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ZYTO Foods for Wellness Biosurvey Basics

This is Brian Hancock. I’m the seniortrainer right here at ZYTO, and i am particularly excited to be right here in these days to talk to youabout a new biosurvey that now we have created known as meals for health Scan.And just from the name itself, you could style of inform the path that we’retrying to move with this biosurvey. The biggest change between this foodsscan and the meals scan that we now have had up to now is we’re in reality going to scanfood virtual objects as balancers as a substitute than stressors. Just to get started right here,that is the reveal that you’ll see when you decide on the foods for health Scan.And opening with the top here, it simply says "Please pick any diets yourclients follow. Determining the weight-reduction plan filter will incorporate handiest items in that categoryin the foremost file. Nonetheless, any foods that do not meet the standards of aselected class will still be viewable in the diets filter." in order an illustration, ifyou have somebody that follows a Paleo weight loss plan, this will likely definitely leave out beans andgrains from the record.Nonetheless, there is a Diets Filter document so one can showshow you the way their body replied to beans and grains. Just as one more example,in case you’ve got a person that’s dairy-free, and would not need to devour dairy,it’ll miss the dairy products from the document. Nevertheless, there might be in the DietFilters report, it’ll exhibit how the body spoke back to those gadgets that do containdairy. On this instance, i will go ahead and select the Nightshades-Free asmy category. It’ll eliminate nightshades from the outcome of the mainreports, but i will even be ready to move to the Diets Filter document and see how mybody replied to nightshades often.So i’m going to go forward and click on Nexthere to get started with the scan. And we’re going to do a reside scan on me. Sooften we emerge as speakme about meals from the point of view of what are not able to I devour, whatshould I be fending off, and you recognize in this case we’re kind of flipping thescript right here and altering the paradigm.We’re scanning for foods to search out outwhich meals digital objects the physique responds nice to, and the meals that yourclients should in all likelihood focal point on in editing their their diets, and whatthey’re drinking. An additional change between this detailed biosurvey, thisnew foods biosurvey, the meals for wellness Scan and the earlier foods scan iswe’re, we’re additionally including the results for any gadgets the physique responded to witha zero dR response. In terms of balancers once we see a 0 dR responseto a balancer, we consider that to be a neutral response. In the old foods scan,the, the previous meals scan that you’ve used, the zero dR responses had been neglected fromthe report altogether, so you can end up with a shortened list of meals. Inthis new foods biosurvey, we truely have a brand new zero dR filter that enables us tofilter out those objects and surely comprise them by means of that filter on thereport.So you’ll be able to see the food virtual objects you had a coherent response to, theitems that you simply had a zero dR response to, and then the objects that you just had anincoherent response to. Alright, so after it scanned for the the meals asbalancers, it went by means of a small class scan where it recognized thedifferent stressor classes, and type of ranked them headquartered on the body’sresponse to them. In this case, my physique had an out-of-variety response to foods asstressors. In order that, that category includes meals that would be considered as astressor rather than a balancer to the physique.Food chemical compounds and components, and then components derived from GMOs.So in thiscase i might decide on these 3, and that manner i can i will be able to alter or manipulate thenumber of objects that I scan for and handiest scan for these objects which can be relevantto to the person that is being scanned. So i’ll go ahead and pick those3 collections, and click on next. Now down here, that you may kind of see someof the things which can be getting scanned. Oh ice cream confirmed up; i guess dependson my emotional state, I would recollect ice cream to be a balancer on celebration. Now that we’ve completed the scan forthe stressors, with it now generates reports. One of the crucial things that we try todo with this specific new foods for wellness Scan used to be create a extra robustreport options.And you’ll find right here we’ve got acquired 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, eight, 9, 10 unique reviews. The first file here we might recollect the predominant report, and in that essential file as we scroll by means of that,i’m going to go ahead and adjust the the scale of the document right here. As you see here,it’s going to show me all of the beans and legume virtual objects my physique had apositive response to. After which also those that my body had a zero dR response to. And we’ve also tried to, our design teamwent by means of and, you recognize, created a bunch of new icons and pics for thereport to make them more visually attractive. Here underneath drinks, in thepast we used to just have alcoholic drinks; now we without a doubt have a bunchof special tea choices, and felt that will be a pleasant thing so as to add.And onceagain you can see the, the choices right here, one of the things the physique had a 0 dRresponse to versus matters that the body had a positive response to. One thingjust to note, and for so that you can recognize is something that does have a0 dR, we do don’t forget that a neutral response and whatever that might beokay for the individual to do not forget drinking. In order we go by means of the record right here, youknow, that you may ordinarily see we have now, we have now acquired this divided up by way of class, whichthen enables us to type of gift this as a meals record, a grocery browsing listto the purchaser. Yet another area that we quite created a lot more digital Itemsfor used to be the spice and seasonings collection.And so this is simply style of away for individuals to broaden their palate, and appear at other options that they maynever have regarded previously, and spices, and herbs that they mightconsider including of their cooking. Down right here we do have the objects the body hadthe high negative response to, and mainly that is the highest 30 items. Sothese are the these are the matters the physique had a biologically incoherentresponse to, and probably some of the foods that they must don’t forget no longer includingin their food regimen. However as soon as again, we would like the focal point to be on the meals that theyshould be including in their weight loss program. The intention here with this foods forWellness scan was to make it less complicated for the practitioner to interpret theresults of the foods that we scanned as balancers.So now as an alternative of as an alternative ofhaving to fear about whether whatever is in range or out of range, all you haveto consider is whether or not the body had a constructive dR price response to the item,or a bad dR price response to the item, after which make your selection basedon that. Thanks for observing this training video on the meals for Wellnessscan. I am hoping you are as desirous about this biosurvey, this new biosurvey as i am. Ifyou have any questions or any feedback for us, believe free to contact us. Thanksagain..

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