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Would One Punch Man Saitama’s Fitness Training Actually Work?

Jared leto was asked as the joke I’m sorry okay I did not like him he was freaking awful I can do a better laughter you know they’re dudes and do that your friendly neighborhood Jack’s wait here and today I start a new series called with that training work it’s quite a few of you know I do a workout series on my channel called tough like toons where I make workout routines for some of your favorite fictional characters to help you get a similar body type like them and increase athletic performance but I do adjust them to make them more manageable for everyday folks who can gradually improve upon them and make themselves better and stronger so in this new series I’ll basically going over training routines of fictional characters and examine how well that training would actually work in real life I’ve been a personal trainer for like the last six years and I just graduated this year so and I’m also like a massive geek for this stuff so I just thought it’d be fun but first off I just want to say I know I’m gonna get some comments on this I know that the artists can change the way the character looks with a flick of a pen the way they’re drawn the way they are drawn with their physiques okay I understand that but it’s still fun just to look at it from an analytical point of view to see how well that training routine would apply to real life you know athletes or people that they attempted to do it and who better to start off this series than the lovable Kate Baldy Saitama who trained three years non-stop with push-up set up squats and ten kilometers of running every single day to achieve godlike power and a pretty muscular physique but with such a simple routine help you achieve the physique like that also I want to mention not using air conditioning is only going to increase your tolerance for higher and lower temperatures sure getting acclimated to that may have like some effect on your endurance but not so much a lot of folks have come to the consensus that training like Saitama you know every day like that non-stop for three years is practically massive overtraining and going to do more harm than good well yes and no let me explain you see there are actually many aspects that go into overtraining from intensity length rest and recovery for example let’s say you tried to lift weights hardcore every single day for a week but you didn’t sleep enough and you didn’t refuel properly with your nutrition then of course you would be doing much more harm than good when you lift weights you’re actually tearing the muscle fibers in your body so they grow and become stronger when you rest your body is helping you rebuild itself and eating adequate amounts of protein the building blocks of the muscle and tons of fruits and vegetables to get those nutritious vitamins all play a vital part in helping you become stronger think of Fitness like a three legs stool one of the legs can be super strong but if other two are weak and falling apart the whole thing collapses so if you’re just training hard but not getting enough sleep or eating the proper foods you’re honestly just wasting your time unless you’re on Magoo’s now with recent studies we’re finding out the human body can do more than we thought was originally capable of it and is adapting to certain situations for example working in construction or for a moving company as you work 8 to 12 hour days five to six days a week and you’re practically doing full-body workouts those entire days for that many hours and some workers have gotten exponentially stronger by working those jobs this is further expanded upon in the book by Matt Perryman called squat every day where he further goes into his thoughts on overtraining this phenomenal read and I highly suggested if you get the chance so this is whole thing mean that overtraining doesn’t exist now it clearly does exist but remember this every body is different and reacts differently to quote one of my biggest inspirations big Brandon Carter everything is hypothetical until you apply it to yourself though that being said there are many training methods that can be adapted easily to your daily routine for example calisthenics and bodyweight work which is what our friend Saitama does many bodyweight athletes military personnel when gymnasts preach about daily calisthenics and with saitama’s 100 pushups hundred sit-ups under squats it’d be relatively easy to follow that every single day he’ll some real-life Hall of Fame athletes follow similar routines an example would be Herschel Walker further you do some crazy workouts just in the morning before you even start doing the proper workouts like you do a couple hundred push-ups and sit-ups tell us a little bit about that well you know I’m not a weightlifting today before I even go over to practice I do about 3,500 sit-ups anywhere between seven fifty to fifty hundred push-ups so that’s my workout I do every day and you know it’s been working for me I’m not going to tell you how old I am but I’m a bit aged damn well that explains a lot if you’re broke you keep your hair we don’t age so knocking that out this is where the issues come in the running ten kilometres 6.2 miles from all my American friends out there every single day for three years that’s a bit excessive now here’s a fun fact back in 2013 I actually attended saitama’s routine because I’ve been a fan of one punch man since it look like it was drawn and napkin back in 2012 so I’m happy it’s become this worldwide phenomenon but I was 22 I thought yeah I’m gonna go and try this guy’s routine and I did it for 14 days January 2013 I was 20 years old 14 days and then my knees just completely Dave out on me I could have had a limited power by now now say this there are people who run incredible distances every single day and I actually know a few personally but quite a few of them are outliers at the situation meaning they’re unique and not the average running ten kilometers every single day for three years and lead to shin splints buckled knees ankle twist and just a plethora of just like injuries if you’re not jogging or running correctly I mean legitimately without proper guidance rest recovery and nutrition you can eff yourself up pretty bad doing bad but again there are people who do track and live in the military who practically like go by this and say oh that’s K 12 so how would you go about avoiding injuries while running listening to your body instead of your endorphin drunk brain telling you to go harder and push yourself to the next level now I know the common thing is if you’re not pushing yourself harder you’re not going to get fitter which is true but as s Americ said if you’re looking at increased mitochondria efficiency and blood capillaries ation which basically means more blood flows which gives you more oxygen which gives you more nutrients so you’re able to exercise longer then you should really focus on slowing your tempo down and feeling what your body is saying like really listening to your body remember the tortoise beat the hare by pacing itself and then gradually increasing the tempo when you feel comfortable going balls to the wall injuring yourself will only exacerbate the situation against no good in getting them games though I will suggest just jogging three to four days a week get those substantial results now with all this information with a simple routine like saitama’s get you a nice muscular physique like the one punch man one of my friends it actually really depends on your body type if your endomorph an ectomorph mesomorph also depends on your age your genetic makeup your daily activity your lifestyle and then you know you know metabolism everything berries every person is different so everyone would get different results following that routine and honestly following our teen like this a hundred push-ups without stopping a hundred steps without stopping a hundred body squats without stopping and then immediately a 10k run no stopping break it up into sets and eat healthy you can get some pretty nice results though personally a more accurate representation of the body would most likely achieve would be the manga version of Saitama shirtless this form looks like someone who does a lot of running and has muscle tone from calisthenics and is more believable than the anime version not saying that physique isn’t attainable but it’s more like he’s been doing bar star Street workout calisthenics with the muscularity he has there but I always do to do this I hope you enjoyed today’s video I had a blast making it I had to cover my man first because I love the fact that this low-key manga / webcomic I started reading three years ago has blown up into this worldwide phenomenon because I knew it was going to do it I freakin call this be sure to follow me on my Facebook account my Twitter account my tumblr account and my Instagram account I always update those frequently and of course be sure to rate comment and subscribe like leave a comment below tell me what you thought the video will help me if you like to jump you hated it tell me if you want to see more of these and also guys I got a cooking show coming next week along with some tough like the tune ideas so I hope you enjoy those but like I always say keep calm and Booya on and don’t forget moment I hope you all have a fantastic day you

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