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1 Month Body Transformation – ‘MOTIVATION’

I venture myself to work tougher and smarter for the next month well I already used to try this my existence is busy I sincerely do the easiest education possible in Ellen’s and it takes up the vast majority of time and besides that I run a YouTube channel that I love it takes quite a lot of time i tried to work out each day i’ve an extremely good lady friend crazy buddies and i play soccer I have no idea spend my time nothing used to be rather understanding and i did not enjoy the matters that I used to like I misplaced my motivation after I’m back I wrote down my targets layered objectives hooked up a spotter funded and wrote the whole lot down i do know what I have got to do [Music] now I have to put within the work [Music] okay so what I acquired correct here are my objectives my goals for the subsequent month or so and these workout related pursuits are listed and i need to reap these so what I did is i tried to look how close i’m to reaching this purpose where am i proper now so clearly all the objectives listed right right here i tried and saw a good unhealthy i am at this and today we’re gonna do the exact identical thing and spot if it’s a kind of type of fine indicator for the way just right or how close i’m to this intention very first thing on the list one-arm pull-usaohh attempting out this for the first time liquid chalk so mines do not get that that is method too much k so use the line however let’s see how good this honestly is and if it is going to work and my arms won’t get a maintain time k one-arm pull-u.S.Three reps in a row that’s the ultimate intention for next month let’s examine what number of i will do proper now [Music] it’s a one-off on left and one ish on correct final time it was once round one on left and three/four on correct I don’t know why my ride is that a lot weaker but you already know we can see after these three months one month one month I imply one woman one front lever the superb intention for that could be a ten-2d right front lever however before we do this we’re gonna warm up for the weighted dips III certainly use way an excessive amount of ok so the entrance lever last time I was once around seven seconds of ring and about 30 seconds on bar and you already know i know why i’m that improved on rings I i do not see why absolutely I believe it’s the technique in regards to the end placement not always a false grip or anything however it’s extra about the capacity to turn some thing like that and sure we’re gonna smash that ten second intention not handiest enjoyable rings but in addition a bar let’s see how far we can come that is my mother ok so I consider round seven seconds six seconds frequently digital camera lady mm-hmm thanks k so they may be round six last time used to be whatever like that did improperly Alison i will look back the photos that means I still obtained four seconds to move and also you mentioned four seconds it is not that lengthy subsequent goal k so we’re going for dips the goal the precise intention used to be 5 occasions 40 kilograms that used to be after my damage and my shoulder clearly recovered turbo than I thought so I genuinely smashed that intention the final time i tried this tore up the goal to five instances fifty kilograms and one rep max of 60 kilograms opening off with twenty kilograms [Music] okay so in actual fact the next purpose explosive pull usafive occasions ultimate kind I was kind of slacking on this undertaking my muscle americaare pretty excellent blood i know I I certainly not received technique down I additionally stated that the final time I bought one rep I suppose that’s a process factor I suppose I bought the force however the manner I don’t know speaking about it as a long way down as viable with the bar someplace around mid weight [Music] okay so basically after watching again that pictures hey i’m now not content material it fairly is the sort of thing you could consider no longer going to schools do not want to why what why why why why yeah yeah okay so reasonable kind bud where you wish to have to prove them that again one okay peg lever intention of fifteen seconds final time i tried this your unsent also missing seeing that of the shoulder injury and i used to be style of a crate for doing this undertaking for the reason that of this for those who hold the comms and historic think men and women getting hurt don’t watch this sure this one of my best neighbors and that i start the style of settings with him i’m going to get kind of scared for the back lever once I’m again at it [Music] what was once it just right ol dad Sten sure so let’s carry that to 15 seconds okay 10 10 10 20 50 kilograms for 5 reps that is the goal let’s see how this shoulder too can get better ok [Music] k so the pool of intention is truly the equal as to Deb go 50-kilogram 5 reps this 40 kilogram and let’s get some reps out pinguin stroll final time it used to be forty kilograms occasions three [Music] [Music] i don’t even recognize I was there for I want to do the correct form so i’m gonna say for that’s gonna fly doc this is going to be a loopy mission but now not for one month it’s better than that the true goal here is is to hold doing what i love steady and we’re going to begin it out in sort because I obtained a package new bundle okay i am still fairly in poor health bday and there was once gentle k let’s go appear at this seem at this come closer [Music] you received spooked ok so basically there’s a variety of stuff in right here and like quite a bit it is type of a shock from my protein so thanks my protein one two three oh five six [Music] hiya ok they have a brand new assortment it is known as traditional and it can be simply casual we’re not always sports clothing you might put on it even as working out but it’s just for guys when we’re just come to work university everything you wish to have to looks dope whats up guys it is just the camera woman I have already got the one this one is really ill though so thank you this one is for my dad my protein be pretending in it summer Thanks and then idea of 1 from the classics beautiful usual tightness around the arm not extreme and it simply looks just right relaxed fashionable yes oh yeah yes wintry weather and bloodless night time it is got an additional pair of fence black yeah oh they’re the best blend [Music] I should not have a replicate see you thanks for trying out the first episode to be honest I a nominee will come probably one possibly ten it just took goodbye to edit but hey guys would that you can let me be aware of for those who favored it by way of displaying some love smash that like and make certain to share this video it helps a lot a lot more epic stuff popping out ensure to subscribe and hit the notification bell see you guys in the next video [Music]

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