein much more after which your body breaks it down even faster all right it’s a vicious cycle so what is the resolution all right pay awareness you have to protein cycle why without a doubt pleased at some point every week without a protein that you may name the protein fasting and trust me you aren’t going to lose muscle correctly you can reap muscle for those who do it effectively so how do you protein cycle and not consume any protein for twenty-four hours and certainly broaden muscle and burn more fat and most importantly make stronger your hormones good let me inform you how I and my legitimate athletes do it essentially Sunday’s I eat no protein now you can choose sooner or later out of any week but I comfortably like Sundays to do it now Monday my body is now tremendous-touchy to protein since it is gone without for 24 hours some Monday and Tuesday i have 100 and fifty grams of protein so that is 0.75 of 200 pounds of physique weight if you wish to do the maths it is clearly your weight in my case is 200 kilos instances zero.75 equals a hundred and fifty grams all proper then Wednesday and Thursday the following two days I increase it with the aid of 25% to 200 grams once more truly 200 pounds instances 1 equals 200 grams of protein or one gram per pound finally Friday and Saturday I once more develop it by one more 25% considering that my physique has tailored once more and this time I absorb 250 grams that is 200 you realize if i am weighing 200 kilos times 1.25 equals 250 grams every time my physique adapted in about 48 hours I once more broaden it to proceed the further protein synthesis all correct then as my body adapts again Sunday I trick it and do no protein a protein quick and again you are now not going to lose muscle so do not freak out just believe me and do it hear on the end your physique will ordinary around one gram per pound of physique weight so what are the benefits all proper first of all your body regularly increases protein synthesis every 48 hours which leads to extra muscle quantity 2 this prevents your body from adapting and increasing protein oxidation which you don’t want considering that may result in muscle loss and third and most significantly all of this works on the grounds that it helps optimize your hormones with the aid of reducing cortisol and other stress hormones and with the aid of growing muscle building hormones equivalent to testosterone IGF progress hormone insulin thyroid so on and many others of direction this protein fasting also has many well being advantages similar to reduction irritation which means once more extra muscle much less joint discomfort and faster fats loss this also improves digestion and improves mobile repair to your pancreas liver kidneys and so forth on different organs and it additionally raises mitochondrial perform it increases power stages all super once more i can go on and on but i hope you get the factor so now that you have the components you need to go and implement it as far as results you know it’ll take a number of months so that you can truly see the outcome seeing that muscle constructing takes time all right of course some of the health advantages for increased digestion you already know reduction of irritation more power and many others are felt so much all right now if you want to rather develop your muscle constructing objectives proper and scale down your body fat by using optimizing your testosterone and different used hormones and likewise growing your libido is a further aspect improvement then make certain you talk over with the certain hyperlink below this video in the description subject and you could without a doubt see a subsequent video a few equal components that I’ve used for 20 years that you can go and discuss with that hyperlink and watch a next video while it is contemporary to your mind and let me know the way that works for you in any case that’s it for in these days in case you like this video you know subscribe provide it a thumbs up and share your feedback beneath and let me recognize what you really liked and what questions you will have so i can make another video for you also please go away your feedback and questions beneath so i will be able to handle them in the future as continuously thanks for listening and have a completely happy and healthful day

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