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Hypnotised guy turns red trying to lift Thors Hammer!!

[Feel Good Hypnosis music plays] The deeper you go the extra comfortable you consider, the more secure you think the deeper you go. Maintain drifting down even deeper nonetheless. Hold drifting down even deeper nonetheless. Inform Thor, Thor to come back over here for a minute. In a second i will depend from 1 to three. And on the count of 3 which you can open youreyes you’re again with us. In a second you are gonna open your eyes, you’re gonna see Thor standing there but you’re going to peer Thor’s hammer, Thor’s gonna put that hammer down on the ground and you’ll not be capable to carry that hammer up. The more difficult you try to lift that hammer it’s adore it weighs 10 plenty 20 lots 30 tons nod youhead that you just realize. For those who just like the consider good hypnosis movies then ensure you click on the giant purple subscribe button beneath and don’t forgetto click the bell notification so that you get notified when new movies come out.Ifyou like this video then make sure you supply it a thumbs up, make sure you provide alike and keep in mind I need to hear from you so you probably have any comments anyquestions then be certain you leave it within the comment part below. 1 2 three open your eyes, how’s it going? Can you raise that hammer up for me? Fairly are trying.Rather are trying. Fairly try, getting heavier and heavier and heavier. Quite are trying. All proper discontinue, stop, discontinue! Now, i do not want to get too sexist here due to the fact that you understand they invariably saythe ladies is the weaker intercourse however I just need to experiment that out, so this littleFrench maid, would you, might you raise up that hammer for me? There you go, good enough, adequate. Even heavier, try to carry that now, fairly are attempting. Relatively are attempting. Rather try. Getting heavier and heavier and heavier – discontinue making an attempt! Stop attempting! Discontinue making an attempt! Now! Man, Man!! You’re letting themale part down. French maid, French maid Set it down, set it down once more. Man! You are letting the male side down here!You recognize, probably women are the enhanced sex is that correct let’s hear that sounding out.Who thinks ladies are the superior intercourse? [Women in crowd cheer] There you go. Fairly heavy now, attempt to carry it. [Guy from the crowd] you can do it! Relatively try. Relatively are attempting. No, no, discontinue, stop. Look at me. Look at me, and sleep down, deeper, deeper comfy [Feel Good Hypnosis music plays].

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