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Hypnosis: Real or wack?

YOU tell ME, THEY comfortable THE MOST OUT OF ANY OF US, correct? >> WE supply every person a better figuring out OF WHAT this is. It can be not A quick SNAP OF A FINGER. In the ROOM I labored WITH ABOUT TEN individuals. THEY have been equipped TO relax THE quickest, THE QUICKEST. Doesn’t mean THAT each person can’t BE HYPNOTIZED, however obviously FOR THE TIME THAT WE HAD collectively, THEY were ABOUT TO relax quickly. THE COOL factor, I used to be ready TO provide THEM submit-HYPNOTIC strategies to position THEMSELVES back beneath. WE were ABOUT 20 MINUTES IN A ROOM WORKING. This isn’t whatever THAT I might walk as much as YOU ON THE street AND try this. I would not BE right here NOW, i might BE lying a variety of LOTTERY TICKETS, i am now not KIDDING. SO thanks so much FOR STOPPING WHAT you are DOING right here TO HAVE a bit enjoyable WITH US correct NOW. I’ll ASK THEM TO calm down AND go back underneath. I GAVE YOU SOME PRE-CONDITIONED ideas, keywords, matters I USE every single day, whether i am DOING A MOTIVATIONAL software OR A exhibit.THE equal words help US calm down, SO simply focus AND loosen up. Just TAKE A DEEP BREATH OF AIR AND simply LET IT OUT SLOWLY. Beautiful simple STUFF. I will ASK YOU TO focus in your respiration AND just relax. Can i SHAKE YOUR HAND? >> UH-HUH. >> AND ANDY, three, 2, 1, loosen up. Means DOWN, DEEP, calm down. Hi, JENNIFER, HOW ARE YOU? Keep centered to your breathing. AND THREE, TWO, ONE, AND SLEEP. Chill out. LET each MUSCLE give way. Back beneath. They may be able to HEAR ME and also you. THEY understand where they are. They simply do not CARE. They’re IN A relaxed STATE OF awareness. WHEN they may be IN THAT STATE, THE intellect EXPANDS the possibilities beyond simply THE rest.IN different phrases, an offer CAN become A reality. I go to do this NOW. >> YOU TALKED TO THEM OVER AN HOUR ago. AN HOUR LATER, THIS happened SO rapid. >> given that they need IT TO happen. I are not able to project THEM, I can’t drive THEM. THE greatest HYPNOTIST in the WORLD IS OURSELVES. WHAT we are saying TO OURSELVES, WE CREATE, easy STUFF. IN ESSENCE, I failed to HYPNOTIZE THEM, THEY PUT THEMSELVES below. Look HOW at ease AND at ease they are. LET’S GO right INTO IT. I will OPEN THEIR EYES, WELCOME THEM back however situation A COUPLE OF strategies. WHEN THEIR EYES ARE OPEN, i am GOING to say a couple keyword phrases. Every time I SAY THE phrase "ATLANTA" ANDY’S phone IS HIS SHOE, AND it is going to begin TO RING continue to exist THE AIR. HIS telephone IS HIS SHOE. We’ll TAKE OFF HIS mobile, inform THE person he’s going to call THEM back.JENNIFER THINKS that’s RIDICULOUS. WHEN THE phone RINGS ATLANTA, HE THINKS HIS SHOE IS THE mobile. JENNIFER THINKS that’s RIDICULOUS. At any time when I SNAP MY FINGERS, JENNIFER WILL stop and check out AND GET MY awareness. SHE just wants TO stop THE phase. SHE doesn’t consider that is humorous, SHE THINKS it is a WASTE OF TIME, SHE’S IN control. Follow ME? >> bought IT. >> I SAY THE phrase "ATLANTA" HIS SHOE RINGS. It is HIS cell. HE’LL TAKE IT OFF, reply IT. JENNIFER THINKS it’s HYSTERICAL. After I SNAP MY FINGER, JENNIFER does not consider ANY OF that is actual.THEN we are going to DO some thing humorous. ONE, TWO, THREE, WELCOME again. DO YOU think good-RESTED? >> I DO. >> HOW DO YOU think? >> I believe glad. >> JENNIFER, YOU HEARD everything going on? >> YEAH. >> failed to CARE the place YOU were? >> NO, relatively. >> YEAH, equal. I suppose rather secure right NOW. >> COOL.We’ll GET to a couple fun STUFF IN A MINUTE. WE were talking ABOUT ME BE THE on the PUNCHLINE TONIGHT right here IN ATLANTA — >> RICKY, RICKY, RICKY. >> yes. I’ll BE proper WITH YOU. >> NO, NO, NO, WAIT! >> if in case you have certainly not HAD A chance to return SEE ME, COME SEE ME live on the PUNCHLINE — >> RICKY. >> WHAT’S THAT? >> i’m simply DOING THIS. >> i am right here IN ATLANTA. I speak ABOUT IT and that i talk ABOUT IT — >> RICKY. >> ARE YOU k? WHAT ARE YOU DOING with your SHOE? >> I have no idea WHAT i’m DOING. >> ok. Depart IT LIKE THAT. I am enjoyable AND — ARE YOU ok? Hello, ANDY, THREE, TWO, SLEEP, chill out, manner DOWN.Hello, JEN, relax, THREE, TWO, ONE, calm down. LET’S KICK IT UP A NOTCH. >> LET’S. >> i will ASK what is going on via THEIR intellect. He is taking OFF HIS SHOE, SHE’S INTERRUPTING ME, nevertheless when I SHAKE THEIR HAND, THEY won’t BE ready TO converse TO ME IN ENGLISH. THEY won’t BE competent TO speak AT ALL IN ENGLISH, they’re going to handiest speak A LANGUAGE that doesn’t EXIST. Ok? When I LET GO OF THEIR HAND, they may communicate nice, NO drawback. After I’M SHAKING THE HAND, THEY talk humorous. By the way, ANDY, when I ASK YOU WHAT YOUR identify IS, YOUR name IS NOW RON BURGUNDY. You do not know WHY. But at any time when I ASK YOUR identify, you are RON BURGUNDY.When I SHAKE YOUR HAND, YOU talk IN A humorous LANGUAGE. JENNIFER THINKS it can be HYSTERICAL but yet IT happens TO HER. ONE, TWO, THREE, OPEN YOUR EYES. WELCOME again. Hi, HOW ARE YOU? ANY QUESTIONS you want TO ASK OR what’s going of their MINDS? >> HOW ARE YOU GUYS FEELING? >> i’m still FEELING beautiful comfy. >> ANDY, THANKS a lot — by means of the way in which, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THIS TO men and women LISTENING AND gazing? >> it can be relatively — it can be G-G-just right. >> k. AND hello, HOW ARE YOU, HOW DO YOU SPELL YOUR identify? I am SORRY, I did not catch YOUR name earlier. >> MY name IS RON. >> and i am SORRY, WHAT was once YOUR final name? >> BURGUNDY. >> pleasant. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THIS? Anything. I am SORRY. I did not trap YOUR name previous. That is RON. Have you ever GUYS MET? >> YEAH. >> WHAT used to be YOUR name? AND you do not don’t forget, WHAT’S YOUR title? >> JENNIFER.>> that is beautiful high-quality. >> that is exquisite. >> you are now not definite what is going on ON. THREE, TWO, SLEEP. Loosen up, way DOWN. Hi, THREE, TWO, calm down manner DOWN. SO just IN a brief amount OF TIME, you will see HOW swiftly easy phrases, easy strategies CAN frame A whole NEW truth yet not nonetheless challenging THEM MORALLY OR ETHICALLY but LETTING THEIR mind TAKE slightly DAY agreement.On the end OF THE DAY, after I OPEN THEIR EYES, they are wide wakeful, consider excellent. They are going to BRAG ABOUT THEIR expertise. They will don’t forget THEIR NAMES. Converse especially. ONE, TWO, THREE. EYES OPEN. WELCOME back. YOUR name IS? >> ANDY COHEN. >> hi, ANDY. YOUR SHOE. >> right. I am ON IT. >> JENNIFER, YOUR title IS? >> it is JENNIFER. It can be JENNIFER, YEAH. >> DOUBLE-CHECKING. Assess HER LICENSE. >> THE key terms that you simply USED, WHAT IF I SAY those phrases IN AN HOUR? ARE THEY again THERE? >> LET’S find out. I’m KIDDING, i am KIDDING. It’s not GOING TO WORK LIKE THAT.>> i am A man or woman. >> i’m A man or woman. MAKE ME think excellent. NO, no longer quite, NO. It can be WHAT THEY desired TO DO AND WHAT THEY need to experience. That’s THE COOL factor. To offer THEM THAT LITTLE 15 .

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