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WELL…. this is what happened! Part 1

[Music] is hey family, we can are trying finish the Walmann today that is what it looks like set up As you will see that, we hit clear water absolutely of the Borehole with a fairly salty taste and this well of water right here that has one clear traditional style The boys come here and alternatively drink than unlike the borehole water and many others I suppose Ramadan has ended and what the Walmann wants to do is go ahead and wrap it up so he can acquire his money and preserve going about his industry and to the subsequent mission What we’re doing proper now could be that we are attempt to align this hill proper there and put this 5000 liter Plastic container water tank on high a good way to feed gravity round Water in the one of a kind areas, whether we wager even more los aguacates o mangos aqu o simplemente regular los cultivos como el maz sanda cosas de ese tipo o all donde nos dieron la los pltanos y los mangos y cosas por el estilo y cosas as que este it lo que estamos trabajando en el da de hoy kickando de ayudarlo a terminar uh esta proyecto aqu debido a que el uh otras personas no son mostrando porque uh de ramadn o el final festivales as que, eh, estad atentos chicos que esto estaba pasando hoy todos los derechos chicos este it un ngulo diferente de ellos eh la nivelacin de la uh montculo para los 5 000 litros tanque cada vez que agarro un decide on o una pala o algo por el estilo y saltar y tratar de ayudar ello me consideren el viejo hombre, sino que ballena hombre que % corto el hermano de kevin hart tipo de hermano a la derecha hay within the medio l es mayor que yo pero, eh, supongo porque dejo que mi grado crecer and demostrar que no quiere ver me hace nada, pero eh good day sabes que no hay trabajo no se esa es mi filosofa, me gusta comer todo a la derecha hasta ms tarde todos los derechos chicos estoy un % puesto de regreso, pero los chicos finalmente lo consigui hasta all y se estabiliz it nivelado fuera perdido unos valiosos fabric de archivo de tio la cada de reventar su culo en esa eh montculo hasta all y esas cosas, pero eso es lo que parece que los chicos de ahora estamos recibiendo listo para probar la bomba con un percent de agua pero jugo dulce mam consigui los accesorios y hay james hacer lo que mejor hacemos as que de todos modos hasta ms tarde gigantic bad de la familia de vuelta para otra nota al margen de la um como hemos dicho anteriormente, nos estn aqu trabajando en step of the whole el pozo profundo de la uh el proyecto de hoy y en una nota de lado eh hemos avanzado en este tipo un p.C. De dinero ahora muchos de ustedes han comentado en la seccin de comentarios eso s, los chicos haciendo el trabajo duro y la adelantos de dinero y todas estas cosas buenas s lo hicimos saber bueno estamos simptico pero no estamos ejecutando un la caridad aqu ahora hemos avanzado en el fuel de dinero y antes de que se complet quera ser avanzado algo de dinero adicional la defensa de las personas que no eh completado en el precio de la marca a medio camino, pero hemos avanzado un p.C. De dinero para a la mitad del proyecto disclpenme por la la mitad de marca aunque no estaban a medio camino hecho y recientemente se volvi de nuevo y dijo: puede adelantar algo de dinero adicional porque de ramadn ahora de nuevo chicos no estamos ejecutando at the organizacin de caridad esto es un negocio y, eh, en fin this capaz de proporcionar empleo tienes que ejecutar una empresa competitiva with todos los dems, as que si ests solo como sangrado dinero uh within the arterias de los chicos hiya esas personas no va a permanent tiempo empleado y, eh, no vas a permanent el negocio por mucho tiempo as que slo quera hablar de eso brevemente y esas cosas ahora, antes de venir a gambia he utilizado para estar siempre a la on youtube y todo steps of the mayor informacin so go los hermanos y hermanas en la continents y las relaciones de negocios antes de nuestra llegada y its historia en special espero que generador de within the fondo no it hacer un montn de the ruido de donde usted no me escucha it is all within the bombe of the agua fuera de eso bien valley como he mostrado antes, pero de todas maneras no era un hombre chino que estaba en uganda y coment que algunos de los ugandeses haba pedido a l y es un video de youtube yo no recuerdo el nombre algunas de youtube, eh, los trabajadores haban pedido l podran pedir prestado algo de dinero y as de todos modos l l l le prest la gente dinero y cuando una fecha de vencimiento vino que trajo en l algn inters y, de todos modos decidi hi there puede haber algo en prstamo el ugands algo de dinero as que de todos modos para hacer a cortocircuito largo de la historia ese tipo for a partir de el, creo que fue el the mouth of the auto or the restaurant negocio l se fue a la banca y creo que la chico muy muy rico ahora mismo y tambin me acuerdo de re de la lectura o la audicin de otra historia donde se dijo que cuando se avanza dinero o realizar pagos a la los ugandeses no estoy seguro de que podra no ser uganda, pero ahora solo voy a decir yo creo que fue por ellos y la persona que dijo que cuando se les da dinero pasan igual que los africanos don’t believe in saving cash now this used to be a generalization from a chinese language character however he mentioned truly whenever you supply them money they spend it right up they’re frivolous and so forth and many others now i think that has a little merit with us in the usa on account that we do not believe in saving i mean when we get it we spend it proper on the spot rather of investing it for future hardships or matters of that sort k and um the opposite point that i wanted to make What right here we have now been advancing cash and it seems like some individuals take your kindness for weak spot they arrive again and need one more develop they usually preserve one prematurely after advance after strengthen except there’s no extra money due to them given that you’ve gotten developed it all as much as them and at this factor that is while you start the the chase you’re looking for folks to whole the projects that you reduced in size them to do so i do not i do not consider that’s a good state of affairs and stuff ok and i’ve simply acknowledged two reviews from um chinese language individuals now let me provide an explanation for to you about another story that sweet juicy mother and that i uh uh encountered with some black british persons or some africans that had been born in british now they said some feedback that weren’t to our liking however you recognize due to the fact of our different culture and backgrounds howdy you realize they think the best way they do and we believe the best way we do but we still need humans we just got distinct philosophies or idiosyncrasies so anyway uh you recognize we have been talking to this black british couple and we had been letting them comprehend hi there you understand this is what we’re proposing to do coming to the gambia you recognize we wish to furnish all kind of uh employment for persons in our circle that are understanding right here in bag and individuals which might be indirectly linked to bag you know what i’m pronouncing it is going to spiral and so anyway we have been announcing like yeah we think forty or 50 or some thing the hell it is they make a month what inadequate so we were watching at you understand quadrupling that quantity uh so you could have a livelihood and an increased commonplace of residing and the black british men and women responded that was once the unsuitable thing to do if you happen to give the gambians money they will purchase weave they usually’re going to purchase gym sneakers and matters of that variety that’s their prerogative in the event that they’ve labored for us effectually and accomplished all tasks it is their discretion how they wish to spend their cash we have no say so about that and stuff okay however that is what the black british couple stated don’t provide them all this money for the reason that sincerely they don’t know find out how to handle that now cinnamon we don’t feel that way k like i simply mentioned i’ma regurgitate it again whenever you work for us if you want to smoke it up if you want to smoke it up that’s your prerogative and stuff k it’s your money and so when we get centered out right here to the place we’re like get our body of workers going on a usual basis what they do with their cash is their trade household let me know what y’all believe about that uh do we’ve got some disorders with saving our money for our rainy days or hardships within the future and was the black british couple right announcing we mustn’t pay the gambians adequate sum of money since they are privileged with their cash and they will go buy stuff like weave and fitness center sneakers and stuff like that similar story proper same thing they mentioned about us in america all right guys simply wish to share that with you let me understand what y’all feel in the comments section until later bye all correct guys what we’re doing now is we’re pumping that well proper now uh some water out and we’re gonna put it in this water bottle proper right here and give a visible uh experiment and spot if it can be clear uh enough for the borehole excuse me the whale man to um proceed with venture now this proper right here is referred to as a noni fruit we like the noni fruit you could google it all of the wellbeing benefits of it we wish to grow much more of those trees proper here guys we adore it we like it we do not like just drinking it raw scent does whatever up on the roof with it where i guess it ferments or the solar simply cooks inside a bottle and then we drink it with a light lemon but that’s scrumptious and now on the part of that is i consider those watercress plants that i experience eating that you simply guys are giving us an abundance of expertise on so correct now we’re going to track down round the tip of this water hose and spot what the water looks like on this water bottle k now doug was up right here watering i have no idea what he ran off to but when we prolong this round water hose that is coming from the deep good we now have an irrigation system that’ll feed these bananas proper here as well because the mangoes that are going by way of this subject proper right here and back i am not sure if we will pass that street with the deep good we might do it with the borehole that’s about 100 meters from the deep good so anyway that is what the water appears like proper there guys now i do not know why it can be simply going for walks like this right right here however it’s ok from the video it appears clear let’s examine what it appears like placing it in this water bottle k i don’t like waste guys see all that water simply going to waste but uh let me see now how could i do this due to the fact that i am here on my own let me see if i will be able to put that in that water bottle i figured that let me see if i will maintain it now [Applause] family i was once babbling for approximately five might be ten minutes earlier than i noticed that man i ain’t even recording so whats up you know i apologize but it’s all just right now uh i’m seeking to uh take into account one of the most matters that i mentioned that i suggestion was once recording and if i did file it then hiya you know i just re-emphasize it ok anyway at if you’re coming over to Africa or the Gambia or anywhere and you’re because farming i can not over emphasize bringing quite a bit of water storage barrels these are some 55-gallon barrels that i brought over candy juicy mama made me throw away a lot of them considering she said oh why are you bringing all these things that is her that is her voice that is my uh interpretation of her voice why are you bringing all this stuff we don’t want all this we we ain’t acquired adequate cash to ship all this over there stuff and guess what guys now she’s calling me correct now however i’m not gonna answer it anyway um i introduced some and threw away the leisure like she informed me and now bet what we’re over right here now wanting these things and stuff but it’s ok it is all excellent and stuff so what we do is we type of uh fill these up with water within the faraway areas until we get a drip irrigation mounted and then we just variety of pump the water out manually or uh put a bucket in there and tote it to the websites manually that is truly how they do it over right here which i don’t agree with i’m in full want of the drip irrigation approach and stuff k so see how rahim he goes and get these little five gallon buckets that we picked up from the dump and we fill them up with water and then we either put them in uh uh put the water on the banana crops or wherever k so let me go ahead and notice what candy juice what she simply bought off of there and stuff ok bill you consider this water looked clear what what you consider huh what i’ve been ingesting some for the longest it is advisable me it tastes like water at the residence it’s simply no longer as clear as that yeah that’s what i did i believe a filter might maintain that yeah well i’m not sure concerning the salt however mom simply known as me let me see what’s happening with that all correct out all right family i am right here with my fourth son harman hamer say good day to everybody hi there everyone all right call me now uh the whale man is pumping over there water and stuff and we’re striking it out right here on the plants as you recognize and in control of now i filled this up proper right here this water right right here uh is that this clear sufficient or excellent adequate for you correct here after we say clear is that this what we mean via clear sure or no i don’t recognize sure it’s clear that’s what i see k now uh it’s now not clear what we’re familiar with in the usa or what we have visible at the compound nevertheless it’s good sufficient to me we simply need to add a filter to it i don’t style any salt or something uh do you believe sweet juicy mama would say this is clear or she would say no let me see it tastes good to me i mean it can be you understand it’s it’s no longer salty it’s simply cloudy a bit of bit however however i have no idea harman now you realize at any time when i have no idea stuff i come and ask you you understand me also uh i have no idea about uh the diggers so i what i know about them are when they dig this uh bow gap even when it’s a bow gap yeah once they dig it uh the water do not use uh after they dig it until they’re in a position the water do not uh use uh the water do not use to wash in that moment right unless you start to pump your dog dog dog you maintain pumping your water yeah you will have the clean water that’s what i think too ok but i think this is so much better than what the uh borjo man did for us this one is exceptional this one will not be having no no salt yeah i consider it can be very good hon i feel it can be superb so i consider we must go and possibly be in contact this to the whale man in case he do not have an understanding of yeah me so he can go ahead and conclude what he is doing so we can go forward and wrap that up okay thank you concord thank you okay bye all proper guys i’m hoping y’all can hear me over right here uh we got the generator going and my man right right here i didn’t comprehend he was once a smoker seem at him smoking on that melanoma stick that’s ok no obstacle no difficulty now what we’re doing correct now you see we’re round sucking up the water and harming ask my man if we will hassle him for a fast few minutes and ask him some questions uh ask him that is what the water looked Like ask him if you think the water is obvious i’m gonna [Laughter] [Music] yeah all correct guys i am again i simply went forward and killed that generator just so uh just so we would uh have an understanding of a bit bit better what’s going on go ahead homie ask him if that word is apparent overseas uh higher than this one right so he instructed me that he stated sure it will be smooth right you comprehend uh it can be a new one correct you preserve pumping water the water maintains coming right you see and this color also you recognize you see the sun look like right you see how the sun was once like the sand right right here uh water is also taking the solar proper once we need to take that one out when you need to see our watercolor yeah you understand the opposite facet i used to be telling you the wrong way i do not know what that is however ok oh yeah chemical substances yeah k yeah put the chamois there the water is going to seem like uh the one we are having okay that is cool that is excellent no obstacle there that one is the one who used to clean it helped liter yeah half a liter of that chemical yeah ok yeah okay good that is excellent then well tell them i feel the work is just right and that i don’t know what candy juicy mama gonna say but you understand it’s good adequate for me so it can be good adequate for me so he can proceed to go along with what he is doing and then try to finish the mission up uh as he sees fit so tell them i’m i’m convinced uh the whole thing is good but however i don’t know what this seemed Like so if you wish to have to provide an explanation for to me how he gonna cap this off and make certain that i will put that pump in and out the gap we’ll take it from there are you able to give an explanation for that to them ensure we gotta fully grasp it on that facet what’s improper sure he stated uh is that what he need to do to make concrete right here all of this place correct you go away right here one small pool for uh for the water pump that is just right that is just right so he said that uh but you recognize he is not what he needs to make so you globally made this discontinue down there no no it possibly shocking k now you say he will make this vlog here yeah you already know we i will we inform him we prefer to uh to have the level up yes i want to have it bigger so no person can walk and fall in yeah so how many levels are you going to take what number of course high is he going to take it this correct here is certainly one of direction this is too low that’s too low that is two homies do not you suppose that’s too low that’s too low come on uh let me let me see what three courts seem Like let me see what three publications oh he went you handed good you scent you smile no three three course high let me see what three course seem like help him doug see there may be two what you consider harman yes or no might be five direction three courses higher up by using course that’s four cores i suppose it can be okay let’s see what five looks like [Music] i would like five path what y’all say i like 5 direction five guides yeah [Laughter] huh is more than one higher mom yeah that is what i admire yeah that’s no longer excellent help me out now homie you realize that is our first time i suppose focus is ok you already know the country must come up additionally what international locations it can be coming to my country to slap ya ok so four path yeah focus is okay okay four path is excellent then 4 direction we’ll go 4 path all correct you need to make concrete right here you realize here is going to have concrete correct here for the water from the water proper i believe 4 path is good then yeah yeah one path is no just right yeah i’ve received four around foreign we each all three of us are black man proper he is a black man right and he would not have nothing uh within the coronary heart he is having clean coronary heart you say uh i know ii recognize i know wish to stroll here i go home you you you cry my my my coma coma love you you say you don’t need to go he leaves you and also you come you crank on his back so he mentioned crying on his again yeah on his again yeah no ask him did he like the money that we gave him yeah k yeah good we need to like what the money we gave you love [Music] well i am gonna you say that uh you already know uh uh the fifth direction we want to make right here we we’re now not speaking about five questions no extra you stated 4 course so it is 4 path now don’t talk about five k four direction we wish to make yeah proper that is going to take time for him and he said uh once we make this block right here that one also is yet another opinion he mentioned the other are you when we can uh do prefer for him you while you you are able to do desire for him considering the next day while you come in when he’s coming again see how we simply mentioned this guys go forward harmon when he’s coming again he deliver this uh uh the pillar used to repair within the conclusion proper you deliver one among you a enormous one whilst you deliver that huge one that one is multiple meter whilst you come he put it right here just one he made the concrete there later you just go to progress he makes some iron for us which you realize we’re going to close the world and open the arena ok i don’t have any trouble with the helmet however don’t you recollect harmon when we was doing this correct right here on the project and we said do you keep in mind i acquired it on video we said carry it course excessive yeah do you consider that yeah we said we do not like it like this right here you comprehend what i am pronouncing he’s agreed that to make uh how uh how you love due to the fact that four courses but he is saying uh proper now it can be best him he came out here by himself he failed to we weren’t imagined to be right here so he would have came out here by himself in view that he’s not talking to us undoubtedly something to finish this and we conclude you proper is that what’s that what it was once the contract proper there used to be security you guys will always uh make your contract to move correct so i inform them that ii inform them when you want to conclude with these people you ought to make this uh right here and you make the whole lot yeah you say that this one even you made this block right here that one is just not going to look good it is now not going to appear good yeah you come let me show you uh this concrete you see the concrete he make here yeah the first one the big one the back one yeah he said uh is that what he want to bring and he put it here he make concrete one more this kind of rings oh yeah yeah this form of one take it put this one the concrete wow that is more work in it yeah now is that what you want to do but that’s why it’s telling you uh when that you may uh try this desk for him ok for the reason that today uh you can’t you don’t bring that thing and i say you are not able to work this sort of block okay k i fully grasp uh what’s the challenge when after after this praying what did he plan on doing popping out right here by himself that is what i want to comprehend he he walked out here in these days through himself what was he planning on doing convey him here uh you already know uh he mentioned this used to be the argument to verify the water whether it is good for us and also you come to concrete here yeah he mentioned in these days that is that what he deliver uh bringing uh deliver him here that wasn’t the agreement harmon the contract was once we pump the water when it can be clear then we call him then he will come and do that now he simply switched the agreement he said the agreement what he come out right here because you recall he said he did not wish to do the uh uh the the gate round it due to the fact the water might now not be clean he might have got to go back in there that is what he mentioned before is that right or flawed he stated he did not need to do this because if the water’s not clear he would have got to go back in there that’s what he mentioned so that is why he said pump the water this what you tell me he said pump the water when the water’s clear we call him did he come out here and he’ll do that was that contract or no yeah that was once the contract also so so so how does the agreement hold changing uh it can be for him on the grounds that me i defined that to him i inform uh the day we speak here except you tell him so when are you coming back he mentioned after praying so the time you inform him uh uh k this was once when he mentioned he was coming again tuesday correct so at any time when you inform i suppose it is morning so the time we explained that to him he stated uh we inform him uh whilst you do not finish right here we do not provide the money now correct you ought to come the day prior to this yesterday you told us he’s going to come the day prior to this yeah that day he told us yeah correct he says going to come the day before today however the day gone by i called him he does not uh come he mentioned yesterday he used to be doing whatever ok that’s why it would not come okay so today uh at present uh he is just sit and he come i love that so that was once the difficulty [Music] so so uh let’s just look ahead to a mom to get here and contain her in this now what i fully grasp is he will convey some more stuff out here considering he are not able to do that via himself no harmon you know i am form of worn out of this little state of affairs ask him will this variation on the grounds that he just said he’s going to deliver an extra ring then he’ll conclude it and we give him the money and then that’s it will he come back each time he say he’s going to come back back and alter it again and say oh pay attention corona virus this or yaya james about to come back or whatever like that i do not need one other lengthen or yet another alternate from it will you give an explanation for that to him him that like like i just say correct so now he is additionally telling me uh that’s no longer the uh uh that the best way you adore it like him it can be not it is no drawback he stated even or after the next day when we are coming while you guys want to come here you can come keep him and you try this no he just mentioned he couldn’t do it via himself now he is saying he can do it himself see that’s what i maintain announcing it hold altering didn’t he just change he said he could not do it himself and now he’s announcing he can come back the next day to come and do it himself overseas the following day or after the next day right but this one uh whilst you after the prayer he wants come and he’ll stroll it sooner or later is that what he stated okay we just received to make certain that we showing up since you know how he have a time off like fridays he take off we need to have a break day too you understand what i’m pronouncing so why do not he simply sit and chill out except mom comes after which we are going to talk okay on account that correct now you recognize uh we need to comprise her in on the decision making so just tell him loosen up and stuff and and as of now we’ll go ahead and go with what he mentioned we will make this seem exceptional so we’re going to bring it up with that factor that he said is going to be on the inside of and finish it up off that day we do not wish to alternate again [Music] international when he was once figuring out that he’ll not even combine the cement okay well what we would like is whatever where puppies or animals cannot soar in there see and if it goes one path high they can get in there proper i feel four or five course excessive is is complicated a quandary proper so that’s why i wish to go excessive that is that is the only purpose [Music] [Music] [Music] international foreign overseas full agenda he’s heard that earlier than however nonetheless now uh i have to give an explanation for to him so that you already know what it used to be the argument okay but listen kwanzaa’s getting shut yeah and we do not need to negotiate all the way to kwanzaa so tell my man if he wishes some if he wants some cash he must come again out right here and exhibit us whatever ok since right now i’m about to make the command resolution he is now not getting any cash at present until this project is done or we see something exclusive than what we’re seeing correct now let him recognize that no money at present except we see some thing one-of-a-kind than what we’re seeing proper now let them understand that round foreign [Music] [Music] thank you we about to look candy juicy mummy has made it on the bottom hiya candy juicy mama hi bae my head all tousled candy mama provide us some history about in the back of that cub shirt get some historical past in the back of that cub shirt james or either raheem however you was once a instruct for the little league no t-ball t-ball yeah wow that is actual and we used to be teaching yeah adolescence t-ball in the usa clarksville Tennessee and that i was the workforce she used to be the workforce mother you told me all that back correct there oh bring up the camera ok then all correct all right all correct sweetheart let’s go over here and find out what is going on on with this uh deep whale man i’m gonna let you talk to a candy mom for the reason that you recognize they accused me of being they’re they may be they accused me of being uh a nasty man i know i seem not matching guys however good day this is uh gambia hello comply with holla huh i love that i do too sweet mother that’s what i told him i gave him a thumbs up yeah now see i we had at the start laid it flat no this is higher i mentioned he desired to move right yeah he wanted to go one direction excessive i said an individual come in the shuttle and be like ah fall in there proper so he stated okay he became it to the perimeters and so candy juices we make it smooth uh he stated while you pump the water pump the water then the water clear he said you received to pump it pumping pumping and it is clear or he said get some form of chemical compounds that harman find out about and the water be clear ok you see what i am announcing so a different one yeah that’s what he mentioned i simply did not want something to be able to fall in there so some extra blocks coming candy mother i simply want to realize it’s gonna go up like this correct huh yeah i suppose that is just right correct what do you say you want honey i say cash mother cash k he mentioned money mama but did he say money or honey cash how are you doing that is just right good good so candy mom you going go an additional one excessive i am just wondering where are we going to be ready to position the pump at i don’t know k then well we’re gonna find out proper i notion he was once gonna you’re now not gonna put the duvet in over here we gotta get house in here baby sorry my mandica ain’t what it should be proper now so anyway i do not speak mandika either so i’m sorry i converse american go forward candy mother all correct so babe what do you believe about this gotcha however what do you suppose about see how the tank is up there yeah we ultimately acquired it up there even although it appears slanted just a little bit from back right here this angle we’re gonna go forward and be in a position to pump 5000 liters from this whale proper right here yeah we’re gonna yeah be equipped to place a pump in here pump it to the 5000 liter be in a position to feed left and correct from right here and stuff i do too all right then so we’re going to depart you by myself so this is ok right babe you see correct here what it appears like he said he is going to move up an extra you are going to go he will go up a different he stated 20 more blocks what number of 20 more blocks so it would be this high be that prime proper about one meter right one meter is good put another one that’s too excessive let’s examine yeah that is too high no that is excessive too excessive that is too high yeah that’s what i said so this is high i suppose that is just right considering due to the fact that in case you come and fall in this proper right here and stuff then you definitely form of bought some issues you are being nosey you are being nosey and that i accidentally put some acid in there [Music] [Music] yeah you mentioned you was once gonna make the top you stated you was once gonna make the top for the the tank for the pump yeah you no no no oh you transformed now canine let’s get out of here quick come on let’s go all correct okay k no concern we are going to go away you alone ok rest of the ciao yeah then as a black one speakme to a different black man he might go his manner and we go hours so he have got to realize that the rest of that stuff can get packed up guys rest of the stuff we failed to use the did all that y’all begin cutting down corners now we did not expect him to come today international overseas is what do you low do anyway guys the 5000 liter tank remains to be no longer full of water yet but we connected a becoming with a view to have some plumbing over right here now that you could call us plumbers too guys for all of the other stuff you are calling us and plumbing to the list too so anyway we added a 15 proper there at the tip of the 5,000 liter tank introduced out some uh pipe plumbing however be careful for your cell dude let’s have a look at then we got a uh uh uh butterfly vial on the bottom down there and that’s where we’ll send water to the left and proper as we see once he finishes with this uh well protecting as you see correct there uh this correct here be thoroughly useful we’ll be able to pump water from here the one factor that’ll be lacking from this is a filter to uh filter the water and that is the place we’re at correct now and right now we’re trying to again finish this venture off right here so we both can move on and correct now they are over there speakme something candy mom you mentioned that so i have no idea however that’s the place we’re proper now guys truthfully replace choice okay i’m going over right here with harman guys sure hammond mom yeah that used to be our agreement the place he would have a gap or pump in that used to be our agreement sure ah sure dad but now you say uh at this factor i instructed him he said this factor you realize you wish to have to place it was down right here one block as a way to make that factor you say now this factor uh go up too much to make concrete there it’s going to be obstacle you say what you uh what you are what are you going to do to pan uh to search out good demand they make uh uh they repair something for us which you already know which you could put it down right here when you open that opening so we bought to pay more money that’s what he is pronouncing now we do not give him his money yeah he is blissful so that is all satisfactory some more money i defined that one to him also i inform him if we do that we discount his cash yeah we reduction if if he mentioned we go in finding anyone else and do something down there yeah we reduction that due to the fact that our contract was once yeah to to do anything and he mentioned that is too excessive yeah he did this we had to flip this way you see what i’m saying so he did this now he did he do some thing like this and now he says k considering that i did it this approach right here you go to find a person else to repair it it wasn’t like this before it was this manner three three course high so he’s switching around see we didn’t expect him to return at present he simply popped up yeah he simply walked up today what i’m announcing we do not walk round with cash on us always that is why we speak and keep up a correspondence and you do not just come up you let us know when you are coming and then we can we can manage that factor he simply got here by using himself we failed to recognize his stomach yeah he informed us he was leaked wasn’t gonna be again into tuesday we weren’t gonna come in these days round round foreign international after the prayer after two he stated welcome to tuesday yeah so you also you tell him you even have now not given me cash unless you finish you conclude all correct now that the U.S. He mentioned he’ll come on tuesday he told you that yeah he is not what you by means of here he stated he will come on tuesday you already know we tell him he wasn’t right here too i called him i called him any day i known as him did you call him right proper i inform you after i come at present i work with this one i get my money oh good you didn’t tell us that harmony huh you did not tell us what he stated now no he did not come to us he mentioned he was going to come however he did it was this thursday yeah however you know he tell us he’s going to come after prayer [Music] but we failed to and we failed to name you however why are you here today who advised you to return at present yeah who advised you to come in these days today is friday so why are you here you in no way come on friday you understand this man he maintain calling he mentioned i would like my cash i wish to come and finish this walk you know when you wish to have to work whilst you wish to come here walk whilst you name me me i cannot discontinue him you inform him no do not come do it i realize yeah some days he come to work often you are no longer gonna use this international we even gave you extra we even raise the money up hot extra on you men and women for money due to the fact that i don’t realise what’s the challenge yeah what are you gonna use this for that one is so what are gonna what what i will be able to answer you when you’re still accomplished i must speak with these guys in order that you can do yoga when you do your work it’s completed that is the crisis let’s see but see i’m a black man yeah proper now the black man will not be completely satisfied yeah since this black man say i need my cash yeah this black man said i need my work finished executed so now it’s a problem that is the concern yeah that’s the main issue how might it how could you wish to have money when the work is just not completed he would kill us concerning the work being finished he simply desired his cash for ramadan well see it would not work that approach you was once you advised us you was coming after ramadan to finish [Music] i don’t converse french but we give you money and he is working with just one guy now wow but that’s okay that’s okay because the same factor is going down here we supply money however they drop the workers message i imply we have given them twice we even upped the page yeah he mentioned he mentioned he’s not gonna work to tuesday he stated he’s no longer gonna work uh friday nigga work saturday no longer gonna work sunday no longer gonna work monday k he mentioned supply me cash we mentioned no k so then he said okay i come today i make blocks ok so we are saying okay we pay you for blocks okay so we concept we might see you okay we do not see you uh we have been dropped there earlier than the previous day that we told us our money money is finished so sorry it’s the identical thing going down here yeah i think i suppose you already know black man is very greedy yeah

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