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Chicago Fire – Wellness Check (Episode Highlight)

. – k. We gotta call it. I gotta look after my paramedics. – simply take a seat tight, Chief. We’re this close. – Edmund. – it can be now not him,it’s no longer Shepard. – who’s it then? – that is my brother, Edmund. These are a coupleof paramedics. They wish to dosome kind of health examine. – where are the tests? – in the place of business. – Ruzek, get out of thereimmediately. [suspenseful music] – Come on, come on… – So I rather do havea lot of work to do. Do we simply wrap this— hello, Edmund. Uh, heart diseaseis hereditary. So if you happen to haven’thad a checkup in a whilst, I tremendously suggest it. – i will preserve that in mind. – exceptional. Ok, good, Mr. Lehr,your strain is good, your blood sugar’s common,your lung sounds are clear.We are pleasedthat you’re doing higher. – fully pleased. – Come on. – We got it. – they may be clear. .

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