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Music Therapy Techniques for Wellness: The Iso Principle | Berklee Online

Let’s speak in regards to the iso-precept. This can be a centralconcept in song cure. And it has to do with theGreek word iso means equal. And tune therapists know that in orderto alternate one’s mood, one’s technique, they fairly need to matchtheir mood with the music. So if you’re feeling very depressed,just really downhearted and unmotivated, if I placed on some peppy song, bigtempo alterations, all kinds of new themes and a wealthy timbre, it’s going to beso a ways faraway from how you believe that you just are not able to relate to that.And that track might bevery agitating for you. Similarly, if you’re feelingoverwhelmed, and anxious, and agitated, and also you cannot even sitstill, if we performed some sluggish track with longthemes and really soft music, it would not fairly reach you. It would now not resonate. So what music therapistdo is to check out and find that tune that matcheswhere you’re emotionally and steadily change that tune.Probably, the tune is veryfast and really chaotic, in view that you are feeling so confusedand steadily, that tune will exchange. The themes can be singled out. It will turn out to be more consonant. There’ll be more resonantharmonies and flowing themes. And the reverse possibly proper should you’refeeling relatively lonely, and isolated, and you’re just looking some peace.The song would gradually construct,build in tempo, getting rapid, build in dynamics, gettinglouder, building in complexity making the timbre much richer and fulland slowly convey you out of that funk. That is the iso-principle. You are going to look some animateddemonstrations of some track that might someway suit someone’s moodand alternate it just over a couple of minutes. So pay attention and watch and see whatyou gain knowledge of about this essential music therapy proposal. [MUSIC PLAYING] .

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