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You haven’t any chance against him He used to be fu*king insane massive he’s real a monster pure massiness in it is worth form nobody can raise that much weight no person will attain and beat this sort of physique there isn’t a person who I’ve ever visible trainwith that potential like underneath any circumstance, he can keep outall night, the guy stayed up all night time He got to the squat rack and that i noticed himsquat 800 pounds for 12 reps I mean mindblowing! He is the strongest bodybuilder I’veever visible I’ve noticeable him do going for walks lunges with 100 kilos from the health club to the street and back to the gymnasium again if you wouldn’t have genetics you ain’t gonnabe a champion at nothing so in case you bought genetics to start out with – it is gonna take numerous rough work it is gonna take a number of resolution it is gonna take a ton of sacrifice you ought to have the motivation out of this world it can be all tough work and choice I are not able to beat Ronnie considering the fact that Ronnie is unbeatable for my opinion the most important THE FREAKIEST THE KING OF BODYBUILDING UNBEATABLE MONSTER ARE YOU competent?

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