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Advice for a Freshman Part 1 | UCSB Health & Wellness

So advice for freshman lets see Freshman year, I lived on the 2nd floor of San Nic mainly I identical to to fairly didnt get together with them and that i was once like oh no I not going to make any pals however i love joined a bunch of golf equipment and then ended up joining well being and well being and like meet quite a lot of people by means of that so i’d just say if you are no longer making buddies in the beginning like don’t freak out I had a equivalent experience with now not quite liking my flooring all that much like just now not getting together with them so i finished up making a buddy at orientation who like continues to be one among my pleasant acquaintances now but I think that like I didn’t get my flooring enough of a threat so probably should you dont take to each other correct away kinda like give it some time and find your possess thing however nonetheless like make an effort to get together with everyone considering the fact that after a whilst i ended up speakme to some individuals one-on-one and realized like i’ve so much in original with them and theyre all quite cool humans and now like going into my third year i’m like quite shut acquaintances a few of them so identical to supply everything time despite the fact that you don’t find it irresistible at first i guess for like switching to like quarter process, time administration its complicated at first but should you like take a shrink amount of models you get like that adjustment quarter like theres school work, theres social life and then there may be like like nonetheless like working out or something so repeatedly I in finding myself like trying to or having to love sacrifice one of those things however I certainly on no account quit sleep so get sleep sleep is principal I suppose you want to keep busy though I consider generally when I wasn’t busy i’d just come to be like sitting around even longer than I will have to have and like not motivating myself to do it so I consider like should you don’t have stuff to do, certainly appear for stuff to do intent it keeps you on prime of the whole lot in case you have plenty of commitments at least for me It kinda took me like a couple quarters to study campus so like before each the first day of every quarter like freshman 12 months me and my roommate would bike round campus and like observe going to our courses so do not suppose ashamed obviously do not believe shamed to like take out the map and like on it for your telephone rationale I still do this now intent theres numerous structures that you do not see unless you get into like your higher division courses or whatever whatever I remorse now not doing freshman 12 months used to be like going into IV rationale i love barely ever went there however like theres a ton of amazing places to eat and like hang out and like bea- there’s like excellent shorelines over there and stuff so defnitely explore IV, I desire I did that I consider I notion IV was extra of like a night time time factor nevertheless it so enjoyable during the day there is so many food areas which you can go to the seaside and then like every body simply walking round and like that you would be able to wave to a random stranger and theyll speak to you yeah, IV is good no matter what time of the day

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