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KLM – Bluey The Wellness Centre

It’s finally viable, I cannot wait! Little Blue is able to take off, 10, 9 … I do not believe so. Roar! Xiao Lan, wait a minute, what are you doing? You cannot take off proper now. Little blue! Health core-Little Blue! The place are we going at present, Dad? I will do a airplane examine. Look, we’re right here! Ah, examine? However you’ve got been going for walks good. Yes, son. But planes have got to fly around the world, So an actual thorough inspection need to take delivery of most often. And then? Can you fly away once more? Up, up, and then fly away … Yes! Okay So at present we simply want to calm down, Or will have to I say … Leisure with my associates? Well, Dad. I also consider you might have a brief circuit somewhere. Welcome to the aircraft Inspection middle. Are you here for a full inspection? Sure. – please comply with me. Good enough. Xiao Lan, why do not you go to the playground? Adequate! -Tire? Hi Poly, what are you doing? -howdy, little blue! My dad is doing … Magnificence … I fly! 1, 2, roar. -I fly! Oh oh Hurry up, Xiao Lan, let’s follow her! Coming Oh, i am so worried! Oh i am so anxious! What… Over here! Quick! – ok. No … No, you have got to be kidding. -Hush, don’t let them in finding us! Come over there. -He mentioned he was once a pilot? Are you kidding me? – Oh! This situation is so huge! We are able to not ever in finding her right here … Hi there, look, she’s there! Come on, Xiao Lan! Mommy mommy? Hurry up, little blue! I have used it as speedy as feasible. -Dive! Watch out! Tires! Good enough i see it -Roar! Oh… Oh… Adequate? You see, she’s here! Mom? -I feel she goes to find her mother. Hey, it can be all my fault … Mother? Wait and see! Mommy mommy! Xiaolan, what will have to we do? Mother …-Oh no, she’s leaving. Wait a minute, i’ve a pleasant idea! Little blue, little blue, the place are you? Oh, do not, now find the child, and lost Xiaolan again. Haha, itchy. What is he doing? -mom? Little blue! Hahaha, you seem like a lady! No, i’m like her mom! Appear at it! Mother! Mom! Best, it worked! She adopted me! -mom! Mother! Oh! What is that this? Like a sauna. Unluckily, it’s too scorching right here …! – sure! Oh, sorry! – who’s that? Let’s depart right here! -Exit here! Let’s go! Flip left right here. -mom! Hurry up here! Oh! No no no no… Oh! -Who farted? Little blue, you are fading! The sea breeze is over.-hey, it is disgusting and pungent! Little blue, your colours are almost gone, let’s go! Oh, oh. Huh, what a hit! You are right! -thanks, Little Blue! Mom! Mother! I don’t think they comprehend what we’re doing! Come on, little blue. -here, Dad. See you subsequent time, Little Blue! Goodbye! – k, bye! Ok, bye, little blue, bye! -adequate, adequate, goodbye! You odor very easy and recent, little blue! Yes …It’s shaving cream. Huh? But you don’t shave. Well, uh … Hello, appear, a flying penguin! The place is it? A flying penguin? Sure, they rather exist! What are you pronouncing? !! -this is proper, really! Well, it’s strange … If you do not need to feel me …

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