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Twin Telepathy Challenge with my Hypnotized Twin! (Game Master event date reveal)

– Come on. Can you hear that? – Yeah. – Matt! Hey Zam Fam, proper now RZ Twin is in there doing a combat royale with Matt. He is trapped, we have to get inside. – Can you use your twin telepathy? – They keypad’s not working! – it can be not working? – it’s fully off. – might be when I shut this down, keep on. – k, here. – You get the digital camera. – Come on Daniel. – This isn’t working. This isn’t working. – We gotta get in there. – Wait, maintain on. – okay. – appear, this panel. I think i will be able to get in. Wait, Matt, are you k? – Oh no, we have to hurry. – ok, okay, it is nonetheless high-quality. – Zam Fam smash the thumbs up button to support Daniel, so one can can get in there. Get the RZ Twin, de-hypnotize her.- all right, three, two, one. Ok, it labored! – It opened! – okay. – here, i’ll take the camera. Go. Go, go, go. – Matt! – Matt! – Oh, good day! – Handcuffs! – howdy, you ok? Aw, man. – Matt! Get the handcuffs on her! – I bought her, I received her. K come on, come on, come on. – You received her? You acquired her? – k. – those handcuffs, come on! – What just occurred? – I think we have to do the dual Telepathy challenge, so that we will determine the date of E3. – that’s a first-rate proposal. – Come on. – Let’s go. – Yeah – Rebecca. – Yeah, yeah. – i’m getting a message from the sport master. – Oh. – He has the antidote able. – Oh, that is ideal. And you have the formulation to make the red combination. – correct, k. So I believe I have got to leave. – okay. – i will cut up up with you guys now, and i will go make the crimson mixture, meet you back at the risk-free condominium.- that’s excellent! What do I do with RZ Twin? – I fairly suppose that you have to do the twin Telepathy project along with her. – k? – If which you can join, I suppose you’ll be able to be able to look if the combo’s gonna work. – Then we will be able to grasp if she’s telling the reality concerning the E3 date. – Yeah, I feel it is gonna work. You gotta are trying it, okay? – okay. K, we are going to meet up there, ok? – ok, here. – okay Zam Fam, so we have now RZ Twin within the again, and Daniel quite suggestion it might be a excellent concept if we did the dual Telepathy assignment.- that does not make any experience. – Daniel mentioned when you consider that she’s my clone, that we should have the same solutions, so we will be aware of if she’s telling the truth, and if the components works. – The system? – Yeah, he’s getting the combination correct now, he is assembly with the game grasp for the antidote, after which making the combo. He’s assembly us on the secure condominium. – k, we just rescued you RZ Twin, now we’re gonna prevent, ok? Let’s get again to the riskless condo. – Yeah. – The crimson hood will under no circumstances let this happen. I work for her, and best her. – See, she’s undoubtedly hypnotized. – All correct, do you believe that is gonna work? – I mean, this Twin Telepathy task we will certainly seeing if she’s telling the reality or no longer. – Yeah, and i’m going to be ready to hopefully see what she’s thinking, and we will get extra understanding. – k, you guys need to rock, paper, scissors first okay? – okay. Zam Fam smash the thumb’s up button, we’re gonna see what understanding we will get from her before Daniel will get here with the antidote to de-hypnotize her.- ok, right here we go. – ok, so, RZ Twin is over there, and i am here, and we’re gonna be doing the twin Telepathy venture. We ought to rock, paper, scissors to peer who goes first. Are you competent? Okay, competent. Rock, paper scissors, shoot! Matt, what’d she get? – She bought scissors. – ok, so i’m going first. – k, what is the first object to draw, Matt? – All correct, you ought to draw a ninja device. – A ninja system, ok. – in your marks, get set, go! – ok. – She’s acquired to check out to figure out what i am thinking.I wonder if she is going to wager what i’m drawing. Mainly due to the fact that she’s hypnotized, she’s not her natural self. – o.K., are you able to reward? – k. – right here we go. Three, two, one. It would not match. – Did we get it right? – It would not in shape. – What did RZ Twin draw? – She drew a walkie talkie.- k. – i guess we suppose very differently. – All correct, Matt. – relocating on to circular two. Who does RZ Twin work for? – okay, so i’m making an attempt to determine who she is gonna say she works for. Ok. – All proper, time to reward. – i’m ready. – Three, two, one. – The crimson hood. I acquired it right, correct? – She has the GM. – What? No. No, no, no, no. She’s lying, you guys. She’s mendacity. We know she’s hypnotized, she’s now not telling the truth. She was thinking crimson hood. – I work for the game grasp.- No, you, you don’t. She’s mendacity, you guys. Please, Zam Fam, do not suppose her. She will not be telling the reality. – next, what month is E3? – What month is E3? Ok, so this is my flip, which means RZ Twin, you have got to work out what i’m pondering. Zam Fam, a ton of you guys instructed me this. I’m hoping it’s correct, but i guess we’ll find out what RZ Twin says. – All correct, time to reward. – okay. – Three, two, one. She mentioned August. – What? K, no, she’s surely lying! Zam Fam, you guys be aware of. June, it was in a video of ours. Go back to that video. There was once a clue, and it said 06/19. That’s June. – All correct, that is the final drawing. Rebecca, it can be your turn. – k. – the place is the final time that the RZ Twin saw us? What restaurant? – RZ Twin is trying to determine what i’m thinking. If she’s being honest, she is going to fit my reply, you guys.Oh, I take into account. Zam Fam, remark under proper now where the final position was once that RZ Twin noticed us. What restaurant, to be special. Do you guys do not forget that challenge that I did? – solutions in three, two, one. She mentioned Taco Bell. – What? K, k, Matt, you recognize she’s mendacity! It was Starbucks, you guys recollect. I let the individual in front of me come to a decision what I devour for twenty-four hours.We noticed RZ Twin at breakfast after we were having Starbucks. Yeah, so she’s definitely mendacity. – Daniel! – So i’ve the antidote, throughout the purple mixture. I consider that is gonna work, the sport master stated it’s gonna work. – You acquired it! – I did. Here we go. – Face expose? – You gotta drink this. – Why did you do that, Daniel? – i have the important thing. – We need to unencumber her? – Yeah, we gotta unencumber her. I wanna understand if it labored for sure. – Guys, give us a thumbs up if you happen to consider this can be a good proposal.RZ Twin, are you okay? – Three, two, one. – Whoa. Thanks for serving to me with the car stereo. Oh, ah – What? Did you hear that? What’s she speaking about care stereos with Daniel? – I followed him after Subway. He went right into a car stereo spot. Zam Fam let us know what video that occurred, and remark it beneath. Also, we’re gonna be shouting out humans that scored a hundred% within the final video in a while, so stay tuned.- I feel we have to move on in this undertaking. How’s it you may have been drawing matters? – Yeah, you recognize, they haven’t been matching up in any respect. – well, now that she’s taken this, let’s step it up. Let’s transfer to physical ninja items. – ok, select the undercover agent device in entrance of you. – Ah. – Rebecca chose the black flashlight. – So did RZ Twin. – What? The identical one? – The identical one! – that implies it’s working, Daniel. – ok, let’s be trustworthy, let’s try three new gadgets. Three new spy gadgets. – ok. K, three new secret agent gadgets. – On the count of three, opt for yet another undercover agent device. – okay. – One, two, three – Two, three – She selected the sun shades. – She chose the glasses too! And, she put it on her face! – they’re each carrying ’em. – This twin telepathy, it’s working. I am connected to RZ Twin. That suggests she must be de-hypnotized. – ok, circular three. – ok. – this is probably the most difficult circular. – One, two, three. – Two, three. – I cannot believe it! – I can’t believe it! – What? – You both chose the compass.- RZ Twin! – RZ Twin is good once more! – it’s time to step it up. We’re gonna put off the tables, and so they’re gonna do undercover agent ninja moves. – Oh! – it is time to scan your secret agent ninja coaching advantage. On the rely of three, you guys must do the equal ninja transfer. One, two, three. – Oh! – What! – same kick, identical leg! – We did the identical thing, me and RZ Twin! That is loopy. Might be it was once a mistake. – Let’s are trying one other one. Three, two, one. – Oh! – Whoa! – That used to be like, same. – It used to be like, the equal arm. Rebecca, are attempting tougher on this one, ok? – ok, ok. I’m going to do anything i have never achieved earlier than.- okay, count of three. Three, two, one! – Oh! – Oh! – Three features flip. – okay. – Three, two, one. – Oh! – Whoa! – same move, equal transfer. – Wow, that is mighty, we are able to believe RZ Twin once more! – that is so loopy, I imply, I simply concept of the transfer, I didn’t believe it will in reality suit her, that we’re like twins! This is crazy! – Now that you guys can believe me we wouldn’t have so much time. E3’s the 15th and sixteenth of June. I have to return and infiltrate the quadrant the red hood trusts. – What? – i will be in touch. – Did you hear that, Zam Fam? E3 is June fifteenth and 16th, that’s arising! We’re walking out of time! – it can be in a few weeks. – Oh my gosh, ok. So this was once a colossal date disclose and now I do not know what she’s gonna do, but she has to get back in with the purple hood, so that you can determine what’s gonna happen.Okay, Zam Fam, so it looks like RZ Twin is de-hypnotized and we can trust her once more. Shout out to these individuals that scored 100% within the last quiz. If you wanna take cutting-edge quiz go to thegamemasternetwork.Com and become a member of. And be certain to present this video a thumbs up, and have your notifications– – Oh, hold on. – You thought you fooled me, but now i’ve your worthy little Blackjack What? That is Blackjack.- No. – The pink Hood has Blackjack! – No! – hiya, okay, so RV Twin’s out, she’s trustworthy, like, it can be quality, we are able to – No. – What’s improper? – look. – Blackjack? She’s got Blackjack? – We ought to go and rescue Blackjack. You guys, determine out the video right here, and support us find Blackjack! .

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