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Wait oh dude i’m close to out of gas i don’t wanna get you straining after run house I fairly desired to understanding today so adorable lay these as a minimum in about forty five minutes i will drive oh dude I can’t go I received a mo what mo it’s wintertime well we’re received day after today forty eight forty nine [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] why would I ever go to the gymnasium after I get this type of for 1995 plus shipping and dealing with yeah hey yeah I noticed your industrial for the Bowflex yeah am i able to get two of those the place’s the yellow signal-up sheet how are you doing oh the place is your towel it is correct here [Music] my mother jock with eight pound weight yeah senior do not be over type they’re gonna need those weights 25 [Music] and you then maintain these dude identical to 15 more minutes those he’ll be achieved but you acquired a nice I don’t forget you obtained the maroon shirt I acquired you talk yep thanks hey i’m completed alright dude virtually preserve on are you taking that [Music] [Music] well i’ve it summon I noticed you here final week I think what had been you right here final week we’re gonna yeah are you gonna go grasp lunch after you last week when Jeremy came visiting to my apartment you already know my pal Jeff yeah no i know yeah similar to a quick sandwich oh no we’re enjoying Mario Kart the place you are taking part in rainbow street I feel i’m finished i am gonna i am gonna head home yeah i’m beautiful tired too you simply obtained here dude what i am relatively grateful a double cheeseburger additional publisher 1st baron verulam dude we simply labored out exactly I suppose once I had a milkshake you I deserve it [Music] it can be excellent really excellent water it’s to appear at protein goes into the mouth after which goes yeah i’m just right though into the muscle you devour your proteins like this proper acquired you do eat do you dig put it within your hands hiya simply cruising on a treadmill hope you enjoyed our video if you want to purchase some excellent do ultimate merchandise together with this shirt this shirt sweatshirts cotton blankets backpack all varieties of cool stuff click up here in the corner you like to share various stereotypes video click up here banette do you prefer to investigate out my cellphone sport click on straight within the core remark share like favourite everything that’s good do it no just right what’s in all places your face protein by and large

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