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What stretching actually does to your body ft. Sofie Dossi

Thanks to curiosity circulate for aiding PBS Digital Studios just kidding whats up i am Diana you’re watching physics girl and final week I bought to hang around with contortionist and youtuber Sophie dossie we did some science experiments for her channel and even as we have been placing out i realized that as a physicist i know definitely nothing about what stretching does to your body and whether or not there’s a scientifically supported method of fitting extra bendy there is keep tuned I failed to understand so I headed over to USC to fulfill with a bio mechanist to find out the present day science i’m Michael Rowley i am a PhD candidate within the division of bio kinesiology and bodily healing my first query used to be is there some thing one of a kind about Sophie yes sure very exclusive however I imply like biomechanically does she have a superpower there’s evidence that people who are hyper bendy rapid pause hyper bendy or hyper cell is simply a scientific time period and there is a test used to examine whether or not anybody is hyper flexible it is called the Buyten score and i’m going to link to it in the description if you want to scan yourself okay so humans who are a hypermobile these persons have a little bit bit more reasonably of the of the more stretchy collagen than the style one collagen uh-huh I desire a rapid refresher on collagen take it away Michael so a bone to bone connection is a ligament after which a muscle to bone connection is the tendon tendons and ligaments are made up of mainly collagen which is a type of protein and there’s extraordinary types of collagen so tendons and ligaments have in particular kind one collagen which is a particularly powerful style and then additionally some type 3 collagen for you to be extra stretchy after which may also incorporate some elastin which is an extra sort of connective tissue that’s very elastic and stretchy so the ratios of these matters may also be extraordinary I obtained it so Sophie might virtually have an additional fabric makeup of the tissues in her body like she would have more of that variety three collagen which would enable her to do things that the common person can not do again sensible I virtually can not over stretch anymore for the reason that i am just utterly in half yeah so it’s like i have push women on that like there is simply I mean you are not able to you are not able to you’re now not a ghost you’re not a ghost you understand but how bendy is Sophie yeah earlier than I began contortion I used to be constantly extra flexible than that ordinary gymnast yeah yeah once I was once little I used to look at television with my toes over my head yeah that’s flexible ok however how do you get bendy biomechanically i guess my first question is whilst you stretch what components of your body are stretching out yeah so whilst you stretch you are gonna increase flexibility and vacation in all those tissues muscle mass tendons ligaments the most quick time period the quickest most acute effects can be in the muscle so your tendons and your ligaments are stretching out to how does that work they seem so dirty that is getting to the center of what I fairly rather need to be aware of which is what’s bodily going down to all of these tissues the specific pieces of physiology that vary with stretching the physique will trade the water content material within the fabric that is most of the time the quickest manner after which you could additionally result in some stem cells that also reside in the tendon fabric themselves and people can differentiate into extra cells they are able to produce more or reasonably distinctive forms of fibrillar proteins like that collagen that I talked about so your physique can exchange the fabric residences of your tissues via stretching cool a further approach is that you simply absolutely regulate sensation so that you might experience some mild discomfort the first time you’re going to stretch however you’ll be able to in reality desensitize your self to that soreness over repeated stretching multiple days every week for a couple of we keep up sure a technique of getting more flexible is simply becoming more numb to anguish it genuinely fairly feels good it appears like a first-rate just right stretch it doesn’t consider like a harm stretch in any respect crazy I have no threat a different trade that occurs physiologically with stretching our muscle groups have an alpha gamma a reflex loop so while you stretch a muscle there is this automatic sign that gets sent to the spinal wire it would not even go as much as the mind and back the spinal cord then tells the muscle to contract that Co activation can be unhealthy for stretching correct if you are stretching the muscle and then the muscle mass looking to pull back on you so over time which you can really down keep watch over that reflex loop and that’s been shown to happen while you stretch for lengthy intervals of time finally you surely add size to the muscle fibers you do that with the aid of including sarcomeres which are kind of the the contractile unit producing the lively contraction of muscular tissues Wow bodies are so intricate so let’s recap stretching can trade the water content to your muscular tissues stem mobile differentiation how a lot you feel soreness that alpha gamma reflex loop out of your muscle groups to your spinal cord and the length of your muscle fibers that is cool now i do know what’s going on while you get extra bendy biomechanics is cool virtually as high-quality as physics could also be extra valuable though which brings me my final query what does science ought to say about the way to get extra flexible good Michael pointed me to this really intriguing meta analysis which is like a enormous study that truely synthesizes the entire findings from other experiences in this case 23 other studies which checked out easy methods to get the best benefits on increased variety of motion or flexibility and they observed that static stretching that is when you ease into a stretch after which hold it for 30 to 60 seconds that’s the high-quality for accelerated variety of motion or flexibility and so far as how so much to stretch they observed that 5 minutes total per week of one muscle staff used to be variety of the minimize limit however you did not see way more of a advantage over 10 minutes per week of stretching and six days out of the week used to be the plateau of seeing returns so the more you stretch per day does not hold growing the advantages however that frequency six days per week after which the 5 minutes total for that week is why it’s most important so start operation stretching muscle workforce for six he is per week five minutes total now of course specific forms of stretching have unique advantages so i’ll hyperlink to one of the most other literature in the description however extra importantly in the description is the video that I did over with Sophie on her channel I channeled my internal youtuber and we did a project where all of the science experiments I was once doing Sophie needed to do with her toes she’s insane it was powerful I had so much enjoyable filming along with her so check out that video and subscribe to Sophie’s Channel and thanks to Michael at USC who blew my intellect with biomechanics details physicists don’t get to learn a whole lot of biomechanics and that’s it subscribe to physics girl if you want to be trained more stuff with me that i’m randomly curious about every couple weeks thank you so much for gazing and comfortable physics thing i would prefer to thank curiosity circulate for assisting PBS how did you do that oh i would like to thank curiosity circulation for supporting PBS Digital Studios curiosity flow is a subscription streaming provider that presents documentaries and nonfiction titles from one of the vital world’s pleasant filmmakers together with special regionals i’d advocate observing dream the long run which is a brand new 19 part series about what the future is gonna be like what’s it gonna be like after we do physical activities when there’s exoskeletons and gigantic data plus it can be narrated via Sigourney Weaver Oh get limitless entry and for our audience the primary 60 days are free when you sign up a curiosity stream comm scale back physics lady and use promo code physics lady throughout the signup process

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