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10 minute feminization hypnosis 1: Love to wear high heels. ASMR

Just right drifting along with my words so d so comfy loose and safe and sound let go and sleep feeling as that the sound of my voice has called me from inside of your intellect feeling so reliable listening to the sound of my voice so secure so comfy that is correct let your unconscious intellect follow the sound of my voice as you hear me count from 20 to 1 with every number you sink twice as deep into your chair with each and every number you sink twice as deep into hypnosis that is proper 20 letting yourself flow drifting and floating and drifting and floating relax 19 deeper and deeper down 18 sinking deeper and deeper down your chair let go now excellent letting go and sleep sleep 17 all the approach down dee dee dee / good feeling so excellent sinking deeper and deeper into your chair let your intellect wander all all off to a distant land thus far away that’s correct you continue to hear the sound of my voice 16 the entire means all the way down to the floor 15 14 13 12 yes feeling so good now letting go utterly eleven 10 9 sleep the entire approach down through the ground eight down down down deeper into hypnosis seven six Lou slim and relaxed for three stare now relax let go and sleep – relax let go one so we you are now deeply hypnotized deeply underneath my power the whole lot I say to you is real the whole thing I say to you is true you will do some thing I say you’ll consider some thing I say you’re going to consider anything I say you want to obey due to the fact you believe me you trust me you believe me you believe me you’re a girly lady girly girly girly girl you like to wear high heels you get a thrill whenever i use touch your feet you get a rush whenever you see excessive use in your toes you get a jolt whenever you hear your excessive heels go back speedy pulse make you extra beautiful i exploit make you more constructive i exploit make you more brilliant sporting high makes you comfortable sporting excessive you employ you excitement carrying excessive you use you please let go of your inhibitions about feminine sneakers let go of anything that’s keeping you let go of your shame like you’ll be able to let it go and overlook about it are living a moment be wonderful at present sure now suppose your favorite brand of heels it can be Jimmy Choos it can be goo cheese they are able to even be Sergio Rossi’s take your favourite sneakers and think your fingers holding it that feels actual to you now push it in opposition to your feet and placing them on slip them around your ankles consider that excellent fit you may also even smell a leather fume your toes in opposition to the material and your unconscious intellect you’ve got completed worn this many mostly tens and hundreds and hundreds of instances hundreds of thousands thousands of occasions visualize yourself doing this every day at any time when you put on high use it makes you suppose warm and tingly within whenever you put on excessive heels it makes you believe confident and comfortable whenever you’re high heels it makes you consider excited and full of life it’s so horny to wear high heels it is so attractive to walk and excessive heels it’s so horny to be seen than excessive-use repeat after me i like carrying excessive heels good once more i really like carrying i exploit good again i really like carrying i use good now repeat after me excessive heels make me completely happy excellent now say i’m proud to put on high heels good now say excessive heels give me self belief good now say i’m a excessive heel girl good you got it you are now a high hero you are proud to be a excessive yield lady you

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