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20,000 Calorie Challenge | Fouad Abiad | Epic Bodybuilding Cheat Day

Today we are doing the twenty thousandcalorie consuming undertaking I have no idea who the fuck idea this was once a goodidea but i am obviously terrified like I had main issue slumbering final night as ifif i am doing a leg day this morning so i do know the misery i am about to put myselfthrough I don’t know how far i am gonna get into the twenty thousand however we’regonna give it our excellent shot oh fuck i am gonna throw up so we’re atCoras it can be a franchise breakfast location in Canada I’ma inform this man to turn thefucking air-con up considering i’m gonna begin sweating before I even takemy first bite it is known as the Bobby button ok some thing i’m gonna tell themI need that and that i think i am gonna get this it’s a breakfast burritobut it is one other 1,200 calories so put these two collectively it can be like a 3000calorie breakfast thanks this is a breakfast burrito thingy hasgot like 1,300 calories and this can be a breakfast quesadilla it is bought 1,700calories so we’re starting the morning off with a just right three thousand caloriebreakfast will have to get the center going so see how the day goes sour cream makes everything taste higher i am gonna attempt to eat 20,000 caloriestoday so they may be gonna report it and notice how unhealthy it that’s it three thousand within the financial institution we finishedbreakfast and now we’re at Tim Hortons we’re gonna get some donuts orcroissants or some thing yeah i’m just questioning how many croissants you haveavailable ok am i able to get the two undeniable yeah and am i able to get a half of dozendoughnuts honestly you already know what i will do 20 Timbits as a substitute definite no am i able to get thehalf dozen doughnuts as well definitely sorry and i’m going to do thoseassorted I most often simply pissed off the fuck out of her thank you these are like 90 calories each andthey’re incredibly easy to consume so there is 20 in there at ninety calories whats about 1800calories i’ll p.C. In a couple thousand morebring us to like five thousand is an effective quantity these ones have some coconut shit on that is itanother 1,800 calories hello Siri what number of calories into tim horton’s croissantthis says 260 energy 260 energy there is two of them it can be happening yeah so I received a half a dozen donuts hereand I requested them to give me varied let’s see what they gave mewhat the fuck is this yeah who the fuck eats honey cruller honey crullers are shitand I get all these fucking sprinkles that is a waste and these are creamfilled oh that one’s not k I acquired one cream crammed that is gonna suck all rightwell right here goes nothing this double chocolate is 270 these donuts are opening to fuck me up i’mstopping after this one i do not think like this is a just right use of energy imean there may be more calories in a fucking croissant and that i would smash liketen croissants almost always for the identical area of like two donuts so i am justorder uh over a quarter of the best way there which i consider is beautiful just right becausewe’re no longer even at 11 o’clock yet so i feel i can take a break for like anhour after which as a rule get in like yet another two three thousand calories so we’re gonna tack on about 3,500calories we’re gonna do it with my favorite meal which is pasta and ground beefthere’s about 1,200 energy and this package deal of ground beef there is about1,600 calories on this bag of rice pasta that we now have a couple hundredcalories worth of tomato sauce and now we have about 300 energy valued at of oliveoil that we’re going to use we probably have got to add Parmesan cheese as well it is 3417 however we ought to add anothertablespoon of olive oil earlier than and an additional cup of pasta sauce because weadded 2 so it’s 3677 plus two tablespoons is fifty energy sowe’ll say at least two tablespoons so this meal 3727 was once my favourite favoritemeal haha holy shitcan you flip that fan a little bit bit for me simply turn it that means slightly bityeah yeah correct there proper there no wait go back a bit go back return just a little moreyeah right there a little greater than 1/2 i do not feel there’s any method to eat 20,000 energy without problems like everything I ate already in these days isgiving me a stomachache I gotta consume it all again to reach my purpose that was once a horrible ideaOh I needed to head take a ruin sitting on your fucking ass and justwaiting for food to digest there’s by no means gonna be as excellent as going for a walk ordoing something lively swimming some thing so I thought I just wish to rise up andget out and fucking move around and yeah I think a bit higher so i’m in a position toeat 10,000 I received 10,000 10,000 calories togo my mother needs me to stop until them say discontinue nopewe received 10,000 extra to head how many calories you feel are in a big-assslushy okay so we had an extended pause in thetwenty thousand calorie project given that it has fucking killed me however I’mready to fire things back up and i am establishing with a Slurpee so I gotta havethe 430 energy here to position down child that is the fine factor I fucking consume allday that’s cold oh fuck off ok so this can be a swiss chalet which isin our within the final muscle and force video the place i went to get to halfchickens that is the restaurant they make these chicken pot pies that you may buyat Costco such a little chicken pot pies has 760 calories so I thinkthat’s beautiful good for the reason that if I devour all 4 of these we’re around 3,000 and that i’mgonna cook dinner these in the oven for 35 minutes so even as i am waiting for thatI’m gonna getting into the pop-tarts in one pop-tart there may be 200calories there is two in right here so this bundle is four hundred energy i’m gonnatry and get a few these in before the pot pies are in a position just clutch one percent three thousand calorie breakfast plus1800 calories in Timbits plus 520 energy in croissants plus 680calories in donuts plus 3727 in macaroni and red meat plus 430 calories ina slush plus 1200 calories in Pop brownies this 11357 i’m ordering apizza yeah what’s on the veggie lover no nosorry let me am i able to make my own vegetarian i’m just gonna do uh yeah Ijust do mushroom fresh mushrooms green pepper tomato and pineapple this is acrazy thing persons within the bodybuilding world would be definitely fuckin shockedif they knew what I even relatively ate like oh wow the pie is truly lovely goodman i do not consider I don’t know if the fourthone is gonna style as excellent as the first one but the first one good so I bought a pizza for my favourite pizzaspot they usually do not have like a calorie counter or any shit like that so we’regonna wager so I went on-line I appeared up medium veggie pizza says each and every slice isabout 200 energy so 208 so 12 slices we’re gonna say this medium pizza isworth 2496 I desire a breakI think like i will throw up oh fucking throw up this is horrible i know what I did mistaken I drank a bunchof water I was so thirsty from fucking the entire salt and all of the distinct foodsI’ve eaten that i’m like I just wanted to guzzle a bunch of water and as soonas I did my stomach just went like this eleven portions of Swedish berries is140 calories two 4 six eight ten eleven 4 hours fucking six thousandcalories to head it doesn’t sound like a lot but after compiling the entire othercalories from the day it’s like i wonder what number of calories are in cereal that is a hundred and ten energy three twenty three thirty 440 240 I have no idea if i will be able to do it it can be already eleven:30 at night time i’m reallynot feeling good and i do not mean it is simply my belly like I believe like myblood pressure has gone up feeling like just a little dizzy and shit I do not know ifit’s worth it man to like push my body for a different 5,000 energy if I caneven do 5,000 more calories fuck I believe i’ll die in my sleep this shit’scrazy i’m disenchanted in myself i know itsounds ridiculous to you guys but whether you are yeah yeah on the grounds that i’m abodybuilder and my physique desires vitamins and minerals due to the fact in any other case those fucking assholesthat say that you could consume as soon as a day and in no way have to consume again then I wouldn’thave to devour anymore cuz I ate fifteen thousand energy so of their fuckingphilosophy I will have to be just right for like three days but that’s not howbodybuilding works so yeah a 15,000 calories the day before today however I simply had aworkout so my physique needs the nutrients yeah i am nonetheless consuming however I amdisappointed in myself considering that if you’re a aggressive individual you want to win ateverything and i have a aggressive spirit and i stated to myself I wanted todo something and that i wasn’t able to achieve it the purpose i stopped is andI’m gonna be absolutely sincere with you guys this left arm it began to throband i’m like holy shit am I gonna have a heart attack like what’s like between myblood strain and my fucking head and my arm throbbing i am like I may have aheart attack and it just used to be now not valued at it to have aheart assault to fucking try and win this venture or reach twenty thousand againI’m sorry I disenchanted you however i hope my misery was once enjoyable however yeahthanks for observing and be definite to subscribe beneath

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