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It states one two three 4 5 six seven opponents classic physique I love it so much that i might die for it i do not care if it kills me Like Ronnie Coleman did i’ll die for what I do You see guys laughing in the course of training And they are hilarious within the fitness center These are those who conclude in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place the first, 2d and 0.33 situation are people who get it fucking and struggling When humans praise you an excessive amount of that is unhealthy for you too considering they tell you you’re the high-quality and whilst you start believing you’re the high-quality You come here and come to be for 9 repetitions, for instance I walk down the street and so they call me Mr. Olympia after which i’m going to tell them I didn’t win He thinks i am kidding and i "No just did not win right here" i’ll depart no room for this Olympia …..None! For doubters i’ll come there and you’re going to now not feel what you see. Recollect my phrases! I obviously do not feel it’s simply between me and Sadik it can be me and Sadik vs.Every person else .

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