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Hypnotist Jennifer: Hypnosis for focus and concentration ASMR Excerpt 1

Your eyelids will turn out to be very heavy whenthat occurs which you could close your eyes and just let yourself flow i want you tofocus your whole awareness on my eyes that is rightlooking deeply into my eyes observe the form of my eyes the colour and thatglint reflecting off my eyes focus your whole awareness and appear deeply intomy eyes just let yourself everyday every manner you end up more and more daily and in every means you could have greater and greater sense of rationale each dayand in each way you become more and more focused every day and in every wayyou have increasingly concentration on the challenge at hand you are going to feelphysically superior and healthier in each manner day-to-day you’re going to becomeemotionally so much calmer rather more set much less easily disturbed day-to-day youwill emerge as and you will stay increasingly thoroughly relaxed you.

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