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Full Day of Eating (Bodybuilding πŸ’ͺ) | Antoine Vaillant | 4350 Calories

I am watching a bodybuilder devour a fullday of consuming whilst i am consuming at the same time you are observing and possibly eatingtoo it can be like inception right here why do not you press the like button and subscribewhile you’re at it i’m Antoine Vaillant IFBB pro and the following two days muscle & force willcome movie my every day existence i suppose so I gotta make it someplace fascinating youknow it’s no longer almost consuming sleeping and coaching well i assume it is so i’m no longer gonna cook whatever considering the fact that Igot a person else that cooks for me how’s that for a excellent lifestyles proper and mymeals arrived at 8:00 a.M. In these days my boss meal so will cook all my chicken and allmy salmon so we gotta get that in a 2d however the only meal that I reallycooked is variety of my eggs within the morning and i prepare dinner meal 5 which is like asteak that we’ll have to get at the grocery store rationale I failed to get any however yeahso the rice is all cooked here in my rice cooker i don’t care about beinghungry i admire to arrange all the ingredients first oh my god what a tragedy virtually out oh no we are going to have to go to the grocery retailer funnyhow you guys like that though you guys you guys like gazing videos of dudeson YouTube doing groceries what’s mistaken with you this is our go-to for mustard it’sreally good take this what I do correct I simply mix it up like that after which yeahso I do this with all my meat parts that is meal 1 and meal 1 involves twoeggs four ounces of cooked chook breast 200 grams of cooked rice a thirdof a cup of blueberries and that i had 5 ml of teaspoon of Fish oil also see that a niceway to your day very well guys so this meal 2 and what it is300 grams of a cooked white rice six ounces of chicken breast and i’m gonna have abanana i know I have no idea why I like to watchpeople consume meals that I can not devour even as i’m eating food and i do not need to eatyou guys like gazing videos of dudes on YouTube doing groceries what’s fallacious with youI inspiration I ate a meal earlier but I didn’tso i am truly in the back of so this is going to a few it is not watching too just right forus bulking season meal quantity three sixounces of bird breast and 300 grams of rice white rice cooked one applea day maintains the physician away so i am just making ready my submit-workoutshake and um I take it right away after I’m carried out working out or while I’mfinishing understanding and i am doing the finishing move when my muscle is stillpumped so i will be able to like have the all these beautiful matters in my muscle mass callmom hello mom??? About muscle and force what a groovy fitness center wait a minute i’m partnering this health club PureMuscle & fitness with my train Dorian Hamilton and his brother Noah so let’stake a tour it can be about eighty-90 percent entire right now however yeah like we now have quite often tried toutilize this entire reflect house for all of the different pressing actions so turfright right here for lunges or stretching but basicallydown over there may be gonna be like you already know just a few like glute machines abmachines lower back machines and we flip round right here so now when you see there’srows this stuff shall be the entire back gear right here back row and beside thatwould be legs so all that is legs going the entire means down and at the back of this thenwe’ll have all of our leg presses we’ve got acquired 30 extra machines coming that what you’re announcing we received some stuff that you simply might not seeat your usual gymnasium like it is a belt squat via Atlantis excellent company we’vegot two exceptional hack squats we acquired a cool pendulum squat our pal JohnMeadows commonly likes this one proper you comprehend it’s a hardcore gym while you received achalk ball with smelling salts in there we acquired a log press we obtained a jack fordeadlifts that’s pretty priceless with a purpose to certainly put a yea carry it up put theplates on it so you don’t fuckin you already know you recognize if you realize you understand so that is meal quantity 4 forpost exercise meal and what it’s six oz chicken breast and 300 gramsof white rice however the cool thing about this meal it is my favorite a part of theday a cup and some alternate of pure apple juice not from pay attention and this isthe satisfactory a part of the day so that is my meal number five eightounces of beef in the form of a steak 300 grams of white rice and a few bellpeppers to add some color and that is almost always itmeal quantity 5 ultimate meal meal six which is right here it iseight ounces of cooked salmon 200 grams of white rice yeah but i don’t think about thatbecause I have to do it all over the place once more day after today and the day after and the dayafter so I believe just right if i am sitting down that used to be my full day of consuming I hopeyou guys enjoyed it and yeah days over for me after this meal however i’m i’m gonnado it again try to make it vreative however would not work so this was once a full dayof consuming be definite to subscribe to the channel alright that used to be a full day of eatingthanks for observing please subscribe below

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