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The End Of LTAT.

Welcome to let’s talk about that the show concerning the show i’m Stevie and i may remorse this this week’s company are tall humorous and now not my dad please welcome excellent to see water up get all icy water yeah there you go load up right here we go just right as you might be up is more in there i will be able to tell i will tell there may be more in there are you k why the title and a few implies this is the final alt at I imply come on that was a close one i guess you simply you needed to go massive for this Alex go dwelling oh yeah good so yeah so when you ask you’ve got you will have clicked on this video you could have obvious the title thumb it’s now not clickbait i will give an explanation for why this is the last alt at the motive could shock you it will not shock you however that’s what those articles in these days we are going to be taking a look on the top 5 alt at moments of all time as voted on by using you Kiki from you’re so loud also despatched an first rate season sixteen funniest moments compilation that you have not noticeable there are gonna react to it oh yeah and of path i’m gonna get to why this is the last L tat please be sufferer when you consider that first you wish to have to peer us consume whatever that’s what we do on this exhibit right um please carry within the pizza oh yeah I figured it can be um oh don’t worry about it it can be nice they need to eat of their possess wetness Thanks I figured it’s a celibate says it can be the last episode difficulty to eat pizza and likewise I desired the pizza that I wanted considering that I deserve it so tomato pie this this week we had we became a automobile right into a pizza i am sorry the phrases failed to come to me it is simply now not whatever you say most likely so I figure this is the pizza tie-in so I acquired a bit flip a pizza into a car this is a jokey are you aware of the GOP yep grandma base with some sausage you already know grandma base oh we do want plates so i guess our like good I believe i have i have a paper towel that’ll paper towels just right sufficient um is it both GOP be aware of what’s on a bottle the bottom one is my favorite pizza which is 1st Baron Verulam and jalapeno Oh 1st Baron Beaverbrook jalapeno yeah however you already know one do you guys recognize however they have got a photograph there there’s named after the city that you simply went to school I do just like the Syracuse and that is the pleasant one nevertheless it’s just it’s a bit bit too much it can be a little bit too dad and mom k all right so would you guys like a slice of the jokey or the oh no are they both Joe peas uh yeah I kind of tousled Stevie sorry you can get it correct subsequent week it is pleasant I noticed both of them mentioned 2209 bit this is a great bit that we’re doing proper now it can be funny or die’s joke jumpy however nothing that’s I was additionally pondering that any one’s alarms going off right now – it is fine given that daven also observed an awfully authentic article that we’re about to speak about that entails sub pizza together I think it’s it might have been sitting for a while factor this chiefly this oh yeah now you do not need us to consume this but no i need that you may devour it we’re gonna talk about so there may be an editorial that says there’s ten exceptional ways to eat pizza oh after which each and every one of those ways says whatever about you so what and anyone’s such as you guys can variety of bet and we can like play just a little recreation but really it’s simply an excuse to devour pizza this is it so rhett rhett has folded his in 1/2 but an end remains to be flopping out I do not know Kay that may be a detailed thing that is now not a fold in half that’s known as the pinch maintain you’re doing a pinch keep and can we bet what that suggests please that means you are the coolest that means you feel you are the good you suppose you know everything but rather you’re simply half of method consuming a section of pizza you’re no longer doing it you are not doing something the entire method shut no you know how to mediate an argument or as a minimum stay neutral you are sensible and understand the right way to get things finished in essentially the most strong method feasible Switzerland McLaughlin Yahoo article which and it was once written with the aid of an intern is what it says on there so an intern the nice intern now I ain’t mine I I like to depart mine just simple Jane this means you are a no BS character whose convictions are not able to be swayed by way of the modern-day trends the only factor that matters to you is get in that Pizza into your mouth however you are about to see the fold fold in 1/2 which often like with this precise kind you sort of do have to fold an edge yeah rapidly that you may consume it when you fold i’ve um you consistently have somewhere to be so you ought to be capable to do matters on the go even though you are in a single position you have got to be able to maintain one hand free to do anything else at the same time you eat the fold in half of okay probably I must take a chew of this piece yeah what what’s your what’s your um method with this I just mentioned I do need to fold it in half of so it is variety of like a floppy floppy er like lengthy style you are a pincher as good you panting yeah that is any such just right pizza first of all no here is one more option to eat it yeah however i am saying this location oh yeah I do not know how we’re gonna get Tim but crust first needs to be one in all them mm-hmm believe first why would you my word you probably did some thing fallacious with them you love going in opposition to the grain you’re rebellious you destroy the foundations and you do not fairly care what men and women feel I believe the intern however you wreck rules that do not must be damaged there’s a exact sort of person that breaks principles and yeah conventions that have to be challenged but eating pizza backwards do not it just right for any one yeah how doesn’t make experience to me it can be any individual who’s trying to make a point in making their lives and everyone around them it’s a contrary oh I disappear factor i don’t like opposite i need a different pizza pizza um it can be excellent thing we bought two what’s an extra strategy to eat it eating on ok i do know they may be eaten on the part you already know this sort of person a terror present no for q4q yeah ok so fork and knife you are at your usual refined and somewhat on the fashionable facet nope i do not like jumping into matters and getting your palms dirty literally so you are taking calculated steps to finishing a purpose yeah however now we have a no.15 the individuals that I dislike are the leave depart the crust errs go away the crust i do not realize to leave the crust Ernie that’s simple to understand ski why on account that if there is extra pizza why are you gonna sit there and eaten throughout when that you may simply have yet another piece considering the fact that there’s a excellent a part of the experience like leave the crust errs are exceptionally if you are sharing a pizza with them yeah are form of being a holes due to the fact that they are honestly getting more of the good a part of the pizza and i am making a sacrifice through eating the crust oh the crust is its own experience what you do it isn’t a understand mild you’ve you gained you get ranch with tomato pie I get ranch and i dip the crust within the ranch this is a just right piece also you are able to do the equal thing with Parmesan additionally I feel half the pizzas in my mouth already but it surely says believe the crust errs are highly geared up and may hold work and play separate if we were to appear to your calendar all of the appointments could be generally would regularly be colour coded with planned out movements going for walks good into 2016 this is an old article I do not know about that seeing that you see suppose the coasters are visiting reversing time that’s the only one that you have questions to this point the whole lot else sounds pretty legit you mentioned pretty good anything practically this remove the toppings and eat them individually i have noticeable men and women do that it’s disturb those men and women that’s it you try this i am up i am long gone i’m out the restaurant that is the sort of men and women who like or like really gory horror movies that’s just right none of those are like judgey on men and women which i assume is okay but in addition I mean leaves room for us to guage the interns we’re scared to be judging given that yeah they knew some of their bosses might have these take your 10 ailment might be I need to get them upset with them you like to have fun with the great things in life you’re easygoing are in no rush and prefer to take things slow you reside in the moment are well and are inclined to put in just a little work for your happiness taking out the topping flawed in flip they ought to be a topping remover within out fold rather of the which I i have now not visible wager on it’s a that’s only for sound asleep folks and adventurous individuals might not get you to start with but once they get to grasp you they discover you’re lovely stellar they make you persuade first man or woman appear legit now no but here’s the item is that if you do an within-out fold you do get the toppings for your tongue first so there may be some thing to it I simply don’t recognize how you do it without like having grease everywhere and yeah they may be gonna be making a sacrifice for y’all correct now he is consuming his crust like like someone who’s just got bread good that is the best way that i would suppose that you would eat pizza learn the stacking manner which is just taking two portions of pizza and stacking them on top of each and every different to devour as so much as viable about 34 ft like topping on topping yeah topping on crust oh I realize I believe like I consider like either way I think you would make it like a straw bolli yeah you need to get to ten you usually have not do both that you can control more than the ordinary human and are in a position to tackle a assignment you’re the style of man or woman who places chips within the sandwich or fries and a milkshake simply to be daring or you are simply rather relatively hungry yeah and then there is another means that i’m simply uncertain if this intern used to be which means for this to sound this manner or not but it surely’s referred to as the pizza facial are you able to wager what it is while you are explaining that it can be someone who puts pizza all over the place their face I bought to do the double stack just to determine what it feels adore it will not be any person that puts pizza on their face Rhett i have carried out this i personally have gotten a pizza facial it’s when you sneeze into the pizza or someone else does now should I do a fold over of the double stack it seems as if the integrity of the pizza has been compromised it can be been sitting within the kitchen revenue like that um right that joint and then come look at that holy moly like that join me I like to feel of the pizza as an animal like i am gonna damage the joint it is whilst you take a napkin and you dab the grease off routinely a pizza i don’t do it with tomato pie however sometimes a pizza will get rather noisy and let me let you know what it says about us he is a facial man you might be health conscious and prioritized cleanliness real but the cleanliness you do not like messy surprises so you fix issues as soon as you see them as an avid calorie counter you’re the form of individual who stays authentic to one’s food plan except for when it comes to pizza in case you are counting calories would I advocate no longer consuming pizza i’m counting them in there in the account is going up very rapid on this segment sure if we now have nearly finished an entire significant Joe Joe Pete I would win a pizza which you can contest why do not y’all enter me into that variety of stuff extra don’t you enter yourself in this nothing what if we do not need to do your legwork you realize proper i would prefer to enter you into a contest i am gonna do i am gonna do the entire paperwork you simply show up and also you devour the pizza ok I fairly hope that you’ve realized whatever might be i’m going to do this for you good right contest is finishing all of the pizza why do not we watch a compilation from your so loud that highlights the funniest moments of season sixteen yeah yeah yeah put your hand no no don’t hit it touching yeah let me see scissors I gotta or be caught in my ear guys I bet you my left nut there might be a horse named pepper and now what do you do with all this chalk you chuckle it i do know i can see how you could get into this i’m a little bit grew to become on there is less to be turned on no sure i am no longer turned on i am presupposed to be became out however on no account admit to ok all right now would not he have two penises the place’s that a shark i am now not contributing to this anymore a snake has a penis man i do not wish to to find that that is the one chance we have now obtained to discover a snake penis man Craig the place’s your penis at man why are you doing this yeah seem at that there’s a pube i do know you are practically the penis whilst you in finding a couple of I would like this kind of in my bin identical measurement now do not suck too hard i’m severe hey hiya i am critical yeah I received it there may be a or b caught in there i’m gonna get it man i am gonna hold it like a healthcare professional I do not know if his just right information or unhealthy news however I don’t see a core piece where you’re bein all correct situation this or B place this straw switch seats on account that I want to see place this straw on the or be pleasant and comfortable i will suck on i’m gonna suck your ear out there’s nothing to be concerned about you have a straw caught in your ear and your best acquaintances a couple of sucker all correct yeah when you suck too hard you could exhibit it would be fairly higher if like either i’m gonna go down i am no longer the one who must be worried i am involved about me too I quite like this hyperlink it does not have a punch man I believe you the place’s the punch of accessories instances I want to be caressed I need to get punched in the face via my kombucha i have o to be caressed i will drink a fine list i don’t wanna you go into the battle I wish to be ripped aside and then I want to crater like a massive little one oh my gosh oh crap eyes are so aggressive do not take it out [Music] [Laughter] [Music] that is best do not push on the straw it’s up gently now who oh why did you blow I did not blow did you blow sucked man you’re cranky see it felt like you blew I sucked the relaxation of the sounds silly for the primary time in these days extra you consume the no longer as bad as you inspiration it was once gonna be it doesn’t get get it get it onto the orbit do not do not don’t speak into the no i am no longer but when you are yelling into the rattling track you are gonna speak talk that means and use a whisper okay yeah i am simply trying to support you man let your health practitioner help good i’m somewhat frazzled did you hear the noise I made it whistled Wow do you hear that noise yeah it’s dirt did you in there what he gave me like supply me a cotton swab with like some tremendous glue on the tip of it [Music] you already know what I without a doubt I do feel it came out [Music] I generally look ahead to receiving letters given that each person who writes to me thinks i am a dear I wish to think of myself as an impressive buck with gigantic antlers that appear like a hat rack unless I get run over by using a semi that is precisely the form of you can write does it rather make experience right would not it rather have a punchline I feel like I gotta orbit my ear once more hmm after that never really on your ear so you are announcing that once I wasn’t pondering what I used to be sucking in your ear for all that point what are you in there it wasn’t in there but I swear to you that I suggestion it used to be in there however then I became convinced in the end the blow in and then it wasn’t in there and it have to have fallen out just so you know that wasn’t my voice making that noise it used to be you realize it used to be physics of straws oh I fairly like man we’ve been by way of so much noise thanks Kiki chick investigate out her channel you’re so loud for extra terrific compilations like that one thank you Kiki and when you consider that i know you’re already placing this timecode down in the remark section it’s time it is time to let the persons understand why that is the final elta is there a film playing in there or anything an individual’s staring at an action film yeah you guys can’t hear it so it can be first-class uh it can be the last alt app on the grounds that we’re bringing you something else on Saturdays in 2020 it is anything that I suppose that you guys are gonna be rather excited for in view that from hyperlink are going to be vlogging on the rhett and hyperlink channel what every Saturday we’re commencing in January and get me via and we you know we couldn’t have two Saturday things we had do it off yeah we we had to we we had to do that however it’s for your possess excellent it’s gonna be excellent actually there’s a teaser trailer type of thing that is up at youtube.Com minimize rhett and link correct now which you can go watch so that you would be able to get a way of the magical occasions you are gonna have on Saturdays don’t go yet although when you consider that we’re nonetheless here how do we go anything it can be satisfactory bizarre you may have your view um so if you’re no longer subscribed to the rhett and hyperlink channel or possibly you had been subscribed years ago and then you definitely unsubscribe since you were like there ain’t no content material commentary I certainly not understood that strategy why i’m subscribed from a channel that doesn’t isn’t releasing any new comment content material yeah considering that it used to be a mistake now not subscribing to it yeah i do not subscribe to our channel that doesn’t liberate whatever seem to be equal internet effect is aware of no new video in case you did try this one we’re judging you and to move over there and subscribe cuz you’re gonna need to be there every Saturday beginning mid-january and 2020 I consider January 18th so it’s the Saturday after our first week that GMM is back in Jimenez bags are completed on January thirteenth however that was once a large resolution for us because we’d perpetually seem back at that channel and be like man we do not do something over there if that is the channel that we got began on like each the whole lot that the fundamental channel was the foremost channel that is what we call the channel when excellent mythical morning began on the 2d channel which had been round a while before that but like what are we ever gonna do whatever over there again after which once we started speakme concerning the thought of simply doing some thing just the two of us filming each and every other not some thing studio based but simply extra isolated adventure headquartered remoted adventures featuring your buddies rhett and link put that on the banner but you guys are taking pictures it yourselves there’s no one else capturing which is incredible it is certainly nothing like what’s been on the channel it’s nothing isn’t so it’s no longer me good i am hoping that I revel in it for what it’s and not in comparison with what it was I feel it is worth bringing up on the grounds that various humans are like we might requested more often than not you realize when are you guys gonna do something on the primary channel and what they what they’re relatively asking is when are you gonna do track movies what are you gonna do sketches and the we mentioned this fairly slightly on your biscuits and other areas but I imply the reality is is that there’s rather handiest so much time in today and where there’s quite a few things that we’re attempting to do this our music based or scripted we’re simply seeking to make those happen in one-of-a-kind methods right now however we wanted to do anything and i feel that you recognize I think that going to Buies Creek and capturing despite the fact that that used to be one of a kind on the grounds that that was more of like a doc you comply with the item where we’re going around but simply that form of getting out into the sector and doing matters type of simply you recognize simply being friends on digital camera simplest on camera yeah is anything that we concept that will be the best factor to carry again and you know after we decided hey let’s do this on Saturdays the first selection was good day let’s have a look at these Saturdays after which the 2d factor was once why don’t we put that why do not we put that on the proper hyperlink channel on the grounds that it can be really just appoint link yeah it is you and me so again subscribe youtube.Com scale back rhett and link get excited i’m excited put the bass excited see you don’t must be unhappy however that you recognize and that will be ample I think that might be adequate however wait there is extra we’re giving you more in 2020 regularly due to the fact that you guys made it occur if you have been watching mythical chef Josh’s sequence on Sundays he is been asking you to go subscribe to the legendary Channel and you probably did and when you consider that you probably did we’re competent to make even more kitchen programming meals programming for you on a company new channel that we’re calling mythical kitchen it’s at YouTube mythical kitchen if you have not subscribed when you did not subscribe to mythical cuz you had been like I have no idea what that’s now you know what it is mythical kitchen please go subscribe we’re going to have a entire crap ton of movies popping out no longer crap ton considering that that’s not attractive in phrases of likes doesn’t make you want to but we’ve got the series that you realize and love premiered this this yr popping out subsequent year in a whole new distinctive type and in addition we’ve new stuff that you haven’t even seen coming out over there again all of it begins in January there is so much there’s a lot to post here guys 2020 it is gonna be a colossal 12 months so on the legendary kitchen Channel be a couple of videos a week yeah establishing out with two week commencing out with two weeks um going up once more Bell so please go subscribe to those two channels and also i know that we talked about this lots however if you’re a member of this legendary beast community and you find yourself trying even more content much more access to rhett and hyperlink and the crew we’re gonna be bringing even more movies over on to the legendary Society in 2020 so turn out to be a member of the legendary society at mythical society com there may be going to be so many new matters over there within the new 12 months so you’ve the rhettandlink channel you’ve a mythical kitchen channel and you have a legendary society amongst amongst the the GMM and and extra that you already know and love Monday through Friday season 17 comes out on January 13th do not be unhappy happy this even be just a little sad let’s be somewhat nostalgic it is ok so why it was a tragic this was once this was once various fun it was once a excellent run steve yeah well I guess you there’s plenty of moments at the least 5 that we could reign thank you hyperlink that used to be a fine segue and so that is the time you could now be unhappy seeing that this is when we will be looking on the high 5 moments of LTAC this upcoming week on the channel we are watching at high 5 GMM moments daily Monday by means of Friday that you just guys voted on in various special categories so we are going to kick it off today with the highest 5 else hat moments as voted on through you are you guys competent to look oh i am so equipped a clip let’s begin lets coming in at quantity 5 excellent things occur when strangers had been asked to guage rhett and link through snapshot alone so I posted on Twitter I posted a snapshot of link and that i stated in finding anybody who doesn’t comprehend hyperlink ask them what they feel the title of the character within the picture under is ask them what the individual within the image without doubt does for a residing ask them if they’d be friends with the man or woman and why or why now not and ship me the solutions my aunt says he appears like a keep at dwelling culture blogger who posts recipes and Bible verses named George she stated he looks like a unusual gay fine buddy she could’ve have and she’d entirely freaked out i’m in every single place i’m the homosexual exceptional friend my cousin thinks he’ll be named mark with a c’ yeah he regularly does some thing with desktops and math he appears very quality with a sweet smile however a little bit fussy he is getting older so he’s equipped to relax and have a youngster along with his partner Rick Rick and Mark you experienced it yeah yeah it used to be humorous what happened it used to be pleasant to grasp what folks consider about you ok let’s see the subsequent clip at quantity four your wives and i spent some nice time together [Music] [Applause] you are now not purported to be on digicam so i’m style of breaking the rules so I I consider that we’re simply gonna blur your face i am simply here reading the publication of wood she likes to come back over and regrets books about wooden good we’re gonna paint a portrait if you want to be in it we are able to do it just right don’t reply it yeah k cool are you guys relaxed with what you are wearing did you need to take whatever off i am just right i am all proper all proper let’s get started I heard that ok i am gonna go somewhat summary with this I think i’m gonna comprise some phrases first thing that comes to mind i am a large fan of um Christine she’s no longer every person loves this however i like me huh you are making me uncomfortable you are pronouncing to me right now Wow I still do not know what they said that portray in in our administrative center but it’s it is propped towards anything and dealing with the other way ok I mean that’s can debts thank you the when Jesse and that i stroll in and we see Christie for some rationale it was once very humorous that she i could not keep it collectively when she was pronouncing she was reading the publication of timber so I feel there may be a number of takes so let’s simply running in i am amazed it even looks like I did not i do not suppose I acquired a take the place he wasn’t laughing my face is so pink funny it can be number 4 what a bizarre what a bizarre expertise to toss to myself doing this vo let’s do it again our quantity three clip facets Rhett and right this week is all about a chin ‘lest tall man we know on account that it is his birthday weekend [Applause] i’ve some surprises once I’m very cheerful with myself one among my favorite segments that we now have carried out on the exhibit is reviewing doppelgangers of you guys of direction nobody comes close in the case of Rhett to the Supercuts man except it’s the BlueCross BlueShield man who’s yet another man proper and here is the thing we did some stalking that is the same guy I imply you’ll discover type of from the pix what like the similarities however it’d be means better if he used to be right here in character oh gosh wait you started without me and your face and your beer Wow Wow yeah that is do look alike glad birthday yeah you particularly did not need to wear that shirt however you had k but you loved it I do i suppose I love it feeling it brings out the beard you might be as well we appear alike how would you now not be excited observing that yeah we now have been we’ve been getting the other rather just a little you recognize if like I get the Rolling Stone dudes within the within the freaking ads in a Rolling Stone journal oh really yeah at any time when sure it wasn’t me if it’s you I need to cut ok all proper um okay let’s examine an extra one at quantity two Reds dad watches GMM towards his will do you watch good mythical morning no well in many instances I do my spouse makes me a boy normally ok so i’m guessing that various the clips i’ll exhibit you in these days you have not seen bro however I hand selected the clips because I wanted to ensure that you just noticed them so that you just knew sort of the whole lot that was going on here and and what Brett used to be as much as on a everyday foundation are you conscious that there are a variety of genes for females that are advertised as providing a better derriere for the wearer i am mindful that there so you want to see me bend over i would like to see you bid no ok I certainly not inspiration i would consider that scan I made it responsibility I made it responsibility after which I put too much TP in there I didn’t flush there it goes it released do you think it launched coming out seem she’s drooling she’s she likes it well am I speculated to reply to that yeah what can i say then I spent enormous quantities of greenbacks to get him a measure in engineering this is what he does as a mother or father is there something no longer like Brett to grasp exceptionally and if so might you please look in that camera and deal with him immediately RIT i want you to grasp that as your father I still love you despite what you do what a exact moment i know that he loves me now yeah once more ok well certainly i know anything one moment is cuz i am doing the voice-over however you guys have no idea and you do not know so here’s the build-up used to be it once we ate the entire pizza in ten distinct ways yeah so sudden and eventually our quantity one L faucet moment comes from our celebration of GMM 1,600th episode our 1,600th episode that is a entire lot of hundreds and hundreds celebrating episode one hundred which is in may 2012 so we started this like this factor at I think the fifth hundredth episode and we did 5 hundred bouncy balls and a bunch of alternative 500 things let me did 600 cheese balls I imply did seven hundred water balloons that we threw at you that was particularly high-quality but 1600 that is it that’s a gorgeous colossal quantity so it is variety of difficult to preserve up with that variety of sample of matters or might be it is now not on account that it’s time for can we discover the M&M and 1600 skittles oh man you guys are so excited don’t seem to be you you suppose it is a first-class notion that’s 1600 skittles yeah it can be brender whelming isn’t it it’s like a party sized bag and then how many M&Ms are in there one one single immanent [Music] about it I freaking observed it yeah you probably did that’s a skittle man yeah sure spread it [Music] it can be surely gonna be the equal colour I believe is gonna be pink what are the numbers of direction you voted it quantity one so we could haunt me thanks thank you balloting that quantity one how so much failed to you already know correct that’s proper um vegetables are fairly just right group effort right here that is all that is you realize what that is all i’ve I imply like that is all i’ve however that’s it that was once so much it can be been quite a bit we’ve got been excellent it’s been rather a lot they they say you mustn’t say goodbye you should say see you later yeah so you are no longer leaving no i’m no longer leaving i do not think i’m leaving today in these days i’m no longer leaving the next day the following day’s a further day i’m kidding i am kidding you’ll hear my voice overs on the highest fives subsequent week guys it can be nice i’m simply trying to make himself is there gonna be ok is it gonna be k okay guys I do not know if it is gonna be k we’ll make it by way of this together and it’s not goodbye as I stated it can be simply goodbye a further technique to say that’s with our final line that we continuously say are you in a position yeah and preserve on one second Stevie earlier than we do our ultimate line here’s the item you could have made us suppose so particular that is correct you introduced me to my doppelganger I did I did do that for my birthday I made my desires come true by means of riding on a horse you did you have been you within the second very appreciatively yeah that used to be my quantity one and what we’ve got done is we now have mixed these two matters that meant so much to us and to a parting present for you your doppelgangers right here riding a horse please convey it out Stevie our gift to you is a doppelgnger horse masks Wow guys thanks a lot put it on it can be a layaway thanks David yeah we had masks David put it on can you put it on for us oh boy guys you this is in order that considerate we could not think more seem how excellent the hair is distinctive way to allow you to understand how a lot you and the show imply to us guys thank you so much I particularly want support I think it’s gonna stay on this pleasant ready just right oh yeah yeah it is best the high-quality Sam preserve your breath take heed to that did you fake that try this going there and now the hair yeah look at that I imply you you could under no circumstances be aware of that wasn’t television it good that’s that’s horse baby you are welcome Stevie listen you see out of these masks I believe they don’t do not need to good let listen for the reason that we see it really do wish to thanks and thank everyone else who’s made LTAC feasible and for you for for staring at and placing out with us right here it can be been quite specified too it is been one other factor than we’ve got ever performed earlier than and we will cherish each second thanks Stevie for making this occur thank you guys a lot let’s begin to the horse it’s so proposal all of you and i quite appreciate it and that i I this is what I had in my intellect for this final moment yep us too so we cannot say the next LTI T since it will not be recognize what you know what you simply put it out there yeah me either you in no way understand what’s going to occur but in addition if there may be on no account an LTI T then they are just gonna preserve on B Y and B which is also satisfactory correct it can be an attachable yeah so with that being said until subsequent LT 80p Bobby ymb

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