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Zwei Minuten in einer Kältesauna: Wellness bei minus 150 Grad

A smoking barrel: what’s that presupposed to be? Yes, that you may ask yourself that at this point. This steaming device is a cold sauna and has been within the health studio of trainer Andreas Schumacher in Kassel for a number of weeks. Miracles are said to work for 2 minutes at as much as minus 150 levels bloodless nitrogen. Involving the muscle mass, the cardiovascular approach and the epidermis. When you consider that the bloodless is dry, the quick remedy should no longer be disagreeable at all, but soothing. We did the HNA scan. Andreas Schumacher only sets minus a hundred and forty levels for the primary session. Fine … There are also heat slippers. I’d opt for a hat, scarf and jacket. But I are not able to get it – so get in there. And the bathrobe also flies out. A number of extra clicks on the display and off you go. The head have got to keep up so that the nitrogen does not get instantly into the airways. The temperature immediately drops sharply. And yes – it can be fairly cold. Mainly on the thighs. The center is pounding, legs and arms are trembling, but minus one hundred forty levels – it relatively doesn’t consider that manner. And then it is over. The entire chamber is iced up. Even the strains. Only my whole body feels even hotter after the freezing sauna session than before.

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