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Wellness Moment: First 5K Episode 1

(upbeat tune) – hi, i’m Jane and thisis your well being second. So you will have decided to get off the couch and run your first 5K. Just right for you! In these days i’ve Joe Krugh,physical therapist, to aid get us began. Hi Joe! – whats up, Jane! – Now i know you are an avid runner, what recommendation do you could have forsomeone who’s simply beginning out and so they want to makethis first 5K memorable? – I see numerous patients which are coming in with strolling accidents, most of them are pushing too rough too soon. I suggest walk/walking applications so you must be able to begin out with being able to walk atleast those three miles. And then you wouldbreak it up into chunks.If you happen to do 5 minutes, you might run for one minute and thenwalk for 4, after which repeat that on your thirty minutes or your three miles,however long it took you. – And are these schedulesavailable somewhere? – good, there may be quite a few them on line however we can also have one on our website. – best! Now Joe, i know going for walks doesn’t require so much ofequipment, however would you suggest investing in a just right pair of running sneakers? – Yeah, a just right pair of runningshoes are very fundamental. What they are going to do is restrict accidents, so good support and just right fit.And if you are not sure concerning the match, then you could visityour local jogging retailer. The other key factor is that it is quality to work and educate with one more man or woman.So if you discover a friendthat’s also wanting to do a 5K, call themup and instruct together. – good i’ll be your buddy! – fine! Come on, friend! -don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! And come back for extra wellbeing Moments. And recollect to visitstjoeshealth.Org/JoinMe for upcoming activities and healthful tips..

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