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What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Santi Aragon’s 8 Minute Meal

You need to be capable to determine k Ihave 20 minutes to make breakfast how would I make breakfast in 20 minutes what’s up guys this is IFBB pro SantiAragon and i am right here with muscle and force and what i am gonna exhibit you is mytypical offseason breakfast you should not have an excuse to not be equipped to come back upwith a healthful breakfast that is speedy and handy and that gets your day goingin the offseason i attempt to contain a lot of matters that i do not most likely eatjust now not best to get the energy somewhat bit better you bought to enjoyyourself with one of the food that you are gonna be consuming so i am gonna goahead and start this off i am gonna spray this with some Pam also relying on thephase of my food regimen I would possibly not even use Pam I may truly use anything like coconutoil or even olive oil relying on how much fats content material my meal in reality needsso right here we go very quite simply done we’re gonna throw thisis 14 ounces of egg whites meanwhile we’re gonna installed ouroats over right here so i admire to put just a bit bitI do not measure once more that is the offseason i do not fairly measure toomany things this isn’t certainly one of them I simply put a bit of little bit of almond milk Idump my 1 cup of berries in there it can be gonna be some raspberries blueberriesand blackberries I just put a bit of bit in there and i am gonna pop this in themicrowave for two minutes so pre-contest i will trade the almond milk forregular water it sounds enormously boring but hey30 energy builds up over time so at this factor proper now i am just gonnaagain i’m now not gonna measure some thing i’m simply gonna eyeball somewhat bit of thefat-free cheese in there the mozzarella and the cheddar are myfavorite at present we’re gonna be using some mozzarella I flip off the pan and whatI’ll do is i’m going to just flip everything just one time simply so that the cheesecan soften and in case you observe i’ve not but professional any of this i have not putany salt i haven’t put any pepper on it when you’re making eggs you clearly don’twant to position salt on it too early cuz it should change no longer most effective the feel it’lldry out the eggs however it’s going to make them kind of like a brownish color and that i’veseen this over time making eggs so mostly that you want to season itafter it can be on your plate and as you will find I do not that I do not go light onthe salt I do feel in high salt consumption it keeps my muscle groups excellent and fullall the time so I do not need this like flat look you see so much loads oftrainers they preach about sodium and it is totally true so when you are on alow carbohydrate diet you want to maintain your salt consumption as excessive as possible andyour fluid intake and what that’ll do is that’ll at the least help you maintain yourmuscles as plump as feasible when you’re purported to be flat all right let’s getthe oats looks as if the whole thing is completed so i’ll put in slightly bit of Smuckersin there just to preserve it uh maintain it somewhat bit more moisten than it was once soif this is too sweet for you another secret that I do is I carry out moresalt and that i actually salt my oats and this personally enhances the flavor alot particularly if it’s overly candy you might tone down the beauty with alittle bit of salt I work quite a bit very well and also you ought to make sure that no longer onlyare you getting a breakfast that has everything that you just need I acquired my fruitsfor antioxidants I got my oats for for my carbohydrates I obtained my eggs forprotein I obtained my little little bit of cheese simply in order that i can believe like a normalhuman and that i obtained my espresso and we most often knock this breakfast out and Iwould say eight minutes so there every body has eight minutes in theirlives there you don’t have an excuse to now not be ready to provide you with a healthybreakfast that’s rapid and easy and that gets your day going

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