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FAQ – What should I expect as a new patient? | Thornton Dental Wellness

Neely Thornton: As a brand new sufferer, we hopeyou feel super warm and welcome as soon as you walk in the door. My workforce will greet you, we are going to offer you water,we are going to offer you beverage of any kind, and then we’ll show you around. We’re going to be certain you are comfortable,you know where matters are, you do not believe surprised when you walk around the corner. After we do your examination to your firstvisit, you are going to learn loads about your smile. You are going to study about your present wellness. We don’t simply appear on the enamel, we’re lookingat the entire physique and how your enamel and your periodontal wellness influences your entire approach.We want to be certain that you just understand,and you’re aware, and you’re proficient after you depart your first consult with here..

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