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Hypnosis – Kid Can Breaking the Pencil 2 – Sub Eng

Do finger like this? Say regularly my finger strong like iron in your heart and pencils you very fragile take a breath, close your eyes and imangine that you may break it handy Very effortless so that you can try this you can do it very effortless It handy to do you will have to center of attention and this fragile like chalk come on, It easy if I broaden the pencils into 2 do you believe that you could smash it? No.. Good enough, we dont have to instruct this child we simply go in to his subsconcious once we stated expand the information after which he can do it with ease if he no longer feel but then he can’t do that the first is suppose should you think and wanna to do, it will be handy. And then the query is ‘ are you think? ‘ –No. You can see the other friend. Mr. Ustadz can you aid me ? — it is 2, isn’t it? Just do it, say in your heart, it’s convenient for me Mr.Supri, you suppose you are able to do it? — sure i can. It’s effortless for you we work base on our consider/ k/ Mr. Rosyid, might you come to front? I’ll severe with Mr Rosyid, even 3 pencils it’ll be convenient to do. Mr. Rosyid. Do you suppose that you may smash 3 pencils? Say for your heart, pencils you fragile like chalk and my finger strong like iron. His breath will probably be happy and it will be effortless with one finger best. Sir, my child also wanna to do/ good enough, come on kid, come on.See, the top notch kid, supply applause for him. Do you think you are able to do that? Take deep breath and say in your heart If mr. Tukiyo can, i will try this also. Take deep breath. If accomplished, you are able to do it effectively you see, Mr. Ustadz saw these. Now Mr. Ustadz say inside your heart if the child can try this, i’m additionally. And it’ll be effortless. Yes, it very convenient. Once more should you believe chalenged so it’ll be handy to do it kid, you see? Say in your heart, seem into this child i am more desirable than him good enough, again to entrance it’s 2 pencils. Are you definite now? It handy for you harm? Take deep breath are trying another time, it is going to wreck quite simply say to your coronary heart, shut your eyes take deep breath. If the child can do it, so i’m. .

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