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The Mind – source of fear or source of wellness? It´s your choice!

Oh to every body who is looking at us today tonight tomorrow I don’t know what time it’s anymore in these occasions however we’re right here at present with dr. Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams dr. Bruce Lipton as a representative of this fabulous new science of epigenetics and the writer of the biology of notion spontaneous evolution and the honeymoon outcomes and Rob Williams as the originator of Psych a so welcome each of you thanks thank you thank you a lot and today we need to speak with each of you about this suggestion of how the intellect kind both be the supply of gigantic worry and terror or it can be our fine ally for our well-being and wellbeing so we will be speakme with each of you from your elements of view of how this how we are able to shift from the worry that we’re presently experiencing to being in love and gratitude and good-being so it can be up to you now for this observing thank you welcome all pricey associates cultural creators and seekers in the market and Rob and that i are here today to give you some little knowledge a bit of bit confident knowledge thank goodness about the crisis we’re in and to start with first I fairly need to make a declaration concerning the science of quantum physics and your quantum physics right away i know some men and women are going oh no quantum physics well let me simply say this as a reality quantum physics is the most legitimate science on planet earth that is the most proven and affirmed to be proper so if all the sciences the one that has these questions would be quantum physics and i say relevance to our subject in these days is the major precept of quantum physics is that attention is creating our life experiences now that is tough for a ordinary crisis where individuals believe oh my ideas are creating my lifestyles world experiences well that’s the figuring out from quantum physics biology has come alongside to aid that very especially in the subject referred to as epigenetics and epigenetics is the science of how awareness controls our genes rather than the traditional perception that genes manage our life we now recognize that realization is controlling our genetic exercise so I say so what does this have to do with the current epidemic with the corona virus 2019 or covet 19 and reply is this consciousness is going to investigate the personality of our life and the way we interpret that realization that the mind as quantum physics says is really the supply of our creativity and the life experiences that now we have now in understanding the mind the greater main issue that humans have is that there are actually two minds and if we do not separate them and just say the intellect then we’re relatively lacking a profound working out and it goes like this the two minds consist of probably the most contemporary increase and development in neurobiology is the formation of what is known as the conscious mind which is relatively a lobe of brain tissue right in the back of your forehead this is the core of self realization this is the center the place what makes us precise from each different individual that is our connection to spirituality is on this aware intellect the other intellect that was once right here before and it’s still here is known as the unconscious intellect and the title robotically says sub aware this means that beneath conscious these are packages that operate below our consciousness stage and proceed to function and so they’re very fundamental quite a few them are common what’s my heart rate what’s my body temperature how’s my digestive method working i don’t have got to think about these things they may be all controlled beneath but the subconscious intellect also controls our behavior in many distinctive approaches okay so here is the point the conscious mind is inventive the unconscious mind is dependancy the aware intellect has wishes and wants all the things that we would really like to look in our world the subconscious intellect in contrast has programs which can be automatic and play themselves and repeat themselves over and again and again as long as you preserve the application now the subconscious intellect isn’t the center of all the awareness the unconscious intellect is profound just offer you a simple illustration when did you be trained how you can stroll before you were to bet what possibly almost all of you might be still going for walks you would be a hundred years historical like oh yeah however when did you be taught the best way to stroll I stated the software was once hooked up before – it is a dependancy it will stay with your lifestyles until you convert that addiction so the main section about subconscious as special from realization subconscious is a programmable mind and once the packages are in they face up to trade considering the fact that if a dependancy would just trade all the time then it wouldn’t be known as a dependancy anymore addiction withstand trade so the point is that this conscious mind is ingenious and might suppose of some thing and usually represents the place our needs and desires come from if I requested any of you in the market what do you need from your existence anything it’s whether it can be relationships well being good job or anything it is that is a ingenious proposal and and it can be what you desire to so it is that is where I want to go aware mind subconscious intellect I mentioned just straight packages sincerely and we realized them from developing up and really many of those applications are profoundly most important to permit us to have the life I imply in the event you needed to get up every day and say how do I stroll and begin in all places once more you spend the whole day studying how one can walk and then wake up tomorrow and go how do I do that going for walks and start all over so I say they’re excellent applications in there but there are also packages which can be limiting self sabotaging or disempowering programs and the relevance about those is that they’re going to operate consistently unless that software alterations and that i say ok what’s the nature of this I said good the very first thing we received a software is after we had been very younger is that in terms of health we aren’t accountable you go what do you imply I say simply believe about this in the traditional household when anyone’s ailing in the loved ones what is the computerized learning software that a child will get and that’s mommy ill she goes to the physician daddy in poor health he goes to the general practitioner and if you are ill you go to the healthcare professional and that i say so that is a program I mentioned what does it say it is find it irresistible says that when it comes to health problem i am not strong however the health practitioner is the one that manages my ailment so I quit energy over my wellbeing and then go to the reality supplied by means of the doctor and i put truth in prices due to the fact that anything the surgeon says we now have been programmed to buy as seeing that they may be the respectable we’re no longer so a medical professional’s opinion is profoundly major in shaping the persona of our lives I say why is this central due to the fact correct now we’re experiencing a virus called kovat 19 coronavirus 2019 I say what what about this I say it is a flu no matter how many people maintain seeking to say that it is whatever instead of a flu in fact it can be a flu they need to make it separate for the reason that they find out it appears it was once extra aggressive than a common flu in order that they wanted to put it in its own class and that i say that’s a mistake it is still a flu I say why is it significant in view that every 12 months we’re aware of the truth that in relation to iciness time that’s flu season and every 12 months the scientific individuals recommend that we go get a vaccine to combat the flu and so we purchased into the perception that every 12 months when it starts to get bloodless out the flu exhibit up and that is definitely a physical reason the cold is a physical cause for self act as most flus when the virus affects you the virus does not develop at body temperature it grows at a cooler temperature I say so the place in the physique is there any cooler temperature I say within the respiratory method when you consider that we’re respiratory external air and taking it in and if the wintertime the air is way colder and as we’re breathing in chillier air have been cooling the cells of the respiratory tract losing them below physique temperature I say why is it Robin in view that flu viruses proliferate faster at bloodless temperatures that is why it is referred to as a cold k so annual flu season I said what is it annual flu season characterize I say every 12 months a flu indicates up and a distinct percentage of men and women die every 12 months every country each year common I say well let’s assume in the USA I say what is the percentage I say every yr about 0.1% of flu victims die that is the usual mortality cost so we are saying oh okay that’s general and i say who’re those that died and it can be major we are going to come back to it those who’re already compromised wellness-wise in the past is I imply I say older people in nursing homes that are just getting on I’ve want support clinical you no supervision to you know take care of them and manipulate them and those men and women that are already sick with something else that has compromised their well being approach like cardiovascular ailment diabetes problems like cancer these matters are already compromising the immune system so I say the annual flu about zero.1% of the men and women die I say who is that this it is now not just a random populace 0.1% represents the aged individuals and people which are already compromised individuals so that’s a given and they say this year is probably the most aggressive flu ever coming here and instantly the concept is oh that is really bad and the concept is oh my god so many persons are gonna die and so like there’s two special information reviews let’s simply faux i am giving a news report and it is a typical 12 months and i go well women and gentlemen flu season is coming upon us it’s time to maintain your wellness and you understand make certain you’re no longer doing a compromised drawback but that is the flu season get a vaccine if fundamental and you already know that’s it and that i might say for this yr I would say and this year’s flu seems somewhat more aggressive than prior flu seasons due to the fact that prior flus had been within the populace for a very long time and so we developed a normal immunity up over flu viruses that come every 12 months and in order that our immune procedure can take care of them but the corona corona virus 2019 it sounds as if is a more moderen virus in the subject and most of us have no longer had prior experience in order that more persons are going to get the flu I stated does that mean extra folks are gonna die say good yeah a little bit more however who we’re gonna cube it is the equal men and women who were dying final yr however simply more of the equal team they age the infirmed the compromise okay so we’re given a message very aggressive it can be coming tons of individuals are gonna get it and then we find out what oh my god the quantity of people dying this year is a exceptional percent probably 100 occasions extra individuals demise from this flu after I say okay what does that mean I say how do you get mortality rate answer is simple the quantity of men and women died divided by way of the number of individuals that have the virus so I stated good what number of men and women have the shoppers and say those have people that went and confirmed up at the general practitioner and mentioned I consider i have the virus and let’s get demonstrated so I mentioned ok that quantity of people divided into the number of deaths offers us the mortality expense and they estimating three to four percentage of the populace with the virus dies i go okay first thing there’s a mistake in arithmetic i’m going any imply I mentioned you divide the number of lifeless humans by means of the quantity of persons to have the virus and wager what when they started to scan in a place like a city like in BO in Italy the place the primary character died they usually particularly wanted to test the populace they located at a tremendous element of the populace who already had the virus but bet what 50% of those who had the virus had no symptoms i assume a wiser possess and i mentioned good if you don’t have any symptoms you don’t go to the surgeon if your symptoms are mild you still don’t go to the doctors I mentioned who goes to the surgeon those which are pushed all the approach to an extreme end I say so why is beside the point well then the number that you are dividing into the loss of life is a small quantity since the whole number for people that have the virus it is rather more significant I say so why is it Rome I say if all people that clearly had the virus used to be said then the death price would drop method below 1% I say yeah but that’s within the average variety by way of going you however the death rate is three to 4 percent I say that’s a false number on account that that number does not signify everyone who had the virus it only represents those who confirmed up to get verified for the virus so with an extraordinarily significant populace I say what’s the loss of life cost it comes right down to now not far more than a typical season I say yeah however what is the concern I say seeing that of the media we are given know-how that this can be a very aggressive and high mortality after which I say what is the consequence of this I say when we buy this story from our clinical specialists we consider we stop but whom I i’m now not a scientific individual however the scientific character says that I give up vigour to them I take their fact and make it my actuality I said why is it valuable considering the fact that if i’m getting information that scares he such as the news media they may be not announcing this is a flu season it is a bit extra aggressive they arrive on say this a flu season you are gonna die wait a minute it is a whole exclusive story now the fear has gotten to now not just the team that by and large gets the flu and has mortality now you are saying all people’s and that implies me and out of the blue I say so why is this important on the grounds that fear causes the discharge of stress hormones that’s what fear is all about I say so what a stress hormones do and i say they coordinate the physique’s behavior to deal with a hazard and if the threat is an external chance then the adrenal procedure the stress hormones of the adrenal approach are coordinating the services of the physique and i go so what I say after we’re petrified of a saber-toothed tiger chasing us the body has to reorganize its assets to escape the worry I say how does it do this I say good if you are going for walks from the proverbial saber-toothed tiger you wish to have the entire to be had power to your physique to escape that tiger so the stress hormone shut down features now not critical to escaping the tiger i’m going like what I stated well first of all the entire visceral services the gut services are what health and renovation taking good care of the body cleansing a method purifying it constructing it I say it is a perform of the intestine I say so what I say all capabilities require blood for the reason that blood is the supply of the vigour that dollars all these functions so wherever i would like the blood is the place i will put the energy because the energy and blood are the equal I say yeah but when i’m chasing a saber-toothed tiger what do I care about my digestive procedure and the respiratory process and a way of fixing and maintaining I say that takes vigour to fix I stated however i need the energy to run faraway from the tiger so stress hormones intent the blood vessels in the intestine to constrict that is the place people get what they name butterflies within the stomach they suppose slightly queasy and i am going what’s it I say it is blood vessels squeezing shut I say why will have to I squeeze the blood vessel shut in a intestine and the answer is i am redirecting the float a blood now not from the intestine doing protection however i’m sending it to the legs and arms considering that that is where the energy is that I must run faraway from that tiger so I say the primary side of a stress response is to shut down all capabilities now not associated with strolling faraway from the tiger which involves health preservation repair filtering cleansing the body to make it run as a first-rate machine so the first thing is we shut down growth and maintenance of the physique which is going to open us as much as breakdown quantity one however more importantly and and Rob it’s going to go deeper into this as well is without difficulty this the immune method uses a lot of vigor I stated what do you imply I stated good if you’ve ever been in poor health maybe you did not even have sufficient vigor to get out of bat when you were ill the draw of vigor to aid that immune system is so best that it truely might intent us to be susceptible and to simply keep in the mattress and i say so what’s relevant said if you’re being chased by means of a saber-toothed tiger and you have got a bacterial infection and you’re gonna allocate the vigor I say to precedence I say the hell with the contamination if the tiger catches me the contamination is quite not a situation anymore so the inspiration is stress hormones by using definition shut down the immune method to preserve vigor that can be utilized to run faraway from the danger so I say well what’s significant I said with the corona story were put on a worry foundation good my god i am gonna die individuals are loss of life I might die wall of us gonna die like Oh what’s that doing i would say you’re releasing stress hormones I said what a stress hormone so they’re gonna shut down the progress of your body and so they’re gonna shut down the immune system let me provide you with a reality how strong are stress hormones and shutting off the immune approach listen to this when surgeons are going to transplant an organ from a donor right into a recipient they provide the recipient stress hormones earlier than the operation I mentioned why in view that while you put a foreign organ into another individual’s body their immune approach is designed to do away with that organ in its overseas it would not belong so I say so if I want to supply someone a kidney or a coronary heart I don’t need their immune system working full-out because as soon as I transplanted the immune approach will attempt to ruin it so they give the recipients of transplants stress hormones earlier than the operation why seeing that stress hormones shut off the immune response so there is not an on the spot assault on the foreign transplant so therapeutically stress hormones are used to shock off the immune procedure so I say oh they are saying why is it primary an answer is without problems this the second you begin staring at the information the moment you start realizing that your existence is not worry and hazard and you would die and abruptly I stated yeah however what’s that gonna do and i gotta say psychologically the final result is you’re gonna unencumber various stress hormones that’s the final result of having that perception that oh my god i am gonna die and so I say so you everybody in a way have launched stress hormones so I say so why is it significant well there may be two matters one the annual flu viruses once they come and men and women say oh it is flu season get a vaccine or whatever I certainly not get these stupid things for the reason that i know in actual fact this if I keep healthy if I consume good organic traditional food I take vitamins and dietary supplements I do something workouts to hold my body in excellent colour i’m now not worried about the annual flu I on no account do okay and if I get it what’s it well i’m gonna sneeze i’m gonna cough I would even get a slight fever I say what about this 12 months I say well this yr this virus it seems that hasn’t been round quite a bit or earlier than and thus we’re not prepared in our historical past or memory of our immune process for prior publicity to handle this so it is a bit more aggressive why my immune system has to begin from zero practically to combat this it does not have a earlier reminiscence so to begin with it can be gonna be wellknown why for the reason that most of us haven’t been uncovered to this virus before so various persons are gonna get it then I say what’s gonna occur to them I say oh they are gonna get the flu it is gonna be somewhat extra aggressive than ordinary why when you consider that the interval that it takes your immune approach to construct up goes to take longer when you consider that it can be a brand new virus and a previously experienced virus so the the symptoms are gonna be a bit more aggressive I say so what I say yeah traditional symptoms are the coughing sneezing moderate fever and then there may be a respiratory hindrance seeing that these are respiratory viruses ok and that is their goal so I say respiratory misery it’s much more aggressive than earlier so i will say why I say people are feeling a much more aggressive response to this virus they usually’re getting respiratory misery and now they are in more worry on account that oh my god I can’t breathe well i am going why is that imperative when you consider that the more fear you are expressing the more stress hormones you’re releasing the extra stress hormones you’re releasing the extra you are inhibiting the potential to handle it let me calm men and women firstly with this respiratory distress which what individuals are afraid about absolutely manageable through the clinical system they have everything they need they have the contraptions like the ventilators they’ve received the medications and antiviral it’s no longer existence-threatening if you aren’t getting three-minute might be existence-threatening and so then abruptly we’re put into the fear what is the news media oh my god the hospitals are overflowing you realize men and women are out within the street they can not get care and blah blah blah and that makes extra stress considering that I was once like oh my god if I do get in poor health I can’t even get to the sanatorium and now each it can be an exacerbation worse and worse k so the point is this are you gonna die from this flu no no longer really you understand if that you can get the Bentley even the extreme circumstances are gonna come through there is no challenge medication can maintain it’s now not a concern I say Hoos are loss of life I mentioned well the identical team of humans are demise that die each 12 months from the flu and i say these were already compromised they had been aged people who are on lifestyles help and you understand nursing’s and or people who’ve illnesses that are interfering I say these are the equal folks but there is going to be a number of more in that class with a view to die seeing that of the more aggressive personality so I said good is it plenty and lots of numbers or humans are loss of life the numbers that they give us and i am going fake numbers seeing that they may be now not counting the persons that as much as 50 percentage have the illness and in view that their typical immune system will not be compromised since they’re rather healthy persons they’re carrying this virus without any hostile tips on their system that they’re concerned about that means this giant populace have this virus they are not even reporting it given that the signs do not usually are not that pleasant so we’ve got been making a predicament of fear that possession of the virus is right away taking you toward demise and it’s like no it is not rather that so much specific than an annual flu besides that the media is specific the media and a way of worry is warning about oh my god you could die you cannot get wellness care when you consider that the hospitals are flooded with persons and you are gonna have all these problems as goes like these are not necessarily real in any respect besides I feel they’re actual I say so what’s the change I said considering after I feel some thing the operate of my intellect is to coordinate my biology to care for the perception if there’s a real saber-toothed tiger chasing me then rattling well blissful i’ve my belief system there’s a tiger it is damaging i am gonna run put all my vigour and go however what if there may be a fake tiger and i am informed there may be a tiger again there and there isn’t any Tiger back there however I think there is a tiger again there I said well it would not make a change of a real tiger or false tiger in case you think that you are nonetheless gonna go by means of the identical response so I mentioned well the flu season an annual yr no one gets all excited and crazed it happens every year I say if we simply put that equal information media out saying it’s just a little extra aggressive this year but it’s all treatable the whole thing could be cool except we’re being programmed that this is lethal and that i say who’s dying they usually they need to make like oh a little one died I read that a child died like oh what’s that imply good the child’s good boy they go a youngster died i don’t even know what the drawback that youngster’s existence was once earlier than it died was once it already compromised used to be it already having a illness due to the fact that many of the people that died have already got health problems they weren’t chosen just out of I was once healthful after which growth I received hit with a virus and that i died that’s no longer authentic I say genuine or false it doesn’t make any difference if it can be false and also you think it to be actual then that is what you are gonna behave with and so we’re being programmed that we are victims that it is tremendous that we have got to control our existence experiences being shut down or locked down don’t do this shut down the industry oh my god you understand the fear that that is generating now not just the fear of the flu but when i’m on a earnings and instantly i’m no longer working for a month the place the heck am I gonna get food who’s gonna pay the rent all this I say compound that stress for the reason that that is extra stress including to the identical approach debilitating you more and more so the inspiration is that this our programs that we’ve got purchased into to stop our vigour to the scientific humans due to the fact they may be the legit and we take their words as fact then we take their words turn it into our biology and manifest that actuality the perform of the intellect is to take the packages in that mind and appear them k and i say why is inappropriate I say what do you think the placebo influence is placebo result is i have an ailment and the health care professional mentioned this medication I simply obtained is the finest hottest new medication it can be gonna repair you and you are gonna and also you believe it you take that tablet you get well you find out it’s a sugar tablet after which we go oh the placebo it wasn’t the pill that healed you sugar failed to healed you what healed you your notion within the capsule healed too I say so that is a constructive notion and that i say what in regards to the consequence of a terrible notion I mentioned the general public doesn’t hear about that we at all times hear about the placebo influence what does the effect of getting a optimistic notion in wellbeing and it enhances your hell however no person mentioned what is the result of getting a terrible belief like oh god it can be equally robust to the placebo but it works in the opposite direction a negative perception can intent you to have any disease that you can die simply from the worry a belief of fear can kill you what’s the story it can be not the power of confident perception versus negative belief it’s the energy of notion and that belief will verify which path you go in scientists psychologists revealed it up about the 70% as much as 70% of our programs of perception are bad disempowering and self sabotaging applications the disempowering one for instance is that this your wellbeing just isn’t underneath your control your health is beneath the manipulate of a physician what we discovered I say well that is disempowering for what reason people healed themselves four hundred,000 years before there was once medical institution they heal themselves by way of the energy of what placebo intellect control okay and but today we’re instructed no your your energy doesn’t exist wellness you go see the professionals so then out of the blue the phrases of the legit turn out to be your compass at that factor if it says that i’m in situation then my mind is their meter they gotta say oh my god the respectable told me i am in problem and the function of the intellect goes to show up that have and so what I rather want to draw concentration to is readily that is the current difficulty as horrifying as the media says it is I say certainly not the mortality charges are fully screwed up on the grounds that of the mathematics of it it’s not any particularly you recognize affecting any other population the equal ones which are affected each 12 months if you’re a part of that populace in case you are compromised on your health in case you are in a nursing house and all that I say take each damn precaution viable keep healthy everyone isolation however eating naturally excellent food taking nutrition and supplements and recreation that’s a part of keeping our wellbeing ok and individuals who’re compromised should be quite touchy to this because they may be already on the weak aspect so they want the whole lot they can do to build the procedure up but if you’re now not compromised then abruptly you start to recognize this like am I gonna get ill and die and that i say you might get the flu you might now not even have any signs that you just obtained the flu otherwise you would have respiratory issues but that’s no longer lethal for the reason that that you would be able to get therapy for it so the backside line is it’s this flu as horrifying as the cognizance that we now have been offered with and i go no it’s a bit of more aggressive than traditional flu the symptoms are all manageable that you would be able to deal with your well being and that you are no longer gonna die and that is the foremost phase considering it’s the worry factors the stress hormones which by means of definition shut down the immune method and open you to a way more aggressive response to the equal flu so some individuals get the flu they don’t even recognize they’ve it some people have corona virus 19 flu they do not actually have a symptom and there other individuals who’re in respiratory distress and i am going what’s the change and i say good sincerely is how’s your immune process and has your belief procedure since if your immune process is weakened and your belief process is open to the fact that you don’t have any vigour and that you’re prone to have a situation then you might as good count on to happen it given that the perform of the intellect is to take the notion and turn it into truth that is what the intellect does so my effort right here is to claim the beliefs that you’re getting from the media are toxic on the grounds that they’re gonna stress you and despite the fact that you have been in a healthful situation that stress by myself could open the door for no longer just getting a flu but even a extra serious case of the flu it can be our notion methods how a lot do you suppose in your self how much do you think for your ability to heal your self which is mighty we are creators we create health and our belief system can motive us to create disorder and the drawback is that this and the place are your beliefs are you living in fear at this moment are you concerned that the instantaneous future would see you get a flu and then you’re gonna see the photo i’m gonna die i am going this can be a very poor belief procedure since the perception process causes the discharge of chemistry into the blood stress hormones on this unique case I say why is it crucial due to the fact the chemistry of the blood controls the genetics that is called epigenetics as you exchange your intellect you convert the chemistry that’s into this blood and there is one more chemistry between a chemistry of affection and a chemistry of worry the chemistry of affection enhances your vitality the chemistry of worry compromises your vitality then I say yeah but a lot of these are packages and i say well then oh my goodness it’s not your mindful mind that is growing the trouble it is below cognizance its subconscious packages that we purchased into i’m weak i’m susceptible I would get this and people are the packages that are running below realization which can be shaping your life now we now have talked a few biology perception for years concerning the nature that we’ve got been programmed and as I stated in this unique case the programming that we acquired has disempowered us in a scientific emergency due to the fact the very first thing we did is quit power and say i purchase something the authorities inform me and that i stated wow they are no longer telling you the truth then you definately might be means down the incorrect direction of lifestyles that you can alternate these beliefs if you see these beliefs and the fundamental phase about these beliefs is because the biology think pointed out ninety five percentage of your life is coming from unconscious programming so your existence is a program of your beliefs and that i say so sensible I wrote I said well what are your beliefs are you feeling secure and sound and healthful that you may thrive by way of all of this or you have all the surprising on the threshold of oh my god I would be a victim I could die I would have this Syria in order I say these are packages and there are approaches to change the software’s the 2 typical methods of adjusting the software are self-hypnosis which is how a child learns programs in the first seven years after age seven we collect new packages by means of process of repetition or habituation repeating whatever over and over and over again after which we gain knowledge of and it becomes a addiction after which there may be a brand new approach of therapy these programs referred to as power psychology and on my website bruce lipton calm i’ve obtained about 25 special modalities different versions of vigour psychology in most cases they work on the same when i can speak about the most is the one who i take advantage of the one i’m most conversant in so i am not announcing the opposite ones are are less strong i’m just going to claim that the one who I’ve skilled that was once most powerful in changing my lifestyles due to the fact that the programs once I understood what I desired to vary that used to be the harder a part of what software I want to put in making use of a psyche a process developed by using Rob Williams in my experience was the most fast way of reprogramming those applications that are not assisting us applications that are making a disability simply on account that of the program and that i found that making use of a psychic my life so profoundly that i’ve rewritten programs that after that scared me the ones that I are living in worry they used to live in worry now my lifestyles is like I live heaven in the world why when you consider that casting off the the applications that disempowered me of path resulted in applications that empower me and i live by the psychic process seeing that a few of the issues I had in my life like even writing the booklet the biology notion i couldn’t have written it since of limiting subconscious beliefs and thank God I had psych-ok by way of ROM and it was once effective considering the fact that after altering that notion the the guide got here out I I started to respect that my limiting beliefs and now i’m like one of the vital happiest folks round for what rationale i reprogram the fear I’ve reprogrammed the unhealthy programming I received for my moms and dads i’m i am in a state of honeymoon with my partner Margaret every day 22 years why due to the fact that when my bad program began to show up unconscious which means beneath aware i could not see what the programs are in view that that’s the character of it let me just provide one story before I flip this over to rob when you consider that it can be principal you comprehend it is with ease this I told the equal story for 20 plus years in my lectures and it is with no trouble this I name it the story of invoice I say you have a pal that you simply grew up with your new your neighbors behavior very very well and also you happen to understand your buddy’s dad or mum and at some point you see your buddy has the detailed same habits as their moms and dads of this enjoyable you obtained to inform like hi there bill you are identical to your dad and i say back away from bill the moment you say that invoice is gonna go to blue what are you crazy i am going I tell that story and the audience begins laughing they start laughing seeing that all of them have that experience I say this is probably the most profound experience that you have got to realise that’s this unconscious applications play when the mindful mind is busy which is 95 percentage of the day considering that that is when the aware intellect is busy pondering which is not looking out your eyes but look to your head given that considering is within and so if you are thinking the aware intellect isn’t controlling your bio okay it’s not even watching out of the arena so while you begin to think habits is automatically controlled through unconscious programs which is like autopilot and these packages got here from different persons and up to 70% of them are disempowering self sabotaging beliefs so I say what is the factor we’re all invoice we’re living a life the place we believe consciously i am creating what i would like but no longer recognize it in ninety five percent of our existence is not coming from creative desires is coming from the programs our existence is a printout of our applications if you’re in fear in case you are in wrestle if you’re in want and want and are not able to get there it can be not due to the fact that the universe won’t give it to you it can be almost inevitably your program does not aid that vacation spot if you are available in the market now and you are concerned about your health on this Cove in 1910 ik that’s a concern that has been overblown by means of the media considering the crisis is that you’re now not going to have a flu you are gonna die and that worry of loss of life disempowers you considering the worry of dying says someone else maintain me and you give up your energy and it is time to take that vigor back considering it is the fear that is killing you not now not the biology biologists comparable to whatever that fear is that is coming in and that is why I quite need to turn this over to Rob Williams for the simple intent is this in my particular case is severus throughout me i’m going yeah am I afraid no i am not fearful of the virus in any respect and if I do get a challenge I know it’s handleable and i’m not gonna die why because my unconscious applications have eliminated that worry that used to be relatively wasn’t genuine it simply scares me and scares me shuts me down and so I quite wish to flip this over to Rob in view that the proposal is well can i change those beliefs and the reply of direction i can alternate these beliefs however you ought to do it in methods that does not just occur due to the fact i might say don’t be scared of the virus that doesn’t exchange whatever it can be a program have to reprogram and while you do that you just come to be empowered to happen the existence that quantum physics just said we have we’re developing this existence with realization in case your consciousness as poor features and that was once what is going on to happen but that you would be able to trade all negative points of the unconscious making use of vigor psychology and mainly the one that i’m aware of the one who profoundly modified the sunshine that I are living adequate so I would like to turn this over to rob waves considering that let him describe the character of this programming and its manifestation I just provide the biology you come to be your application if your programs not empowering then you definitely your programs are disempowering you and in case you think susceptible and out of energy it can be not the sector it is your programming so there are Rob I seem forward to listening to how you can support persons about the nature of if i’m in a foul position can i alter that programming of direction i know the answer is yes however all that you’re talking yeah you are right Bruce the reply is yes a huge yes actually now we have been doing that with psych-okay for over 30 years so we now have lots of experience to call on via good times and dangerous instances and one factor that I famous early on that rather excited me was that each one these programs are talking about a lot of which might be gotten early on in existence earlier than we’ve got a mind that may even parent that this is not our stuff it can be our parents stuff it’s society stuff we run those applications indefinitely unless we recognize they’re no longer serving us and unless we give you the chance user-friendly method with a bit of luck to make these changes all of the beliefs that we’ve which might be of that type that we’re realized behaviors are all rewritable software it is not learn-only memory it is rewritable so when you re perceive your earlier that’s the key here then it alterations the effect the earlier has on you in the present moment and force and decisions and thoughts and and such that you have about your future that you would be able to create a very specific future whilst you proceed the prior different you are not dragging the baggage the boundaries with you which can be like bumps in a street at all times so the rebellion is actual rough into your future if you have all that baggage you’re trying to raise in fact poisonous beliefs may also be hazardous to your well being and while you suppose about it in phrases of what you might have mentioned Bruce the immune approach itself is our general it’s the it is the article that lives between us and well-being or is illness so you need to ensure your immune system is your first-rate buddy and not your worst enemy and the best way to do this an awfully primary a part of the way in which to do that furthermore to eating well exercising paying concentration to your life picks and so on is the psychological cycle emotional and psycho spiritual factor of dwelling on this planet and your beliefs topic lots in phrases of how you categorical who you’re and the forms of experiences that you have you will have stated it very good that you just create your possess reality via the beliefs that you’ve got for the reason that that is the only fact you already know as soon as you wake up sufficient at the conscious intellect degree to with to see what’s not working for you after which that you would be able to task it then you could make a metamorphosis then it can be valued at saying oh i would like one more belief to be riding my ideas and picks ninety five% of the time than the ones that I currently have i am carrying my mother and father beliefs and society’s beliefs from an previous time for your life while you were tremendously inclined to programs as an adult you get it you get much more capability to discern what’s working for you and what’s not so for example with this with admire to the covet 19 virus you will have made an extraordinarily robust and very compelling scientific case that it’s our fear that’s the important contagion they divide the precise molecules the genuine virus itself shouldn’t be as as so much of a hazard as how as is what we consider about it being is to us to be able to Reaper sieve what this is starting with the conscious expertise you’ve got given after which looking at our perception programs about wellness or sickness and our like you said previous can we really consider that our our bodies can manipulate ailment are we strong ample beings to overcome a virus or are we immediately sufferer of that virus it doesn’t matter what we think considering that the professionals have satisfied us and told us that the virus is that this invisible thing that is going to kill you so that’s the place psyche egg comes in large-time that is the place that you can say all proper I want to set a beliefs that enhance my immune methods ability to keep me good and supposed to suppress it and and there there’s a the sort of thing is known as an immune ready character these are attributes features of human beings that tend to remain good they do not get sick very most commonly at all and once they do it’s short and the symptoms are slight but your intellect has a heck of so much to do with this and that is all scientifically grounded in a subject called psychoneuroimmunology it can be an extraordinarily lengthy word that implies the intellect-physique connection however the science is deep and it has been round for years and the more we have an understanding of about this mind-body connection the more we can use our minds to manipulate our our bodies so managing worry that which we go into close to automatically so in general that’s your first clue that the beliefs which might be growing the worry response our subconscious beliefs not aware ones you take heed to what Bruce just mentioned everybody and you would say okay I get it that’s perspective i assume I will not be afraid well then why are you still afraid though what are the beliefs you are not able to see those under the extent of aware recognition on the unconscious level that have got to be transformed and that’s fairly the essence of what psyche has been doing and why it is here on the planet notably now could be to support people rewrite the program of their lives that isn’t working for them whether it can be a wellness quandary or another limitation that they have got grief and loss character problems and whatnot all of that is still driven from the subconscious degree of intellect and the beliefs that we bought when we were too younger T to know when he so now we’re grown up giant folks however we’re carrying round childhood beliefs and a lot of them are outdated outmoded now not important of who we are or who were fitting and so they’re antiquated in phrases of our vigor to care for our possess wellbeing as good we need to work in live performance not as an alt as a complement to the clinical neighborhood the scientific neighborhood has plenty of gifts that they are able to give us and your surgeon pay attention to what she or he is saying and to understand that finally your intellect has to accomplice with the surgeon’s intention to create health so i will advocate that on this detailed time certainly when we have now the social distancing mantra going on the healthy thing to do for right now sure and the other part of the entire thing is that the fear that is being promulgated in this society worldwide is most commonly essentially the most harmful thing for the world populace and its wellness even healthy individuals even healthy people who should not be in the at-danger group would in finding themselves there on the grounds that their fear overrides the knowledge and information they have got and the unconscious beliefs aren’t supporting them so some of the matters that we can do with psyche and what’s i can offer considering that its intention is to each and every individuals when it is viable to the educate and in a bodily impersonal way which isn’t correct now the case that psyche sessions confidential classes may also be performed lengthy distance for wherever on this planet doesn’t subject where you’re there is no such thing as a long way faraway from the psyche as a useful resource for strengthening your immune procedure via your perception methods in truth on our website we’ve got over four hundred humans which might be expert to address issues like health well-being vainness transient and loss and so forth with psyche teaching as an alternative of teaching how to try this which we do in classes after we can we can not proper now considering that of the constraints on gatherings but we will offer confidential session work over the or over medium like blue denims or Skype or zoom which are simply as robust as in-person so i might urge you to take into account that if you wish to examine to discover what your belief methods are around both an immune improving or immune suppressing believes that may be a way that you just would do it and that approach you to feed not best your physique good food but your mind the form of meals it desires this isn’t about positive pondering in self-discipline and and all of that it is that is it is a ways past that that is immediately teaching men and women or on this case facilitating changes at the subconscious level that can enhance your immune approach and alter your life in a confident way we’ve got each these this staff of four hundred persons listed from around the globe who speak multiple languages so if your most important language native tongue shouldn’t be English we educate in about and and in addition i will do confidential sessions in probably a dozen distinct languages you go to the web page a internet site and click on exclusive sessions you’ll be able to see this record of the 400 people which are on the record or certified to help you on this means and also there is a list in the event you click on the record that claims instructors the psyche instructors are a bit of over 30 of them around the globe that proper now have overtime to do private periods typically you cannot get a exclusive session with an teacher when they’re so busy educating however right now they have some overtime and they can also aid you so the assets they’re the possibility to avail yourself of it’s now and of path there couldn’t be a greater time to try this oh that could be very beautiful i’m bill joy listen to both of you and to hear all this and greater than right here feel all this love and all this hope yes it is it is a making an attempt time however we’d like plenty of this although to close we just want to let our viewers recognize that we’re gonna be posting right here the hyperlinks the place you’ll find the knowledge that we’ve been talking about expertise about each your books additionally that are very trait of of what we have mentioned at present and where to discover a facilitator considering additionally we’re providing pre many periods for this precise time so the persons who’re in worry and develop into that and we need to present that to the sector good thank you thank you a lot you’re welcome and much like to all of you listening be good undoubtedly it is all in our mind and we can create significantly better than this thank you

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