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Keith Barry talks Hypnosis & Now You See Me 2!

Howdy so lately I met up with Keith berry who’s the lead magic advisor of the now you see me to movie we had a quite cool chat and he showed me some magic when you’ve no longer seen that video then assess out the link in the description but the video that you’re about to see is me chatting with Keith and that i had the sort of hard time editing this video considering there’s so much excellent stuff in there I failed to need to reduce any of it out so i hope you loved observing it as much as I loved being in it and chatting with Keith without further ado here is a chat with Keith Perry in these days i am joined with one of the leading intellect readers magician performers on this planet right now tremendously respected within the magic world i’m joined with Keith Barry good day good to look ya thanks for having me well thanks very much for joining me on this lovely beautiful pleasant blue couch snooze here say I love it here I comprehend it’s great is not it satisfactory and at ease and just enjoyable you might have finished all sorts of things we could sit down in chaparral that a lot time you will have executed a magic on tv or mind-reading on tv even live indicates not too long ago finished some consulting for the now you see me to film yes there are such a large amount of different types of magician in the movie you have obtained to have such a big varied ability set yeah I imply for me I come from a magic background I undoubtedly perform quite a lot of the different allied arts escapology hypnosis mentalism it is at all times a mission extra so from the standpoint that I worked on the script also for twelve months with that aspect so the effects and demonstrations for essentially the most part in the movie I was once very closely involved in the script writing process then to make these come to existence as a entire distinct method considering the fact that with now you see me to holy thoughts that Jon Chu delivered to the table as he desired as a lot of the magic on digital camera that might be executed in real lifestyles as feasible so in different words squash down the CGI of direction it’s movie land there may be always gonna be CGI with dave franco i had to determine a technique in specific procedure for the three-card Monte to work in digital camera if you watch it closely and when we disclose those magic moments they are all shot in scene and picket digicam in that second men and women can nonetheless suspect there’s a digicam trick until the tip when we expose it now it can be disclose very swiftly when you consider that the film initially I believe was once three hours long they to squash it down to 2 hours lengthy quite swiftly but the three-card Monte sequence used to be done in digicam in a single scene in one shot my alleviation zone when you like is on stage like in entrance of a thousand or 2,000 folks at a time so i don’t particularly participate in shut-up anymore so I had to brush up for instance on the three-card trick for the reason that well now not a lot of men and women understand and i’ll offer you exceptional on this oh yeah oh that’s in the original movie dave franco certainly performed the shut-up variation of the three automobile trick and i taught him that and he could do it himself it obtained cut from the film for time purposes however I needed to relearn the whole company which guys available in the market will recognize the elemental strikes are somewhat simple however then I realized the entire thing I realized the whole lot the whole lot the whole thing yeah and that i taught him as a lot of it as possible then Lizzy Caplan she wanted quite a lot of her suggestions within the movie so for instance rip in the head off a pigeon so I had to go to a pigeon X first then I went to a dove magician so I learned myself needed to produce doves then teach Lizzy the best way to produce doorways but it surely was enjoyable and that i adored it I loved the venture some of the things when looking at any magic movie as a magician I believe you suppose I wish that they did real magic they did magic tricks that magicians are doing and i suppose that you could inform on this movie there is all of the stuff is feasibly feasible yeah the plot needed to come first then we must interject magic that made sense inside the plot then additionally magically we might expose and that i was very mindful of not exposing matters that would anger the magic neighborhood so you had some rules going into it you had some i assume standards that you simply did not want to you do not need to show too much but you need to offer the audience a livin inside time I do possibly as well yeah and look at Hollywood I mean the executives and the folks working on the film they’re mindful of magic but their predominant I think goal and their predominant motive is to make a victorious movie so my job would in that was once to take a look at and manipulate what was published because there used to be some discussions will name them about revealing different matters in that movie that I used to be like blatantly no we’re no longer going to reveal that we’re not doing that and there is quite a lot of little nuggets in there they need to look carefully for in the magic community in a back room of the the magic retailer there may be quite a few props there and Lizzy Caplan is studying a journal it can be that’s truely a genie journal from 2006 which is the front quilt off so you can’t relatively see it however now that you realize it should you appear for it there’s lots of it another way I relatively want to be observing simply try to select up on as many of these do you see the internal film no UV whatever within the film we’re rehearsing this variety of factor and educating non magicians magic it’s quality that every body appeared to have got into the spirit of looking to study these items all the actors appear to quite take it on board and take a look at master it but a few of that choreography in like the car throwing up in the passing in there with out spawning it an excessive amount of however manipulating the one enjoying card have got to have taken a very long time to rehearse with the cast and to grasp how long does it take simply do stuff like this I imply that took a little over every week or perhaps two weeks to movie that one piece however but I used to be really proud of like persons like Lizzy Caplan and just a bit nuggets that we came up with the place she had it in a 10k pan yeah and from that attitude you can’t see it however then the camera revolves round and you will see the auto in their hand and then it can be read it wow that just right stuff would rather be done so rather than now you see me – what have you been engaged on recently so i have been in pre-construction of your back of the room for us eh so discovering the individuals who are inclined to hypnosis I went right down to Australia in January in movies you are again in the room for Channel 9 in Australia that was once within the core of my tour in our possess yeah cuz you are doing rather a lot exhibit even as right yeah it was crazy I’ve obtained Keith Barry hypno magician to film for television 3 in ireland which i am very fascinated about seeing that it can be a brand new format I need to say an excessive amount of it can be obtained a mixture of hypnosis and magic but the magic shall be concerning hypnosis so with out announcing an excessive amount of that is why i will be Keith Barry hypno magician on television 3 after which I obtained a tour again so i’m gonna write my new tour I’ve acquired about half of written already bought so in short you’re extremely busy no this is one of the things which persons are so skeptical about from the get-go how do you procedure that after you’re even doing the tv exhibit but it surely’s problematic with that precise show since definitely i am part of the show but i don’t possess the structure good yeah with my old indicates my executive slash all my historic exhibit so i’m in essence in command of the content material that ends up on monitor whereas with that precise show it’s a creation enterprise they have the best save what finally ends up on the screen I prefer to show the procedure of hypnosis much more than perhaps what’s proven to your back and real however I do recognize you’ve got acquired the 1952 hypnosis very fearful of that here yeah at the moment like very frequently even in locations like YouTube and folks like you are see you understand half the time that i do not do any hypnosis you are not allowed to hypnosis it oh yeah if I put our lawyers it psychologically evaluates Stephen earlier than he does I consider this it can be illegal to do hypnosis in a bar no it can be unlawful for the manager of the bar to not call the police if you’re doing a observe or anything really unusual obscure lore about that yeah it’s bizarre and the concern with no longer displaying the approach of hypnosis that as the extent of can this vid owner can’t or not it’s accomplished and as soon as once more all they say to individuals is appear i am now not right here to convinced skeptics i finished doing that years in the past the one means for humans to see if that is real or no longer actual is the goal to live hypnotist and then go up and get on stage see can you be hypnotized at least when you’re there either one of your family individuals or somebody from the function of you goes to turn out to be hypnotized on stage and that’s whilst you see the transition of persons from being skeptics into oh my god that’s my husband that is The egocentric by using the interview the place I simply need to get your recommendation since absolutely you’re a heck of much more victorious than me what advice do you need to anyone that is entering magic specifically anyone like me that’s looking to do stuff for media whether it can be television or YouTube and looking to expectantly do a reside exhibit and stuff like that you’ve got any common recommendation remember first of all success is what you you measure it your self I consider particularly I mean you’ve got acquired your factor happening on YouTube so do not ever knock yourself yeah yeah you recognize I don’t forget years ago when I decided in my head i’m going to be a full-time respectable magician I do not forget taking note of an interview with Will Smith it rather resonated with me considering the fact that they said to him look is it skill after which he mentioned no he stated when all of the different rappers are in bed i’m all training my rapping he doesn’t suggest until 12:00 or 1:00 o’clock at night time he approach two three hours sleep a night time until you wreck something it is that you are seeking to destroy I used to are living without sleep when you are dead I spent extra hours working than another entertainer obviously in our own that i do know and i know the opposite guys are on tv although very most of the time within the magic world humans knock not only myself but dynamo and Darrin and the entire other guys on television you ought to comprehend these people are in that function of path there must be distinct quantity of skill but all of these individuals work more difficult than any one i do know that is the first thing and then the 2d factor is simply by no means stop Andrew Gerard was once a quality friend of mine effective hypnotist and Mentalist in his possess proper in Canada and he you understand consults with me lots and he said Keith you already know you ought to push to failure in different phrases fail like don’t worry about failing and if you’re gonna just try to immediately hypnotize an individual on digicam in a live environment do it and in case you fail you fail no do not fear about what humans say about it and then truthfully you could bleep this out the colossal Rogers seeing that for me i do not hearken to any of that negativity or noise anymore and if men and women are knocking you just ignore them I do feel for the most part – over nice guys the place’d the noice guys went by means of i know various guys a number of magicians that I’ve met through the years very proficient guys way more talented than me perhaps however they did not push by way of it is considering that they have been relying an excessive amount of on manner on methods and then also they acquired too gigantic for the boots too early can simply sit to your ego and the foam as good I imply I believe we’re all taking ourselves too critically at the present time and preserve doing cereal Trix cereal Trix i love lots i love to peer your tree I wish to see yet another critical 2f0 man it is all about the cereal budgets it thanks i’m hoping you enjoyed that comply with Keith on all of the social media kind matters links within the description and go assess out now you see me – I had a particularly enjoyable time gazing you and tiny pugs myself go follow me on snapchat and Instagram where I post my existence and also a little magicky videos each every now and then

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