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Person i’m touchingright now, whenever Ishake your hand like this,the specific oppositeis actual. On a scale of1 to 10, i’m like a 30. You areso in love. Roshita.Roshita. First-rate to haveyou right here, Roshita. Good to satisfy you. Are you enjoyingthe exhibit to this point? Huh? Are you enjoyingthe exhibit? Yeah. Yeah. The place areyou from, Roshita? Where areyou from? I forgot When youfly home, what’s thesign gonna say aboutthe gate? Indiana.Indiana. You’re goingto Indiana? Alright, fine.And the place in Indiana? Gary. Okay,excellent to have you here. Gary, Indiana?I used to go there always. I do not muchanymore. I have nowhereto keep after I go. Which you could staywith me. I will staywith you? Very well, that is… It can be a littleawkward. I’m married. Me too. You too? Oh, you too? Ok. Ethan, you too.There you go. And Roshita. K.K. Okay, alright. Your name?Julie. Julie.Hi, Julie. Great to fulfill you.Good to have you right here.Hello, Julie.Hi, hello. Hello, k. Ok, hello. O.K., k. All right, Julie.K, that is… Very well, Julie. Best, k. Are you enjoyingthe show thus far? Yeah. Yeah,the place are you from? Julie, the place areyou from? Wisconsin. Oh, the place abouts? Portage. Oh, satisfactory to haveyou right here. I lovethat field. I used to gothere all the time. K, all right. I don’t gomuch anymore. Your title? Erica. Hi, Erica.Best to satisfy you. Excellent tohave you here. Oh, k,all right, handy. Ok, Erica. Alright, ok. Ok, o.K.,oh. Are you enjoyingthe exhibit so far? Yeah.Yeah. The place areyou from? The place areyou from, Erica? Oklahoma i like Oklahoma. I used to gothere always. I used to go thereall the time. I do not gomuch anymore. I’ve nowhereto stay after I go. You canstay with me. I stick with you.Alright, that’s… That is alittle awkward. I am married. That is okay.She will be able to come. She what? She will come. She can come.All right, she will come.Erica.You said, right? Erica. Ok. Great, okay,o.K., great. Just right to haveyou right here. Okay, very well,okay, whoa! Hiya, hiya,okay, k. That’s alittle low. Very well, ok. K,come on [inaudible] Come on.Okay. Thanks forthe aid, Somer. Who didyou carry with you? My wife, Lisa. Oh, your wife, Lisa. Okay, I wasn’texpecting that. Your spouse. O.K.. That is gonnabe somewhat awkward now betweenyou and i. Very well. So betweenyou and that i, we’re gonnahave to come to a decision who’s gonna bethe guy. Your turn. My flip.Oh, you take a turn too? All right, ok. All right. Ok,we each and every take our turns. Ok. Okay. So one nightI’ll be Mark and the nextnight Marcy. That’ll workout fine. Okay. Who did you bringwith you tonight? My lady friend.Your lady friend. It is gonna bea little awkward between you and that i. Who’s gonna bethe guy? All people.All people. All of us together. K. Alright,okay. Who’d you bringwith you? My husband. Your husband.Alright, okay. What’s his name? What’s his identify? Scott. Scott. Scott.His identify is Scott. K, Scott. K, Scott. Have you ever beenmarried for a long time? 26 years.26 years. O.K., congratulations. I am gonnaget my ass kicked by using the guynamed Scott. Come on again.Come on again, Julie. Have a seat there.Have a seat. Ok, have a seat.Come on back. You’ve gota cigarette? Thanks for gazing.I am hoping you enjoyed the video. Now if you are thinkingabout subscribing to my channel, you are able to do thatby clicking here. If you are thinkingabout looking at last week’s video, you can do thatby clicking here. That is the primary one. Thanks, and we’llsee you quickly..

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