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Explore With Us: Health & Wellness | Kevin

Kevin: that is my pricey buddy Matthijs Diederiks. Matthijs is a movie-maker, dad, futurist and bio-hacker. After shooting a business for a food substitute corporation, Matthijs determined to peer if he would reside off these shakes for a 12 months. Why Matthijs? So, what happened in that year? Matthijs: The shakes made me physically and mentally more focussed. I started monitoring my sleep, combined with respiration workout routines. Once I get up at 6.30 i’m capable for my 25 minute meditation session. Kevin: Dude! This movie will have to be about the way forward for wellness tech. Matthijs: Ah yeah I add my DNA sequence… I exploit an app which takes my genetic knowledge, and assists me in my dietary choices. Turns out i’m lactose illiberal. Kevin: but, did you achieve most effective drinking shakes for 1 yr? Matthijs: simply wait and notice… .

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