Hypnotizing Josh Duhamel & The Late Late Show Audience

NOW, i’m VERY thinking about THISBECAUSE i’m here, females AND gents WITH MR. RICHARDBARKER. He is THE author OF THIS book"secrets OF THE STAGE revealed: the guy TO HYPNOSIS AND STAGEHYPNOTISM." RICHARD is without doubt one of the FINESTHYPNOTISTS WORKING on the earth in these days. Thanks FOR COMING to look US.[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] it can be A joy.NOW, HOW lengthy have you BEEN A HYPNOTIST? RICHARD: i have been DOING THISFOR twenty years. I began DOING THIS within the U.K. AS A POLICE OFFICER. JAMES: NATURALLY.DID YOU DO IT AND SLEEP — when you wake up YOU committed THEMURDER for the reason that i am enjoying GOLF AND back in the ROOM, DID YOU DOIT? Responsible.LOCK HIM UP. RICHARD: it is easier.JAMES: you’ll TAKE SOME participants OF OUR AUDIENCETONIGHT AND you’re GOING HYPNOTIZE THEM FOR US LATER ONTHE exhibit. RICHARD: in your ENJOYMENT,sure. JAMES:JAMES: AND THEIRS. LET’S not MAKE IT SOUND LIKEPUNISHMENT.Come with ME NOW.TAKE A appear AT OUR audience. WHAT ARE YOU watching FOR INPEOPLE THAT you need TO HYPNOTIZE TONIGHT? WHAT ARE YOU looking FOR?RICHARD: those who are inclined AND looking TO GET HYPNOTIZED. Have to HAVE ABOVE degree OFINTELLIGENCE. JAMES: so that man’S OUT.LET’S start picking UP OUR 5. Maintain YOUR HAND UP for those who WOULDLIKE TO GET HYPNOTIZED. Raise IT larger THAN THAT. Don’t be SHY.ARE YOU friends? >> sure.JAMES: ACT LIFPBLGTE GET YOUR palms UP.The girl within the again, SHE’S keen.RICHARD: SHE would be eager. JAMES: COME UP.COME UP. RICHARD: keep YOUR palms UP. Good enough.THIS GEM WITH A BLUE SHIRT ON. JAMES: BLUE SHIRT. YEAH, COME UP, BLUE MAN. [APPLAUSE]anybody ELSE? RICHARD: THIS woman right here IN THEFRONT simply THERE.JAMES: girl right here within the entrance. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]RICHARD: we’ll TAKE ONE within the back.We’ll TAKE ONE in the back. JAMES: TIE AND BRACES? RICHARD: TIE AND BRACES. JAMES: TIE AND BRACES ARE excellent.RICHARD: the girl WITH THE GLASSES. JAMES: WITH THE GLASSES. RICHARD: second ROW FROM THEBACK. JAMES: YEAH, YEAH, YOU WITH THEGLASSES. You don’t must deliver YOURBAG. BRINTH, however you realize –[LAUGHTER] I mean, there’s — i don’t THINKTHIEVES function on this discipline. DO you need ME TO seem AFTERYOUR big FOR LATER? Big MISTAKE. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]just right. AND SLEEP. While you get up you did NOTBRING A BAG.YOU did not HAVE IT. RICHARD, tell ME sit down ABOUT THISBEAUTIFUL staff that you just visible IN THEM?RICHARD: enjoyable personality. There is quantity ONE proper THERE.HAD THE want AND potential TO wish to BE HYPNOTIZED. THE HAND showed UP right away.SO THERE might be NO DISTRACTION THSM ONE continues watching ME.Look AT HIM. JAMES: I imply, THIS man LOOKSLIKE HE just — HE just REALIZED THAT "MADMEN" IS finished. AND he’s not yet another ONIT. AND THIS man since it’s THESHOCKING — THE lovely BLUE. RICHARD: WE think SO.JAMES: I MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE? May not must HYPNOTIZE THISONE. ALL right. We’ll investigate IN WITH THEM AT THEOWNED OF THE show to see HOWRY NOW, THE second OF truth HASARRIVED. ALL night long HYPNOTIST RICHARDBARKER HAS BEEN behind the curtain WITH just a few participants OF OUR STUDIOAUDIENCE AND he is BEEN placing THEM IN A HYPNOTIC TRANCE.JOSH in the commercial spoil HASALSO BEEN PUT IN A TRANCE, correct, RICHARD?RICHARD: JOSH IS real IN A TRANCE.JAMES: let’s have a look at WHAT we’ve received planned. RICHARD: appear AT MY HAND.AND SLEEP, simply loosen up. All of the method DOWN.THE DEEPER YOU GO the simpler YOU suppose.FOR THE individual i’m TOUCHING NOW — OH, HOW ARE YOU DOING, MYFRIEND. Keep YOUR EYES CLOSED ALL THETIME. RESTING, relaxing PEACEFULLY.Only for 2 man or woman i am TOUCHING NOW i need YOU TO understand YOUARE JAMES CORDEN.You are the HOST OF THE LATELATE show. You can TAKE THE show FOR WHATIT’S valued at. You’ve gotten achieved THIS 100 TIMESBECAUSE you are ONE AND truly ON THREE, JAMES CORDEN. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]>> hi there, everyone! Pleasant to peer YOU ALL TONIGHT! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!We have now received A high-quality show FOR YOU TONIGHT, KELLY OSBOURNE AND JOSHDUHAMEL. REGGIE, ARE YOU competent FOR THIS?He’s REGGIE WATTS. JAMES: who are YOU?>> i’m DOING MY exhibit. Who are YOU. He’s REGGIE WATTS and i am JAMESCORDEN AND that is "THE LATE LATE exhibit"![CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] RICHARD: EYES OPEN.Sit actual rapid. Sit down. TAKE A SEE AND SLEEP.THE DEEP YOU GO, the simpler YOU consider.Relaxing further AND DEEPER. JAMES: HE simply WEPT. SH WENT — CAN you return ANDMEET MY spouse. RICHARD: i will DO something YOUWANT. HAVE SOME enjoyable WITH JOSH? JAMES: sure.RICHARD: just for THE man or woman i am TOUCHING NOW i would like YOU TO FINDSOMETHING exact ABOUT YOUR MOUTH.YOUR LIPS ARE metal TIGHTSHUFMENT whenever YOU attempt to communicate YOUR MOUTH conveniently won’TWORK. Understand IF ANY QUESTIONS AREASKED OF YOU, what’s YOUR title OR ANY query you don’t KNOWWHAT they’re in any respect. When you DO try to OPEN YOUR MOUTHYOUR LIPS ARE SEALS practically AS IF they are SEWN collectively. NOD YOUR HEAD if you realise. JOSH, WELCOME again, MY buddy. JAMES: HOW ARE YOU DOING?Excellent? ALL good?[LAUGHTER] tell ME a bit of concerning the MOVIETHAT’S popping out. Can you inform ME a bit ABOUT THEMOVIE THAT you are right here to promote? Have you ever just right — WHAT DID YOU DOTHIS AFTERNOON? Perhaps YOUR MOUTH — SHALL I GETHIM a glass — RICHARD: GLASS OF WATER. YOUR LIPS ARE caught BACKTOGETHER. Thinking, enjoyable –JAMES: just HAVE a little bit SIP OF WATER and then it’s going to BE.[LAUGHTER]seem on the MIC. [LAUGHTER]THAT suppose better? WHAT ARE YOU DOING LATER?WHAT ARE YOU DOING AFTER THIS? I feel HE simply OPENED HISMOUTH. [LAUGHTER]RICHARD: simply SLEEP. Just chill out.[APPLAUSE] good JOB.Enjoyable all of the manner DOWN. JAMES: WHAT we could DO? Do we DO whatever WITH ALLFOUR OF THEM? RICHARD: i will be able to MAKE THEM DANCEWITH REGGIE. I want YOU TO have an understanding of YOU ALLDANCE LIKE nobody’S trade. Appreciate that you would be able to DANCE LIKE NOONE’S business. Whilst you HEAR THIS PIECE OFMUSIC you can right away DANCE better THAN you’ve gotten EVER DANCEDBEFORE. You’ll be able to suppose THE song INTO YOURLUNGS, INTO YOUR MOUTH, INTO YOUR LEGS. GET competent to hear THIS PIECE OFMUSIC. You’ll be able to DANCE LIKE nobody’SBUSINESS TAKING center STAGE. ONE, TWO, THREE. ARE YOU able TO HAVE SOME FUNAND feel LOVE TONIGHT don’t YOU worry about the TIMEYEAH baby "THE LATE LATE show" RICHARD: at ease. Hold YOUR EYES CLOSED. JAMES: WELCOME again. NOW JOSH DUHAMEL continues to be right here.[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] HOW DID THAT feel? DID YOU consider such as you WEREHYPNOTIZED? JOSH: once we have been behind the curtain IFELT entirely OUT.And i do not know IF I received — IFELT — I used to be kind OF IN IT AND OUT OF IT after I used to be OUT right here. JAMES: YOU couldn’t move YOURMOUTH? JOSH: I FELT LIKE I wanted TO DOIT LIKE I wanted TO OPEN MY MOUTH but I rather could not. JAMES: ladies AND gentlemen,JOSH DUHAMEL, WHAT AN great visitor ON OUR show.

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