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Clayton Lewis: “Personalized Wellness Era” | Talks at Google

[Music] i am joyful to introduce Clayton Lewis who’s the CEO of our evil and an evil was a -up of the 12 months i’m hoping that you simply read the description he is an Ironman triathlete accomplished executive person that’s very sufferer about well being wellbeing has like a quite kinda wealthy career in this in in this space over the last couple many years I think so in these days we’re gonna speak about what his company is doing what his individual motivation in the back of the health is what are the brand new discoveries in the field what are the instruments in the information that his company is generating and how is that influencing lives of his patrons of acquaintances family neighborhood and how it can influence the sector of their future so it starts with you already know like supply a short you know before the introspection of of your motivation or your successes thus far your failures and what can go from there so for anything purpose my whole life i have been fairly passionate around well being and wellbeing and so I used to be raised in small cities in Wyoming and Idaho and my sister shares a narrative that once she used to be six years historical each person had a bit of birthday cake after which all surprising boom the birthday cake was long gone and that i threw it away i am like okay you will have had your piece of sugar and no longer that you simply need to be this loopy or possessed which i am no longer but it’s fascinating to think about kind of what brings passion to every of you and what’s most intriguing and so my very first trade after I was in college which used to be again in 1977 in jap Washington used to be I opened a wellness bar and so approach earlier than men and women were eager about dietary supplements and juicing etcetera I was once just drawn to that then for approximately a decade I labored in politics and so I was one of the most youngest chief of staff’s in Congress and labored for congresswoman who’s the only microbiologist in Congress this was once type of the theme weaves by way of that I did 5 startups and took two of them public and so was once fortunate partnered with particularly exotic entrepreneur after which support them scale their organizations very rapidly then the I went and did a -up and wellbeing and wellbeing and it was backed by Mavs Ron which is a consumer only venture capital firm founded by way of Howard Schultz so then Howard and Dan Levitan requested me to join as a enterprise capitalist and so for eight years I checked out wellbeing and well being and i walked away thinking okay this can be a very tattered class and i think the health classes failed for three factors so the primary rationale is humans most likely do not get up and feel today I need to be healthy you recognize chocolate cake threat of diabetes tends to be a sexy clear alternative eat that cake you understand the 2nd what’s exciting and particularly you understand this on your world data clearly paralyzes humans and so it is so exciting for the reason that shoppers are spending hundreds of thousands of greenbacks you know the way many humans do you know have a Fitbit they’re seeking to take 10,000 steps and they’ve obviously no concept where they are going seeing that the data shouldn’t be linked to something they care about after which eventually this can be heresy but you know a lot of younger remarkable entrepreneurs would come in and say oh it is all concerning the app or the shiny device and we suppose passionately a terrible you truly desire a person in the relationship so there is a venture capitalist we’ve got run goal contributors we wanted again and so a gentleman who’s our co-founder dr.Lee hood was once on the prime of my record and the intent is Lee is one of the first scientists that mapped the human genome he is viewed the father of programs biology if you are a scientist it can be an extraordinary honor to be invited to become a member of some of the country wide Academies of science leads one in all 15 folks in all three but then we’re in my venture capital hat lease centered or co-founded 15 businesses that at present are valued at roughly 200 billion so he is continually launched firms into industries and so i’d been dating Lee for approximately four years and he mentioned platon let’s go have dinner and i am pondering sport on I get to again Lee hood and he stated okay science and data is to a factor where we are able to seem at members as a process appear at their genomics look at blood look at their gut microbiome appear at their saliva and through taking this holistic view of members we will absolutely support them optimize her health and extra importantly restrict transitions to ailment in both the quick time period and for decades to return and so he’s sharing this imaginative and prescient with me and he said we’re gonna exchange the arena we’re gonna launch a brand new enterprise which we’re calling scientific well being and it is gonna be the largest company of my career and he is the founding father of am gem and he facets to me and says you are gonna be the CEO and so right here i am okay by the way you already know I put full disclaimer and you already know like one of the most Alpha customers so far available at any time when the provider used to be introduced I talked to my wife okay I wanna do this my historical past was once additionally in you recognize bioinformatics so I was really style of overjoyed that you guys type of began that and the way the company is developing and offering kind of more features and customers etc correct so in that vein can you explain more with the changes that you’re facing in the subject am i able to put stripping a brand new start up you comprehend it from floor Zero developing operation you realize are you able to share a bit of bit extra small print about that so when Lee got here with this inspiration that was once all in regards to the knowledge cuz of direction Lisa scientists so he would believe it was once all in regards to the information and that i shared kind of my view of what I discovered in the in the wellness category him and in addition to my work I’ve additionally been on the Harborview clinical core board for 14 years so we’re a trauma one clinic for 23% of land mass in the united states and we’re also on the public health center so we are you aware a few hundred million bucks of charity care we treat all people exactly the same that the individuals that work at Harborview are distinctive i’m additionally on the board at the school of Washington medical center and so and after I first joined style of doing volunteer work and governance work in wellness care I concept k every person must have entry to wellness care however of direction as you dive in you be trained it is no longer quite wellbeing care it’s unwell care for the reason that normally in the united states an usual man or woman spends 17 minutes over the course of a 12 months at their primary care physicians 17 minutes so in that 17 minutes they’re in actual fact going to make certain you don’t have any signs and i have such recognize for wellness I mean naturally i’m on two boards but these members are informed to deal with issues they’re not handled they may be now not designed or educated to optimize your current well being so when Lee came with this thought I had been following an extra company in town the place I was once seeking to recruit out the CEO to begin one other business known as free and clear and what I adored about free and clear is they had probably the most efficacious smoking cessation conduct trade weight-loss application in the nation and it was all about habits change they usually had scaled to where they were onboarding they’ve long past from forty,000 individuals a year to four hundred,000 and a couple of yr earlier than they have been offered to a lehre so I rated the corporation I acquired there chief translational science officer their head of teaching their chief industry officer even their Director of Finance to return support us construct this organization and we decided to do a test in 2014 and so in actual fact Lee and that i recruited 108 of our neighbors and we did what’s known as an institutional overview board accepted gain knowledge of and it seemed a number of like this room folks came every person proposal they had been healthy all actively engaged within the healthcare process and so we created this dance dynamic information cloud so first we did whole genome sequencing and we you should be really clear genes are not your fate however it offers us some quite interesting insights into predispositions so that’s quadrant one quadrant two we checked out was scientific labs and so when you get a average bodily they’re gonna appear at about 30 unique analytes we appear at north of 90 when you consider that it is these analytes which are a reflection of your lifestyles selections thus far then we take us alive the dimension and we look at four different day part measurements of saliva on the grounds that that gives us insights into hormones cortisol stages are you fairly managing this stress seem at gut microbiome it can be a nascent field however in the context of a approach it’s beautiful intriguing and so after which of path assign a coach and the coaches are registered dietitians so these hundred nate persons as they went by means of this journey and i will share my story I was one in every of them grew to become out ninety percent of them had meaningful dietary deficiencies which means nutritional deficiencies impacting the wellbeing experience the fallacious 70% over time we’re moving toward continual disorder states and it doesn’t mean on Wednesday you’re gonna get diabetes however appear at coronary heart wellness dimensions diabetes stress markers optimum nutrition and 3% we’re living with ailments so i will share some stories so at that factor i’m a venture capitalist and medication in health and well being I was once president of the board of Harvey clinical center within the middle of training for Ironman Canada and i had accomplished this experiment in regards to the past 4 months where I bought an a paleo eating regimen because I thought the Paleo triathletes look to be turbo and and i’ll have notable blood markers with this Paleo food plan and that i embraced it wholeheartedly and so I variety of mentioned to depart my cup manage yeah i’m gonna be the healthiest man or woman on this be taught and so my knowledge comes back and the very first thing my teach says is you are pre-diabetic and i am like oh there is been a data switch like that cannot and so she helps me appreciate I had a genetic variance where I genuinely are not able to procedure a paleo food regimen i need rich dense elaborate carbohydrates in each single meal to normalize my blood sugar stages so how counterintuitive is that could be a paleo may be pre-diabetic with very excessive infection markers so what she then aid me fully grasp is that 108 people I had the best mercury degree of someone within the be taught to the point the place someday i admire to claim it was once going to have an effect on my neurological functions and so consider about it I get it bodily every 12 months you already know i am actively engaged no person’s ever told me this so once once more the value of the ‘train registered dietitian backed up through a clinical crew backed up by using a general practitioner so she says you have variations at about 20% of the population have the place you do not approach toxins as well some individuals in order that perhaps the cause on your buildup do you devour various tuna sushi and let recognize i’m a salmon guy and so additional exploration well how historic had been you I was 56 on the time do you have got a variety of historical fillings and for roughly a decade my dentist has said you recognize you should get these films replaced and like yeah subsequent 12 months next yr and so these ancient amalgam fillings had been leeching mercury into my physique since they have got these versions correct do not system toxins as good some folks they constructed up and so the entire sudden have received insights and rationale to get these feelings replaced had a mole replaced it took my physique a few year to normalize my mercury phases on the extra severe facet and some of the first matters the train did is it says why you’re here you already know what’s being healthy appear like what do you need to be doing at five years what do you need to be doing in ten years so this individual shared he so I keen about mountaineering they are living to hike and he was once starting to have cartilage disorders in his ankle and his medical professional sort of like early sixties there there that stuff happens and so we do the genetic profile and he is acquired a predisposition for hemochromatosis which is the body does not system iron and so then we on our regular panel look at ferritin levels which is an indication of iron totally extended now we’re a wellbeing organization so we do not treat we don’t diagnose we do not prescribe so we are saying take this information and go have a conversation along with your medical professional we surely received a thanks notice from the health practitioner when you consider that he mentioned I did not have entry to genetic knowledge and so I shouldn’t have thought to appear on the ferritin phases and the great news is that whilst you capture hemochromatosis early you simply need to donate blood on a typical foundation and that normalizes the iron stage so we did the study of 108 people and dramatically expanded I mean all of them said you realize you materially expanded my wellbeing and so we decided to launch a startup and so we launched Arabelle two years ago last July and as a -up initially we raised 36 million bucks have raised about a different 15 s have raised about 50 million today and like each just right scarred up tons of scar tissue and tons of successes however what we’re most keen about is anxious about 4,000 individuals now have long gone by means of the flagship application and every individual that indicators up they get an e mail from me with my cellphone telephone quantity my e mail handle and so I speak to tons and lots of people who go by way of the software and simply so passionate considering of the influence that these individuals on this journey of what they’re doing to change their lives settings for the query yeah yeah yeah quality so let’s spin somewhat bit into the into this style of very nascent discipline of the enterprise for illustration I did just like the 23andme experiment it is been owing so i guess to answer immigrants earlier than but with a different variety of niche offering me more of introspection of what are your genetic predisposition for distinct illnesses used to be your ancestry and everything else and that i feel that they did it amazingly good at pleasant interface fine and then somewhere in the center they did not accelerate the pattern to get from that point to a folk a different combo method correct so headquartered on the information established on you understanding accumulating and one-of-a-kind alerts like your blood saliva assessments and and basically understanding I feel that you simply entered into that house very efficiently but I look like other organist and usavariety of getting into the area so how do you feel that entire house even it’s extra nascent now right here a couple of players how do you see that entire area going so as an investor I met with an the founder 23andme and really grateful for what she’s finished since she spent enormous quantities of millions of greenbacks creating a manufacturer and it’s intriguing for the reason that both 23andme and ancestry what they’ve performed is that they’ve raised customer awareness to believe okay genetics i can be taught my ancestry and that’s type of fun you know and for $ninety nine what the heck it is a transactional buy and so from a common patron cognizance it can be form of both people pondering I wanted about my genetics for a disease State or let’s discover where i am from and that i suppose ants and a excellent job there what’s fascinating definitely is that the information she has is from a snip panel it’s a fairly constrained quantity of genetic information and it can be one information set one moment in time and so after we checked out that I’ve but to satisfy a individual who went by way of 23andme and stated oh it converted my life i’m so much more fit because of what I discovered and so what we have been very fascinated about is we’re even quite clear with our members genes aren’t your fate and we actually do not even instruct the genetic variants we’re coaching to the clinical analytes however what we’re doing is looking on the variants to aid us realise why we possibly seeing what we see within the blood data and so first big difference is where a method genetics data acquired microbiome saliva seeking to seem at you as a approach given that persons have indicators from exclusive ingredients second we refresh it folks’s blood every six months given that it is the exchange in the analytes the exchange in the data are are we moving you from red to inexperienced and i’m in 12 months three of the software and i am now just turning my awareness to my cortisol stage when you consider that I needed to get the diabetes and determine then I needed to get the cortisol work in examine and so and what’s most important we organized these 5 well being dimensions so you already know diabetes chance coronary heart health the inflammation top of the line nutrition for each and every of you in the room they would be stacked ranked established on what we see going on in your blood then within every wellbeing dimension the analytes can be stacked ranked to what you need to work on what you need to watch and what’s top of the line and what’s quality about that’s it’s dynamic but then shall we say you bought a coronary heart wellness we’re gonna exhibit you genetic versions that impact one of the culture selections you have to make so for illustration we appear at LDL and it’s a geek out just a little bit right here so our scientists have curated over a thousand genetic editions involving LDL on account that what’s fascinating is a single genetic variant is infrequent and of itself and has confined influence but you put a thousand genetic variations together we create algorithms we appear on the weighting some are confident some are negative and now we have executed experiences and so it’s been fascinating that for LDL the bad ldl cholesterol we put roughly at that factor we had three thousand participants into five quintiles and came up with a genetic predisposition for having excessive LDL and everyone mapped fantastically to their genetic predisposition except they were on a statin so then how can we use that know-how to instruct so shall we embrace you come in and you have a tremendous genetic predisposition and you have particularly excessive LDL the coach is aware of we’ll be capable to present some exciting way of life strategies which are really going to affect that we’re on the flip aspect I genetically am screwed from an LTL viewpoint I consume proper I undertaking i’m in class 5 and genetically that is the place i’m gonna be and so my train says make certain you are talking to your doctor a few calcium scan of your heart might be Carteret artery to variety of see are you constructing up so that’s where the genetics as soon as again can convey to life to kind of supply visions of once we’re looking at all these analytes what will have to we be watching for that reply the query yeah so listening to just like the build-up just a little we don’t know what you mentioned and once I variety of venture into the baseline all the reviews right basically what’s a baseline for wellbeing for each man or woman on among the exams that that you’re delivering proper present the blood markers they have like a categories for you already know a long time that okay you understand if you are on this class that everything’s fine i but that very own man or woman person groundwork right and then in finding inexperienced you you go extra into the depth of each scale then you can have like a more kind of best grayed out evaluating individual centered on the variations into the genome and and everything else right and in among the advice is in actual fact historic recommendation within the classical sort of well being industry at present and depends on those standardized measurements that they are announcing but for you for every person proper so i’m guys pondering extra about that field going more in-depth so proper now the message is major optimize health that what’s exciting is to look at genetic predisposition each for wellbeing and for disease and so we’re now launching some medical trials so provide you with one instance our co-founder dr.Lee hood believes that Alzheimer’s is regularly truly eight to 10 extraordinary illnesses and so should you go in and appreciate any individual’s genetic predisposition good it might be then the ohmic that’s brought about the ailment say it’s a protein or a metabolite or a medical lab and even something for your intestine in the event you interested the genetic predisposition for different members then you’d virtually seem at one-of-a-kind omics to assert is the disorder triggered and if it is precipitated what could be the right would be despatched in some instances pharmaceutical resolution what stands out as the correct culture advice to really sluggish down or reverse the transition into the ailment state so on this first one we’re launching with Alzheimer’s we’re taking 200 individuals have early cognitive decline so and very first thing we’re doing goes in and creating these dense dynamic data clouds to understand what’s targeted about them genetically then we had been on if you’re not in science you may also now not recognize this publication called Nature Biotechnology that it’s regarded if not the primary the 2d most leading scientific journal in the world it is a peer-reviewed journal so we submitted a paper on the first hundred and eight members and what our scientist did is that we came up with a correlation community the place we checked out anyone’s genetic predisposition and then we found what had been the signals to that genetic predisposition to metabolites proteomics medical labs intestine microbiome and for this paper the scientists just pulled out 32 distinctive alerts of the 32 alerts that we recognized the correlations turned out – have been already medications in market as soon as a drug and scientific trial and the opposite 29 there used to be no paper or research we could find now what’s important about that’s that lots of you on this room right now could have a sickness that began on your physique and you can also not have signs for a year and in some cases for a decade but when you sooner or later have symptoms that is when you’re going to show up or present your self to the healthcare procedure well imagine if we understood your genetic predisposition and we understood which omec is distinct to you that we must be monitoring if there may be whatever that is fairly high hazard it is beginning to do this at a very low price so here is an example an character been in our software for two years very regrettably shared along with her teach that she’d been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in says stage four pancreatic melanoma tends to be failed since it can be stage 4 seeing that it is asymptomatic as it can be going by way of its whole journey so we bio bank blood from each single blood draw which we do each six months so with the permission of the person we went again and we analyzed the prior four blood draws over two years and did a fairly broad proteomic panel turns in the market’s a protein that was once completely out of range from the other 3,000 contributors for this individual wholly on range and he or she used to be the only outlier as we did study on that protein it turns out it’s linked to the perform of the pancreas so imagine if we keen on genetic predisposition for pancreatic melanoma not hard to do then think if we actually can determine what is the omec you know a protein metabolite that says that ailment has brought about began its experience and knew to intercept it long earlier than actual harm is finished a further illustration man or woman comes in she has a protein that in our first interplay along with her is materially out of range so we work with unbiased 1/3-occasion doctor he referred to as her mentioned you must go see your health care provider she’s like good I had the flu throughout the blood draw he stated k good that would have been it six months later is still out of range so once once more health care professional referral says she’s gonna do it it would not do it six months later now we’re 18 months in and we’re like our chief translational science officer Calder’s that we don’t know that is severe but you fairly need to go have a conversation turns out she had leukemia and so once once more it can be interesting now as our corporation is aging to seem at these transitions from well being to disease and of course the gigantic thought here is to prevent the transition to diseases considering that of the place the science is and so that’s part of what we’re doing an extra example would be in view that we appear at intestine microbiome which is so nascent I imply it can be very nice and what’s fascinating is that there is corporations launching you recognize which can be only watching at the intestine and we have now a quantity of contributors that are gurus in this so as we appear on the bacteria in anybody’s bought there may be particular forms of micro organism that if you are over listed aunty Mao if you happen to devour crimson meat in both the short term in the long term you are gonna do significant cardiovascular damage to your procedure so we now provide each person a TMAO ranking to assert your TMO is tremendously accelerated you traditionally one-oh avoid purple meat or we ought to determine how you can drive higher diversity to your intestine if you’re passionate about consuming red meat so there’s a couple few examples wow that is spectacular so that is what i am thinking correct how do you see the long run going into this field object like one we right here at Google oh that we reside from the times on the true-time knowledge proper that keeps style of coming one hundred percentage of the time what system that and we build programs to process that is right here in like within the film you realize it appears very nascent proper right here taking the blood was for six months proper the microgram tears and what’s prettier than Salva test one spurious one all proper after which the DNA often quite simply it is fixed due to the fact that it can be your cold and you do not have to repeat that but you then knowing how do you see you see can any form of future investments going into the field to make this type of extra can i real-time now it is tough correct it’s difficult to variety of inject the chip and get your blood test a Wi-Fi real-time transmitted so day-to-day can monitor that or get your microbiome analyzed daily however they see that the future going there so three matters one after we did our preliminary learn two and a half of years in the past we had been spending ten thousand greenbacks per character on the assays considering the fact that we were each we each the number of assays and the frequency of the assays we didn’t understand where the sign was going to be coming from so for 2 years we burned through quite a few enterprise capital where we were doing all of this data we now have now lowered the asset fee all the way down to roughly twelve hundred dollars and we’re giving all of the specified same know-how and so one of the first matters to be interested by is of course you might have all heard about Moore’s law involving genetics yeah i know when Lee did the primary micro of first whole genome sequence God is aware of how a lot what it was once we have been spending roughly 1400 on whole genome sequence and now we’re doing a snip now given that we’re getting the identical information you understand so in two years a manufacturer went from spending roughly fifteen hundred to 175 on genetics equal data second thing that we did is that as we now with these first three thousand participants every six months we had been doing the entire panel of omics well now we know if specific omics are within the inexperienced they may be now not going to maneuver into the yellow or pink within six months so we do what it’s known as reflexive checking out at a six month mark full testing so what we’ve got bought to do is get the rate down you realize for the first delivering of roughly seventy days for all the blood and all of the genetics proper now it’s 999 dollars a variety of humans that’s too much cash and our purpose is to democratize this and so you comprehend it used to be so sad to follow what occurred at their nose considering that if microfluidics what it worked that will have been a fantastic way to make it a a lot less complicated and be way more low priced but we do think technology rate in the assay price might be coming down so that is job one job too well being care is basically a large ocean liner and it can be very gradual to change but what’s been intriguing in my 14 years as a trustee is that when I first joined the board you realize our KPIs rahl round billing codes where we needed to invoice for the capsule a gadget the hour we’re now in volume situated pricing so in case you exhibit up and you have an occasion and you’re coded for that event I exhibit up and have the identical occasion and i’m coded for that equal event you stay three days I stay two weeks we’re gonna become profitable on you we’re going to lose a boatload of cash on me and so the fundamental KPI correct now in the health care method is size of stay on account that it has very perverse motivations and of course it can be all billing codes and there is only a few billing codes for wellbeing however they may be opening to be some intriguing signals so the Boeing organization two years in the past you issued an ACO contract the place they mentioned this is 20,000 lives you major healthcare techniques can bid to handle these 20,000 participants however oh incidentally it’s a constant cost contract so you are gonna handle them and not raise your charges for five years and historically we raised our fee every year 12 to sixteen percent so we bid on it we be in the institution of Washington healthcare procedure the windfall st.Joseph’s healthcare system bid on it and off we go three years in providence pulled out since they could not figure it out and we on the university of washington approach it’s the first time within the board room i hear like how are we gonna maintain these folks healthy you recognize so genuinely trying to believe about not optimizing treating diseases however simply retaining humans healthy so there’s going to be some exchange there that’s gonna must be some trade there may be three drivers of human wellness three drivers of human wellness any experience of what they’d be exercise relaxation exceptional any of the weight loss program well you’re usually spot-on set three drivers within the course of your lifetime thirty percent of your health relies on genetics 60 percentage conduct culture environment ten percent the healthcare method and so consider how crazy it’s that we’re devoting 18% of our GDP to the tiniest slice now go one stage deeper so what is the fundamental tool physicians have pharmaceuticals proper so there are experiences that point out of the highest ten grossing medicinal drugs within the night time States today the highest 10 grossing essentially the most effective helps one out of 4 folks that take the drug the least strong helps one out of 24 so think of the billions that we’re giving men and women these drugs which can be definitely not helping in lots of cases hurting specifically when they are combos of them due to the fact that’s where that science is so far and so we’re in conversations with some pharmaceuticals correct now a one example so non-small-cell lung cancer late stage there may be an amine immuno of immunotherapy that is binary both it really works or it does not work if it works you are living if it does not work you die and they do not know why and in order that pharmaceutical corporations come to us and stated we want to put 200 men and women which have this disorder late-stage we want you Arabelle to create this dense dynamic knowledge clouds for these contributors so that they can have an understanding of is there a genetic profile that this drug virtually works or does not work after which is there an interesting ohmic Dehradun that we will determine additionally that may help us have an understanding of that so in of one data has the knowledge to make the well being care method way more potent and obviously prescribed drugs I believe I bought a tangent there yeah so let’s go somewhat bit more into that into into this discipline so i’m looking at for illustration what craig Venter is doing with the human sturdiness lassitude and and that initiative as good so it sounds as if they you recognize they may be doing you know it quite it can be a identical process to what you might have however on top of it enforcing with the detail most evolved MRI scans and all stuff so the place do you see from the data facets that you’re gathering overall at present what are you lacking one of the vital tremendous things is that they memorize some thing else it is like memorial time information how do you see the subject going one two years from now right so Craig Venters has that enterprise called human longevity Institute and its cost factor is roughly $25,000 and also you go to San Diego and it is cool and it can be attractive however we’ve got had quite a lot of humans go by means of hli and plenty of persons go via air valve and what they are saying the respect is is that you assign a educate I talked to my instruct some individuals every day texting and asking with it and that coach is taking that calm data and translating it into exact suggestion established on what i’m inclined to do and what I wish to accomplish that that’s difference one from a market viewpoint on the assay part Lee hood and his scientist on the Institute’s help biology continue to have numerous assays that they want us to do and so for participants we actually do a couple discovery assays where we are not able to share the information again considering that they’re no longer but from CLIA approved labs and it can be now not necessarily actionable but in the back of the scenes in addition to the blood saliva gut microbiome and we’re looking at proteomics and metabolites and that is where there’s some relatively exciting alerts of once we look at these correlations of genetic hazard then understanding what oming does that hyperlink to and in order I shared for the illustration of the person that had pancreatic cancer or the individual who had leukemia that was once by using looking at proteomics of metabolites and we proceed to do discovery work however part of it is a nascent startup that’s funded via venture capital is that continuously trying to figure out that balance of where to make these investments but some of our companions now are coming to us and pronouncing okay like realize it so again to providence st.Joseph they have put a thousand of their employees into Arabelle for three years and they’re doing a scientific trial where the announcing ok we want to be a healthcare procedure that clearly keeps individuals good and so we’re putting a thousand of our employees in to learn what is the influence of scientific health in terms of decreasing healthcare claims rate improving health overall an extra illustration would be Colgate so I didn’t appreciate half of the arena’s population makes use of a Colgate product for oral care and so they’ve countless manufacturers so that they heard about Lee hood they heard about air valve p4 remedy and got here to us and stated the way forward for oral care is going to be some degree in of one and their thesis is there may be about five significant distinctive types of oral microbiome and headquartered on each of you in the room possibly fallen into one of these five categories they are setting up enamel care or oral care that it’d be much more impactful for you situated in your particular microbiome and so we’re now worried in a clinical trial with them to have an understanding of how would we look on the total procedure of an character and determine what is the right oral so beginning to be quite a few and if one experiments to have an understanding of we’re targeted and of path we’re all handled exactly the equal all right cool so you already know like i’m very optimistic about their field proper and i feel that you thanks I’ve James against taking 18 percent of our you already know and GDP and repurposing that on the longer term if successful to something far more significant than for for everybody that lives in this country and expectantly on the earth I ask so let’s go one step past proper you know your personal ideas on you recognize a cold initiatives by Aubrey de gray mostly candle sturdiness where the strains the place the borders let’s pronouncing like a mile patron I follow all of your strategies advices yeah I mean the excellent Hannity no like where is the frontier beyond that tell me so the opra de grce instantly it can be the longevity your Institute and it’s one of the most vocal you know like expertise of in actual fact fixing each sickness cardiovascular Alzheimer’s that you recognize the fundamental cancer right a principal motive of that and then past that like a dressing like the senescence problems within the body and then you already know i am having a thought that at some time point you are aware of it’s not 120 years the highest age of humans but it may be increased in for who is aware of how long proper so your thoughts into that good i’m gonna give you I believe an reply that’s not gonna slot in so what we aspire to do is help folks optimize your well being and avert ailment for a lifestyles crammed at joyful moments and genuinely what we do is every week in our staff conferences coaches rise up and share reviews from contributors in phrases of what they are really doing and the very first thing a instruct is gonna do is say why are you here you recognize what’s it imply to be healthful why do you need to be healthy and of path what Simpson is most folks clearly do not even consider about that you understand or have you ever thought about what you need to look like in 20 years and what you wish to have to be doing quality however no longer a variety of folks have and so what we aspire to do a terrible is help folks are living full joyful you realize mighty lives where you are not folk completed being ill and distribute well but we’re clearly peculiarly me i am not truely pondering that dwelling without end is necessarily a goal or an aspiration and so we now have a little bit bit of a shaggy dog story internally aware proper now when you get to 100 and you’re healthful and pleased you are likely to die fairly rapidly and so our purpose is to get you to 100 have you depart full rich lives after which you are to your own and you can mainly have a system failure and go swiftly and so the we surely don’t spend a lot of time thinking about past the countless numbers base ok i am simply going one step foot a little s yeah why is your in order that’ll be the following start next k ok sure sure sure but it surely also what’s so fascinating about that is that when again all people have these special and of ones so one other story with Alzheimer’s so now we have taken our roughly 4 thousand purchasers now we’ve created polygenic hazard profiles their likelihood to have Alzheimer’s and now we’re diving in a saying okay what’s certain and so we put them into 5 quintiles once more and so the fifth quintile the individuals at perfect hazard began say what’s particular about these participants good it seems the normal individual is the age the amyloids in your brain begin to develop and so there’s an indication that that actually might be a protective function that helps retain cognitive operate so for quintile quantity 5 at easiest risk this staff as their agent their amyloids don’t seem to be increasing so you understand once once more how interesting is that whilst you feel about these principal chronic ailment states that as we’re all living longer what is the implication of what we have got to be watching at to make sure we are dwelling healthful lives as we age okay so i consider like yet another query and then we are going to supply it to the viewers ok so sincerely on scaling matters among which you could seem intriguing good what style of private coaches and the whole lot else is it scalable right so basically I consider you already know anybody in this room are style of first-rate-tuned to building artificial intelligence systems or as a minimum looking at them into a real lives and sincerely automating that we are able to sew and to scale right to building a world even as you know infrastructure throughout the bigness of customers correct are you able to scale that well so the backend of how we consider about scaling is that quite a few what your manufacturer’s been distinguished at and so when we initially launched the reason I went rated free and clear is that they had scaled inside five years from serving 40,000 members a 12 months to four hundred thousand contributors with the comfy teaching application but of path the four hundred thousand isn’t very many so when we in the beginning launched the organization for every teaching call the medical staff spent roughly two hours making ready chart notes seeing that we had information coming from 14 special labs giving the chart notes to the train and then the train coming up with suggestions so two hours for roughly a 45-minute name two hours of prep and post right now the prep and submit is all the way down to about 20 minutes and the way in which we’ve been capable to do this is that we’ve computer studying that’s tracking every single advice that the medical teams making so now as the information is coming in about 70% of the strategies are automated and so these exception principles which are going again out to the clinical workforce and our goal by the end of q1 is to get strategies roughly at ninety five percentage computerized now the control definitely is that the dietitian is licensed is watching at that data and announcing does that make experience 2nd thing is that free and clear their mannequin is essentially their coaches registered dieticians labored from home across the united states and so we see it to be a rather fascinating opportunity in terms of scaling that side third is leveraging science to amplify the connection so correct now the individuals which are making use of the Arabelle app on normal are checking in on the app 14 times a day and it’s the app and the bot that’s extending their relationship so as I mentioned i am working on sleep seeing that like each startup CEO I believe sleep is just not required and so i’ve a purpose right now with my instruct where i am gonna quit working by 10:00 and i am gonna go to mattress by 11:00 so my cellphone tan the air of a lap pops up and it says swipe right if you’re gonna stop working after which at 11 o’clock it pops up and it says you recognize swipe correct if you are gonna go to bed good I most of the time don’t swipe but she sees my Fitbit data on my dashboard seeing that it can be all synced together and so you know I received a text from her after i’ve been on the avenue for roughly per week like Oh how’s that going five hours a night sleep 5 days in a row however you’re really being a fine CEO my goal and your Ironman performance is usually right on monitor is not it Clayton you recognize and so how does technological know-how and BOTS leverage these ambitions so this huge opportunities there after which finally within the backend correct now we’re building the Arabelle Affiliate network and the objective within the subject now Affiliate community is we have already got health practitioner organizations and hospitals coming to us and announcing ok we need to roll this out via our panels and our sufferers and what will also be fascinating about that additionally it is abilities reduction in cogs seeing that of the thousand bucks in assets right now and then of its reimbursed and so but it looks like as we’re talking to his health care professional organizations they perhaps in a position to get reimbursed anywhere from 250 to 300 dollars and so one it can be about science automating the strategies to making use of technological know-how to extend and enhance the coaching relationship to not change it after which a piece-from-residence model and then leveraging different techniques however we spend quite a few time desirous about it yeah cool 2nd query is such as you say your organization’s just two years historic yes and i might say that’s age for start-up so what’s your finish intention you wish to have to be so three three finish targets one the democratization of wellness and so our goal finally is that the wellbeing enterprise will dwarf the ailing care industry and so this class that we’re gonna launch not simply through ourselves with a number of partners that there will likely be extra money striking into staying good and optimizing health and there will be in treating symptoms and it is going to be very low-priced to folks from all walks of lifestyles thanks one produced that much money as being in poor health proper so inform me a different time being well was once this how do you sell insurance in Iraq there are various emphasis into industry benefiting of an individual being unwell precisely so the perverse incentives financial incentives our current system and so it one thing in an effort to be interesting and that i feel will start to occur is very like the illustration of the Boeing ACO I gave you the state of Washington issued an ACO so we’re gonna ought to exchange the inducement of well being care programs and what’s going down right now’s we’re migrating from quantity-situated care which is the place we’re at correct now to worth-situated care and we’re the earliest stages of that but I in reality consider that is the place we will go and so after I’m out talking to well being care methods and to pharmaceutical corporations I say appear at your effects Congress alone just isn’t going to continue to position up with this we all know that the wellness care system today is damaged manner an excessive amount of cash’s going within the challenges is that it’s so gradual to change that you recognize there is a begin-up you perpetually attempting to determine am i innovative for my bleeding facet and so we’ve got received to determine tips on how to get the right partnership so that’s why I used to be so excited that windfall st.Joseph mentioned we’re hanging a thousand employees in on the grounds that we actually wish to change the approach three weeks in the past Spectrum wellness Care system Grand Rapids Michigan so they invited me in to be the keynote speaker at their annual assembly so 300 individuals within the room all their board individuals their CEOs and you understand i’m sincerely giving my talks a and you’re the 10% but you’re taking 18% of the GDP what’s improper with that you simply the physicians spent 17 minutes 17 minutes you cannot support these persons in 17 minutes let’s seem at the drug forgive him after I gave that speak which was once fairly provocative they mutely mentioned we need to type a joint enterprise with you we want to figure out the right way to introduce Arabelle to maintain some physique of members nontoxic so we’re absolutely plowing early ground there and i don’t I do not need a clear direction and so the question is the whole lot in existence notably if you happen to seem at industry it’s progressively steadily then suddenly and when the suddenly happened a transformation takes location and you recognize Seattle we have now pushed quite a lot of them so feel of market leader and so you know market chief what we were doing is making an attempt to give people the keys to the more than one checklist carrier you understand so my mom’s been a realtor without end and i go so that you understand it used to be in the old days you couldn’t purchase or sell a condo with no realtor seeing that that they had the keys to the MLS process so they had all of the information and so Zillow got here along unfolded the keys and now we now have businesses like crimson fin and we as consumers once we buy and sell we go and have a dialog with our realtor which is very different than we did earlier than that they had information you recognize equal factor with journey sellers again in the day for those who wanted to search out the least costly journey a airline ticket you had to go to the travel agent cuz that they had the entire information and so what’s fascinating about arabela’s we’re making our contributors far more sophisticated realize contributors working out their data so quite a lot of them go and have conversations with their general practitioner which might be a lot better knowledgeable conversations and so we feel additionally that one there may be going to be changes by using payers to shoppers are going to demand another level of engagement and expectation after which three as the prices come down and we figure out how to have conversations with men and women you understand very similar to 23andme individuals are curious the highest-selling object on amazon high day prime-promoting object 23andme and so think about that you understand consumers now as I mentioned on the they’re taken with genetics regarding ancestry we’ve bought to get that bridge now genetics about staying good that’s how we consider about it i am confident sorry without a doubt one question I was once involving all this which is the S on do you know what number of like health greenbacks which can be moving toward like bendy spending money owed given that I intuitively feel like I do not know Google without doubt instructed all of our staff you are more commonly going to be higher protected under our flexible spending bills than a number of then like the dodgy well being funding plan than you’re going to be under many of the correct for most cases just you grow to be like having much less out-of-pocket bills over the path of yr and that i began wonder if that’s the case that there are more health spending greenbacks which are relocating to people that have that the capability to make choice is that intuitively I believe you are right I shouldn’t have that knowledge a quick example they may be into it so Intuit decided to launch air bail throughout their group and the very first thing they did is say k we’re gonna let two hundred individuals submit to it and roll within the application oh by the way we intuitive paid our workers participate in wellness applications we’re in command of a thousand bucks for air about and so we’re like excellent so we drop on to the Intuit campus we’re there for 48 hours and there was once best 200 slots when registration opened an hour 10 minutes later all 200 have been taken and in two it had goals round BMI weight that they had objectives around diabetes and so within six months we had exceeded both of these metrics through 50% so then they mentioned okay we wish to sign up a different 200 and now they are rolling out in the course of their whole manufacturer now what into it does is that they put a thousand greenbacks a 12 months into their staff HSA account and they also now can use that money to pay for the Arabelle application so we see more and more where organizations are funding bendy spending money owed wellbeing savings bills for individuals to install towards wellbeing offerings they smooth thanks once more for joining us at present of course question would really like to listen to your factor of view on the data whether or not it’s with our NGO or an extra corporation getting used for memes that are not steady together with your mission considering that I thoroughly accept as true with the mission however suppose coverage organizations using that for pre-existing stipulations and the like so my historic boss congresswoman Louise slaughter definitely handed the Jena laws and the Jena laws cruz prohibits discrimination founded on employment and well being care doesn’t limit discrimination based on long-term incapacity and life insurance so exciting our philosophy is is that you possess your knowledge and we will no longer share your knowledge with someone and the first thing that happens is that when your data comes in it can be all de-identified from any personal wellness information so even supposing our datasets get hacked on the study part it’s been stripped of all identifiable understanding and even these relationships we have with employers like into it or Colgate or providence st.Joseph we you are not able to get access to your employees knowledge and so there must be a vibrant line on the grounds that one if there wasn’t men and women should not have self belief about coming in to a part of what maintains me up at night is information safety due to the fact that we’ve received one of the crucial most prominent individuals within the nation each trade leaders and elected officials in our program they usually said you recognize if you are if my data goes out it will tank my stock cost and so not most effective would it not be a company killing occasion however we’ve eight values and considered one of our values is believe an additional value is privacy that stated dangerous stuff happens and so that you understand it’s a small company with handiest hundred seventy-5 workers we’ve got three undated protection and a group we rent external corporations that are available in and take a look at to hack us down to where they may call in to the customer care line and say oh that is Clayton i need a few of those know-how and so we do a lot of things the place we’re looking to be excited by defending that said reply the query they wouldn’t have access to it now but to be clear the Gina legislation good two things that we’re doing correct now proper now considering the fact that we are a wellbeing and wellbeing enterprise we’re best supplying you with genetic knowledge regarding health and health so we’re now not supplying you with expertise about Braca we’re no longer providing you with expertise about Alzheimer’s were not providing you with information about any of those highly impactful sickness states so we’re no longer even supplying you with understanding the Gina laws for life coverage or for long term disability some coverage organizations will say k do you’ve got this know-how and you understand they’re so they may be asking you to reveal we’re now not have interaction you wouldn’t get that know-how from us seeing that a we have not disclosed it to you now the future is going to be exciting and what i’d say is that you recognize the current FDA is being more thoughtful about figuring out that genetic understanding will have to accept it to participants and they will have to own their possess information so there’s been some vast transformations there yeah I think my query so a few the healthcare enterprise is a highly regulated industry and my foundation Equestrian says want you to remark on the FDA regulations for illustration at one point FDA prohibits businesses that report religions with cancer with Jeannie and then one factor may mean it this man can reside did and easy methods to out of your point of view find out how to overcome these challenges so the FDA is interested as I stated I worked in Congress for a quantity of years and the FDA is somewhat of a black field on the grounds that there may be now not like this playbook that says adequate that is that is what’s happening and matters are evolving so speedily and their positions are evolving peculiarly with the brand new administration and so what we made up our minds to do out of the gates of industry is to include the regulatory apply so the first thing that happens when an character indicators up in each state we operate we’ve got an unbiased 1/3 occasion health care professional in that doctor orders the entire clinical apps the medical labs all our CLIA approved labs and then now we have a licensed legit dietitian licensed in the state the place you live coaching you on what she or he’s allowed to practice so we made a trade determination out of the gate to embrace the regulatory environment so we do not need the 23andme expertise we also when you consider that we’re seeking to exchange individuals’s lives we feel is most important to have the right specialists engaged in the conversation on the flip side the convention with senator patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and patty Murray is the rating Democrat on the Senate health Human offerings Committee so we’ve got been getting in and having conversations along with her and her group and she actually hired a quantity of former FDA staffers to take a look at to support us sort of determine how do we now have thoughtful conversations with the FDA on announcing let’s look at the fact that we’re scientific knowledge let’s look at the fact that there is patrons that take this information and use it in a very strong method and once again thank you to 23andme for being a leader on this space and so they went through and now had a number of genetic editions permitted where the FDA’s looked at how they present that know-how the FDA has reviewed it said ok that’s best to offer that knowledge immediately to a patron the FDA is you recognize originally was once involved given that there weren’t licensed specialists involved you know there physicians reviewing it there weren’t tight issues and so we’ve got taken a different business mannequin to embody the current regulatory atmosphere and totally play via the rules but it is difficult just like the state of latest York the state of recent York is the one state that we can’t function in and we’re going by means of their regulatory method it’ll fee us hundreds of countless numbers of bucks and take a couple of year and suppose about that 49 different states we’re entirely embraced there whether or not to my environment the big apple is unique in phrases of the sum of money we have to spend and the approach and so there are some legacy states which can be challenged however we adore the state of latest York in case you are gazing is there a less yep i would like reaction right normally oh i’d quite prefer to thank Clinton for coming right here in these days to speak to us and i’m hoping everyone enjoyed the speak I particularly cherished all your questions I introduced brochures and trade playing cards over there if you want more information and thank you so much and thank you for being a member and cherished your questions best to have the dialog with you thank you your presses were first-rate you

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